Working with The Love Angel Brenda as the Boss.

Where do you find the Job Description & Roles of a Twin Soul Writing-Whisperer?

Many readers have asked Robert what is it like to ‘work’ with The Love Angel Brenda and as a Twin Soul.
“In a normal business Job Description (JD), a list of clear job roles are listed, and you are paid to deliver the JD. But how do you complain about long working hours (working with Brenda is 24/7. It’s almost like ‘the call of God’ I have to drop things to accommodate her instant requests for activity or writing).

What about if readers don’t like what I write, well please go and complain directly to Brenda as I’m just a Messenger-Writer. The hotline is in the Angelic Realm, just dial Brenda711 (she will be sending you afterlife signs, quite often it’s 7 & 11).”

“The only JD is surrender, I am simply an instrument tool, use my body whenever you wish.”

There’s only 1 Writing-Whisperer for me. Robert is my one and only Twin Soul. He knows best my Code, my whisperings”, whispers Brenda.


From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

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Published on 22 May 2016 (7:48 pm)
Updated on 24 May 2016 (8:58 am)

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