Purple Youth CSR - 5 Ways Our Youths Can Change the Earth


Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR Logo & Slogan


Purple Youth is a 5-Way Youth CSR Initiative by ChangeU.
Purple Youth believes that there are 5 Magical Ways our Youths can change the Earth:
1. Youth Entrepreneurship  2. Youth Learning  3. Youth Charity  4. Youth Mental Health  5. Youth Arts
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Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR (PYE) is set up to inspire, guide and mentor our youth to be real Entrepreneurs while in college – mentored by Veteran Entrepreneurs from Chaen’s Angels VC and MoVsha International Speakers Bureau Under-Graduates will be exposed to Industry Leaders & Business Veterans who will share their wisdom, experience and funding in order to create new unique product categories and a create a virtual Silicon Valley within universities.

Internship volunteers are needed for 1-3 months PYE Internship throughout the year.