Differentiating Soul Whisperers, Ghosts, Guardian Angels and God

Soul Whisperer: One who can “see” through and access a soul’s “Data” i.e. Karma, Before life, life lessons, resolve a soul’s top 3 Karmic Debts.

Guardian Angels are departed loved ones who chooses to go between the Seed/Egg stage to the Angelic Realm where they can send afterlife signs, guidance, protection, and inspiration.

Ghosts are souls who have not “rest in peace” i.e. gone and resting in the “Soul Universe/Spirit World”, and have not reincarnated according to karmic timing. They can have premonitions and deja vu (already experienced the present situation) experiences.

God is universal energy, force. No human or angel can be God as God had no human body or angelic form.

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From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

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Published on 22 May 2016 (7:48 pm)
Updated on 24 May 2016 (8:58 am)

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