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Finding Meaning in Triple Bats: Triple Lucky Afterlife Sign.

1. Triple Batty 2015.10.23 IMG_4980

2. Twin Batty 2015.10.03 IMG_4742

3. Single Batty 2015.09.09

4. Batty overlooking me IMG_4386

Finding Meaning in Triple Bats: Triple Lucky Afterlife Sign.

Brenda who is my Twin-Soul and guardian angel have been constantly sending afterlife signs since 2 hours after she crossed-over to send me a vast variety of different good and bad afterlife messages and premonitions at important moments of my life. Brenda’s many afterlife signs are truly incredible – click link.

The Appearance of Triple Bats
This series are 3 small species bats which are considered as triple lucky signs according to Chinese iconology.
The first single bat appeared on 9 September 2015. 
Twin bats appeared on 3 October 2015. 
Then triple bats appeared on 23 October 2015.

The location of first single bat overlooks my office desk through a window. It’s Brenda’s way of soul-whispering me that she is protecting and taking care of me as my guardian angel and reminding me of our Twin-Soul mission.

Sun Xun Bat Mural

“The Third Bat”
Deciphering Brenda’s Angelic Code, I sense that the “Third” bat is about various “third parties” who are currently and in the near future will be assisting us in our TwinSouls mission, or our ChangeU businesses. And the “ducks are lined up” for us to bring awareness and practical knowledge about the afterlife and spirit world.


Published on Tuesday, 27 October 2015.

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