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“Leaving on a jet plane” lyrics – an Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign from MH370 Captain Zaharie.

“Leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again” lyrics… is this an afterlife sign from MH370 Captain Zaharie
(Twin Souls Part 6 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin Soul’ connection, and the search for unconditional love, truth, healing, attraction, and spirituality)

Just received this news around 1:30am 9 April, 2014 from Sun Fu Chong.
He wrote: On capturing the video of the insect above, I was surprised it could come into my apartment which doesn’t even have houseflies common to most Malaysian homes as I have screened all the open windows.


View fly walk over airplane full video first, in order to understand the implications of our discussion here:

Fly with line

Watch, and click 60 Minutes on this critical Flaperon evidence that Captain Zaharie controlled ditch the plane >

About afterlife signs.
It’s not about the insect but what it does and what it means to the receivers.

This flying black insect identified as an ‘Ensign Wasp‘, did not fly but walked across the laptop screen and it distinctively crossed the screen and walked pass the left wing FLAPERON (a MH370 Flaperon was found on 29 July 2015 in Reunion Island) . The song that  was playing on Sun Fu’s laptop was John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a jet plane‘.

You noticed that the verse on the screen when the Ensign Wasp walked across was “Oh Babe, I hate to go“. Of course, the other line immediately before this verse was “Don’t know when I’ll be back again“. Woh! This is too much!

Coincidentally, on October 12, 1997, Denver was killed at the age of 53, when his experimental Rutan Long-EZ plane, aircraft registration number N555JD, crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Pacific Grove, California. I love John Denver’s meaningful song lyrics. My personal song chosen for me in an American personal growth workshop was “What one man can do“.

On Monday 7 April, 2014, a black ant walked across my Apple screen. There were no other ant in the room. I forgot to notice what pic was on the screen.

Earlier on last Saturday 5 April, 2014, I woke up trying to brush away an ant walking down my left hand. Later it came back again along the same left hand area. I keep trying to brush off the ant walking down my arm a few times. When I observed carefully there were NO ant! It was purely an under-skin sensation that felt like an ant was walking down my hand for 3-4 inches. Very, very weird – I had never felt something like this before.

Afterlife signs are known to involve significant bodily sensations, specific pain area, and illness. Some pain areas may have some related meaning. For example  a pain around the heart area can be about a heartache coming, a right hand sensation maybe  about working hard on some new project, a left hand sensation maybe about receiving help, or receiving  (because left hand in spiritual terms is for receiving, and right hand is for giving), a leg limb maybe about some imminent obstacle that may delay things, an itchiness usually is about wanting to do something, fever may be about a new excitement, enthusiasm or craze, a cold chill may be about getting cold feet… Illness symptoms are only alerting you to a greater root cause.

Treat the root cause, not the many thousand ‘leaves’ of symptoms. When you cut off a branch of leaves, it will grow back because the root is feeding the branches and leaves.

Your body and body language doesn’t lie. Your body is telling you something vital about what you are going through in relation to specific people, event, or premonition.

Around the time of the disappearance of MH370 my L-shaped office desk was ran over by around a dozen small black ants. I got rid of them. A few hours later a 2nd round of a dozen or so ants ran over my desk. I got rid of them. Another few hours later the 3rd round of ants ran over my desk and on my Mac keyboard. I don’t have ants in the office. It was weird!

There were NO food or sweet spilling on my desk. I could not find a single ant trail where they came from which was normal when you have more than 1 dozen ants in one place because ants tell other ants that there is food here. There were NO other ants anywhere in the room, not on the floor, wall – only my desk. I didn’t think much about it at the time that’s why I didn’t notice the date.

Hmmm… all these insects definitely mean something… let’s see if this connect to other past and future afterlife dots with other people.

All I know for sure it’s Brenda’s trademark insects-birds-animals afterlife signs.
Brenda have a great love for animals and birds as evidenced in some of her pictures shown in this blog. Insects are less affinity except for butterflies. But insects are the easiest afterlife signs for departed souls to communicate with. 
She’s without a doubt telling us something… but what is it… intriguing…

To me a group of ants on a desk is about a group working on something or a project ‘desk work’. If it is a group of ants on the floor it maybe about a group working on laying a foundation.

Are the 3 groups of ants about my ChangeU team and I working on a future project – maybe a joint business, a global awareness community, or an American TV series.

Or is it about a few groups of people working on MH370 during the estimated 7.5 hours of flight, or after MH370 disappeared… is it a cover up… Is it about 3 groups from 3 countries working on finding the black box and wreckage…

Is the song lyrics “Don’t know when I’ll be back again” an afterlife sign coming from Captain Zaharie or the passengers of MH370…

The MH370 black box pinging pulse has now officially passed the 30 day expiry date. We don’t know when they’ll find the plane wreckage or black box back again…

Connecting with Captain Zaharie
Last Wednesday 2 April, 2014 I finally had the courage to ask to ‘connect’ with Captain Zaharie only, not the crew or passengers. My request was very specific – I did not want to see a ghost, nothing freaky please. I want to see an  afterlife sign that is easily understood by me. And I definitely do not want to see a plane load of MH370 passengers wanting to talk to their families… So far no clear signs until now.

Note: it’s great to have a handy camera or handphone camera to document these afterlife signs.

High alert for Brenda’s afterlife MH370 signs.

NOTE: Maybe readers can also tell us have they been noticing strange or weird movement of insects, birds, animals, etc. that seem to be telling you something…
Is Brenda sending you her trademark insects-birds-animals afterlife signs…

Published: Wednesday, 9 April, 2014. 3:47am
Updated: 9 August 2016.

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High alert for Brenda’s MH370 afterlife signs


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