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Transmuting my enlightenment: The Cobra Afterlife Sign.

Snake Med
Transmuting my enlightenment: The Cobra Afterlife Sign.

On Sunday 4 May 2014 I encountered a 3-foot black snake two houses from my house up the slope of the road. It was on the left side of the road – directly on my path (not in a tree, or grass). I was stopped dead in my tracks.

cobra baby

A curious playful grey pigeon was seen a few inches from it. I stop my bicycle to get my phone camera but I didn’t bring it. It looked at me for a long time. I go down from my bike and pushed closer to have a good look. It started to slither to my right to some pile of chopped tree branches.

I clearly identified it as a juvenile Cobra with the distinctive flatten hood. It was very beautiful, mesmerizing, its skin looks shiny and smooth like silk, jet black, sensual, and healthy. I wanted to have eye-to-eye contact to see into the Cobra but it looked straight ahead to where it was going.

I think it’s a juvenile female black Cobra. It did not raise its hood as it did not felt threatened. I have never seen a free Cobra in my life. Usually I would be scared of seeing snakes but I felt safe with this one. I was very curious and wanted to know what it wanted to ‘say’ to me.

I didn’t get any messages, except that this is the most significant afterlife sign since Brenda’s Mark Six 7 & 11 afterlife sign on Boxing Day 2013. The last time I saw a free snake was a dead one down some steps in Cheung Chau Island when I was walking with Brenda, before we were married in 1995.

Snakes are common in Malaysia but not in my urban residential area, next to the backfield of a primary school. And cobras are very rare to be seen on an urban road as they are shy of human beings.

Snake transmutation
Snake in native American is about transmutation. Transmutation is the conversion or transformation of one species into another, the supposed alchemical process of changing base metals into gold.


The transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle is exemplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin. Release the outer skin of your present identity. Hermes was the father of alchemy used the symbolism of two snakes intertwining around a sword to represent healing. This is heavy magic, but remember, magic is no more than a change in consciousness.

(source: Medicine Cards: the discovery of power through the ways of animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson)

Cobra is one of the most powerful symbols in Indian mythology.

Snake is supposed to be the natural enemy of the boar in Chinese beliefs (opposite signs don’t get along). Yet my ascendant sign (time period of birth) is snake. That means snake is either my worst enemy or my best friend. I’m actually much more scared to my light than my darkness. Darkness, depression, or negativity is ‘comfortable’ for my bipolar disorder.

Brenda had always hit me hard for staying in the comfort of my darkness. She refused to let me stay in the darkness.

My enlightenment
So this afterlife sign is about I finally discovered my personal enlightenment…

Is Cobra an event?

Or is it only related to the confirmation that I have seen the light, my enlightenment?

Is juvenile cobra a person I’m going to meet soon? If it is, what is the connection?

Cobra is the Portuguese word for snake. And cobra de capelo which is Portuguese for snake with hood.

The day before I was thinking a lot about the medical symbol which a pair of snakes and a pair of wings. Does that mean I’ll meet  a medical doctor or work with psychology researchers. Or someone born in the year of the snake… (we’ll revisit this later).

Published: Wednesday 13 May 2014. 11:33pm.
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