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Sampling of #RobertChaenReview

 #MeToo and Sex Harassment:  Why You should have the #MeToo Courage to Expose a Famous Sexual Perpetrator, Religious Leader or Cult Group.

● Food:   2018 Review of Four Seasons Hotel KL Mooncakes by #RobertChaenReview

● Politics:  “All the Chickens and Altantuyaa are coming to Najib-Rosmah’s home to roost…”

● #RobertsTravelWarning:  #RobertsTravelsWarning – Thailand

● Sex:   Kama Sutra, Hindu’s ancient book on sex, erotic Hindu temple statues, and scriptures recognizes homosexuality for thousands of years, now gay sex is decriminalized in India.

● Film:   Crazy Rich Asians (Hollywood) Vs. Rich Hongkongers (Kwoks)