Freeing from  Robert’s Top 3 Karmic Debts

  1. Religious Karmic Debt (through a Extremely Strict Religion):

Robert’s 10 years of austere, hard disciplined, waking up for 4am meditation, pure vegetarian, and celibate life in Raja Yoga was the return of his Bad Karmic punishment for living several decadent past lives.

  1. Boss/ Politics Karmic Debt: 

Robert suffered from being controlled by several religious authority boss and several ruthless bosses for Karmic Punishment. Robert’s mum consulted a psychic many years ago who told her that Robert was being heavily suppressed by an Emperor-type and it would take 13 years before the controlling grip was released when Robert started his own company in 1990.

  1. Bad Daji Fox Seducer Karmic Debt:

For the karmic price of letting a Bad Fox Seducer abuse his super rich & super powerful position with many concubines in one past life, Robert had to be a Celibate by choice until 31 years old.

That’s why in Robert’s current incarnation he has Wolf medicine (i.e. spirit & characteristic) which allows him to see through the seduction, deception of

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From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

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Published on 22 May 2016 (7:48 pm)
Updated on 24 May 2016 (8:58 am)

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