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Imminent Psychic Premonitions and Good News on Brenda José 53rd Birthday.

Brenda's 53rd Birthday

Brenda José 53rd Birthday & Imminent Psychic Premonitions – 7 April.

Brenda, my late wife and Twin Soul crossed over on 23 December 2013. She would be 53 today on 7 April.

I noticed that there are some major events happening a few weeks before and after Brenda’s birthday. Usually these major events will have long-term effects and implications:
*  We see the end of an old era and a beginning of a new era.  
*  A game changer, or a new big player challenges the status quo.
*  A successful comeback of an icon (e.g. entertainment, political, sports, brand).
*  A new long-term partnership or business is formed.
*  The public connect the dots about a new trend.

This year 2015 we have already seen the following major events a few weeks BEFORE your birthday:
[ ]  The forming of China-led AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank) on 2 April 2015.
It rivals World Bank World Bank and Asian Development Bank led by the US and Japan.

[ ]  Lee Kuan Yew dies on 23 March 2015 at the official time of death as 3:18am. This signals the end of the LKY era.
Read about the article on the ACTUAL time of death of Lee Kuan Yew by the Crossover Soul Whisperer.

[ ]  Germanwings 4U9525 deliberately crashed by Andreas Lubitz on 24 March 2015 – with the wide impact on 2 crew rule in cockpits.
Read about: Did Captain Zaharie of MH370 lock out the other pilot like Germanwings 4U95252 co-pilot? (the real X-Files). The tale of 2 Beetle Afterlife Signs
Watch Robert’s video in YouTube based on this article:

[ ]  Garissa University Kenya massacre on 3 April 2015.
We may see a greater awareness to bring peace, love, and light in the darkness of religious terrorism.

[ ]  Malaysian PM’s chief of staff and former ambassador killed in helicopter crash on 4 April 2015.

Last year 2014, the following events happened a few weeks after her birthday:
[ ]  Craig Santy, a LA film and TV producer contacted me on 1 April 2014 because of MH370. He later became the President of Chaen-Santy Media, one of the divisions of my ChangeU Group.
[ ]  South Korea Ferry Disaster on 16 April 2014.
[ ]  Karpal Sigh died in a car accident on 17 April 2014 at 1:10am.

So what may happen a few weeks AFTER Brenda’s birthday: Be on high alert
Possible BAD News
[ ]  Natural disaster (Earthquake in Nepal: 25 April 2015)
[ ]  Scandal or resignation of a Prime Minister or Corporate President (equivalent to an Enron-Arthur Andersen auditing to hide huge debts scandal)
[ ]  Death of a prominent politician or ex-Head of State
[ ]  Terrorist Bombing
[ ]  Train disaster

Possible GOOD News
[ ]  Birth of future rulers (2 May 2015 welcomed the birth of Princess Charlotte and Manny Pacquiao as future queen and President)
[ ]  End of an old era, and the beginning of a new era.
[ ]  Birth of a new political-social order.
[ ]  CHAEN Business School officially promotes its best buy learning programs.
[ ]  Approval of Bounce Back Malaysia as a national initiative to unite Malaysians.


Afterlife Signs from Brenda:
Yesterday on 6 April I noticed a Hawk flying far way on my left on the highway along KL Sentral. Then it flew directly over the car – witnessed by 2 of my staff at around 5:33pm. Today, one of my staff saw a big white Heron/ Stork sat on her car bonnet for 3 seconds. She was in a traffic jam standstill. She said this once-in-a-lifetime experience made her very happy – so it’s a good sign from Brenda.

When I visited Brenda’s ossuary a big hawk flew directly over my head while we filming (it was caught on film). And last year on 2 April 2014 a dozen hawks soared directly above me, a day after contacting Craig Santy. It’s her way of showing me that she is watching over me and protecting me as my guardian angel.

Brenda have been sending me countless afterlife signs 2 hours after she crossed over at 5:23pm on 23 December 2013. I’m still deciphering Brenda’s Code and documenting her signs and my conversations with her.

Brenda’s afterlife signs are unmistakable and irrefutable such as MH370MH17AirAsia QZ8501Germanwings 4U9525Crossover Soul Whisperer actual time of death of Lee Kuan Yewa fly sat  on my hand for a Guinness Record of 21 minutes2 car engines switched on by itself, etc.

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Published on Tuesday 7 April 2015.
Updated on 19 May 2015.

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