Robert's Ambassadors & Models


Robert’s Ambassadors & Models is Robert Chaen’s Celebrity Influencers (aka RCI who are Social Media Reviewers), creating branding, buying trends, and social media traction for top brands. Some RCI are experts or industry leaders in their field, therefore they are professional reviewers.
● Robert has access with a group of influential Celebrities who have many followers.

Celebrity Social Media Reviewers Roles:
▪ Reviewer  ▪ Recommender  ▪ Critic (both positive and negative, but never major problems which they will not publicize but will give critical feedback direct to the client).

● The more famous celebrities and new rising stars can be identified as a Brand Ambassador who suits best for your brand’s image, brand’s character (for example the brand character for BMW is “driving pleasure vs. Volvo used to be “safety”), primary customer group, pricing, location, promotion objectives).

Brand Ambassador Roles:
▪ Event appearances agreement  ▪ Product endorsement shoots (TV commercials, radio, print, magazine, digital)  ▪ Event MC or Host
▪ Official Brand Ambassador or Minor Unofficial/ Working Brand Ambassador  ▪ Spokesperson (optional)  ▪ Crisis appearance (optional, as a supportive role to the Head of Corporate Communication).

Models Roles:
Robert’s Ambassadors & Models specializes in models best suited for business, corporate, and CSR photoshoots, TV Commercials, posters, and ads.

NOTE: Brand Ambassadors don’t do reviews, and Celebrity Influencers don’t do product endorsement or event appearances. However, Celebrity Influencers naturally may cross from being a Reviewer to Brand Ambassador.

Positive Reviews & Mystery Shopper Alerts: 
It is RCI’s SOP Policy to give favorable critical reviews. If RCI Vloggers ever detect crisis problems as Mystery Shoppers, they will not report the problem publicly. Instead RCI Vloggers are trained to immediately alert clients for them to rectify the specific problem ASAP.

Creative Hashtag Themes:
Usually Robert will come with a creative Hashtag Theme. Some Hashtag Themes Robert is currently working on: