Part 18

Clearing & Donating Brenda’s Stuff

FINALLY I could clear and donate Brenda’s stuff nearly 3 years after she crossed-over on 23 December 2013. It was extremely emotional and triggered many  memories when I went through Bren’s stuff.

Thank you ChangeU Dream Team for helping me go through this. My Mum did better than me. She cleared my crossed-over Dad’s stuff within 1 week last year and did The Passing-on of My Father’s Pants Chinese Ritual Blessing.
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I found many wonderful precious things. I found her priceless inherited parents’ DE JOSÉ PORTUGUESE SECRET RECIPES – all neatly typed by an old typewriter.

Every Brenda’s kept item has a Story to tell… I feel her Soul and my Guardian Angel has left behind afterlife secrets to be revealed in the future from these precious items that I kept…
 you Bren.

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Published on Thursday 22 September 2016.
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