Predicting 9.0+ Cascadia Earthquake-Tsunami: Hollywood got it wrong. The Really Big One is not San Andreas & it’s 76 years overdue! (The New Yorker)

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Robert’s View

Share with as many people especially people living in the Pacific Northwest of USA and Vancouver – it will save lives. At least it would teach you how to prepare for the Really Big One when it comes.

There have been 17 “great earthquakes” since 1900 – and they are mostly located on the “ring of fire” subduction zones. Read The Cascadia Earthquake of 1700: Geological Cataclysms

Since 1960 in the last 55 years, there were 4 “big ones” 9 and above magnitude earthquakes. All  were subduction earthquake-tsunami including Chile 1960 (9.5), Alaska 1964 (9.2), Indonesia 2004 (9.1), and Japan 2011 (9.0). The 5th Big One I saw in a vision is the unknown Cascadia Earthquake-Tsunami. 

I saw a vision of Big One Earthquake-Tsunami hitting Pacific NorthWest and California from Brenda who is my Twin-Soul and guardian angel. For some reason I saw the Big One vision through a pair of Native American eyes. 

Brenda have been giving me afterlife signs about this Big One since April 2015. I have already started warning people including my good friend and business partner, Craig Santy about this since his homebase is in Los Angeles. To get a clear afterlife signs from Brenda only means it will be “relatively” soon, definitely within the next 5-10 years.

I’ve been to Orcas Island, Seattle, Portland, and Eugene in the 1990s.  In Seattle I participated in my first Native American Pow Wow. And in Orcas Island (East of Vancouver Island) I participated in a Native American sweat lodge which was one of my most memorable experiences of my life. I felt I lived in Orcas Island in some distant past life. As usual, more and more dots are connecting in deciphering Brenda’s Angelic Code on Cascadia Earthquake…. stay tuned…


MegaQuake Could Hit North America – BBC (Full Documentary):
covers what some of the New Yorker article:


The scariest close up CCTV videos of Japan Tsunami 2011

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.45.34 PM

Watch other shocking upclose videos by a canal and school. Note: the footage is real, but ignore the conspiracy theory at the end.
This footage show how tsunami starts slow and then whole buildings were uprooted in just 10 minutes.