“Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Trainings” by Robert Chaen.  Speaker at Int’l Cultic Studies Assoc 2018 Annual Conference

“Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Trainings” by Robert Chaen.  Speaker at Int’l Cultic Studies Assoc 2018 Annual Conference

Robert Chaen will be a Speaker in 2 sessions at 2018 Annual International Conference
International Cultic Studies Association – in Philadelphia, USA on July 5-7, 2018:

1)  “Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Trainings” by Robert Chaen

2)  Family Workshop II: Understanding Group Involvement Through the Lens of Culture (Robert Chaen; Nitai Joeph; Joseph Kelly; Patrick Ryan; Joseph Szimhart; Doni Whitsett)


“Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Training”
by Robert Chaen

Talk Outline:
My experience coaching-counselling-mentoring Youth – which is the 2018 ICSA Theme.

3 Biggest Youth Problems:
1. Sexual harassment, drugs-alcohol-internet addictions
2. Jihadists (20,000+ foreigner youths have joined ISIS), extremist, racist cults
3. Mental illnesses.

5 Youth Solutions:
1. Entrepreneurship
2. Learning
3. Charity
4. Mental Health
5. All Creative Arts forms

I believe the best way to solve the 3 biggest Youth problems is to focus Youths’ interest on positive activities such as all creative arts, learning, charity, entrepreneurship and mental health awareness – and shift their focus away from drugs, alcohol, gaming, internet addictions, jihadist cults and religious fascism and extremism.

The Same Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Training: 
The Cult Bait
(free food, talks)

The Cult Kill
(stereotyping the degree to push the follower)

The Cult Slavery
(long-term strictness, daily brainwashing), including some case studies

In my 2 sessions I’ll be briefly sharing my personal stories as the World’s Second Chinese Religious Cult Leader with Brahma Kumaris (aka BKs), and as a ‘Course Junkie’ and Asian Pioneer Promoter of Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT).

I was an Ex-Brahma Kumaris (1979-1989), World’s First Chinese BK (with my brother, Tom, and his ex-wife Sister Maureen Chen), and Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (founded in 1981). BKs have more than 825,000 regular students, with over 8,500 centres in 100 countries (figures circa 2008), and is a registered United Nations NGO.

My expert summary prognosis is Brahma Kumaris is a dangerous cult. BK’s god Shiva Baba is obsessed with extremely weird, delusional ideologies of sex and celibacy such as BKs believe 5,000 years ago all humans and Earth were perfect and all perfect living beings, lions, and lambs reproduce without sex for 2,500 years – here on Earth.

Shiva Baba brainwashes BKs in daily ‘Murli’ classes and ultra-strict ‘Shrimat’ principles not to have sex or children as he predicted it will be The End of The World soon by 2036 – resulting in silent separations and massive marriage failure cover-ups. I have helped and advised many families of BKs in Cult Mediation and through my Social Media Cult Alert, Facebook public groups, and YouTube channels.

I will share my connection with Founders of ‘Hard-Selling & Enrolling’ LGAT groups such as the late Alexander Everett (‘The Father of Human Potential Movement’), Werner Erhard (Founder of EST, Erhard Seminar Training which later became Landmark Forum), Robert White (Founder of Life Dynamics), Chris Gentry (Founder of AsiaWorks, one of the largest LGAT in S.E. Asia, and Ex-Life Dynamics Coach); and softer and more empowering LGAT groups like Chris King of Wings Seminars.

I have listed Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) under the Religious Cult Category, and the above groups under LGAT Category in our Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List 2018I founded Saving 72 Virgins Platform in 2017.



ICSA Speaker


Watch my Video on My CULT Confession: Landmark, Asiaworks, Lifespring & other LGAT & Charismatic Cults

I’ve joined the International Cultic Studies Association, and now have access to Top International Cult Experts. This will be a steep learning curve for me in this new field of Cult Mediation. I’m very sure many of my Cult videos and articles will need professional fine-tuning, use more effective strategies and best practices which will get best results in returning Cult Members back to their families and friends.

My purpose in role in Cult Mediation is to touch a wider social media audience awareness, rather than individual 1-on-1 cult mediation services consulting. Although my best learning opportunities and practice is likely to be more involved in 1-on-1 sessions and talking with families of Cult Members and Ex-Cult Members.



By Whisperer Robert Chaen
Reality TV Host of Saving 72 Virgins, and Cult Expert Keynote Speaker

Published on 23 January 2018.
Updated on 24 January 2018.

Copyright 2018 ©

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Public Plea for 3 Youth CSR Sponsorships: Purple Army Youth

Public & Personal Plea for 3 CSR Sponsorships


3 Biggest Problems facing OUR Youths - brief


The Purple Army:
Inspiring our YOUTHs to be positive role models, contributors to society, and change agents by using all forms of creative ARTS, entrepreneurship, learning, creativity, ethics, mental health; champion against sexual harassment, drugs-alcohol-internet addictions, racism, extremism, crime, bullying, and cults THROUGH: 3 CSR Initiatives You & Your Organization Can Support.

PAY, Slogan & 3 Roles LOGO
If you have gratitude for your good life, then PAY it forward through our youths. Help us make youths positive role models, contributors to society and change agents for world and social change.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been using a lot of my own money & staff resources, and personally organizing 3 Key CSR Initiatives which I’m deeply passionate about:

Our Purple Army survey reveals that the easiest people who fall prey to extremist ideologies, dangerous cults and bad company are YOUTHS who are naive, inexperienced, and easily influenced by the smooth-talking cult leaders. Extremists randomly approach strangers in online public forums, chat rooms, or even in shopping malls. We need to counteract this with our own CyberWarfare Purple Army.

“It takes an Ex-THIEF to catch a thief.”

To beat extremists, cultists, criminals, gangsters, bullies, we need to be conscious on how they think-speak-write-do-act-behave; and beat them in their own dangerous game.

1)  ChangeUTH Youth CSR
ChangeUTH believes that there are 4 Magical Ways our Youths can change the Earth:
1. Entrepreneurship  2. Curiosity (learning)  3. Charity  4. Mental Health

​Read more:  https://goo.gl/yV4QyU 

2)  ArtScapes CSR
ArtScapes CSR is an Arts CSR to unite Youths & Veteran Arts Mentors to transform their Art forms into higher heroic & higher consciousness and cross-cultural consciousness.

Read more  https://goo.gl/yKMPTb

3)  Saving 72 Virgins CSR

“Saving 72 Virgins” (SSTV) is Cult Awareness & Anti-Sexual Harassment Network of Cult Rescuers, family, and friends to help sexually harassed victims and cult members escape, house, and use cyberwarfare to stop the cancer spread in our community of Extremist Jihadist Cults (e.g. ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram – kidnapping teenage girls), Religious Cults (e.g. Scientology, Brahma Kumaris), and Large Group Awareness Training (e.g. AsiaWorks, Landmark Education, Lifespring).
Read more https://goo.gl/Kd2Usg

Bank Account for Fund-Raising
Maybank current account name: ChangeU Group Sdn. Bhd.
Maybank Account Number: 512688 200956

Founder Robert Chaen has been funding various forms of these 3 CSR Initiatives and countless scholarships with his own money to the tune of way over US$100,000. 

You are supporting us to save Youths and Lives from Extremist groups like ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, religious fascists, doomsday Cults, depression, mental illnesses THROUGH creative arts, learning, awareness, entrepreneurship, and making Youths as good contributors of community – NOT becoming suicide killers, intolerant extremists, cultists who are all out to isolate their members and to break up families, or youths becoming depressed, lazy, corrupted, and unproductive only seeking for easy handouts.

[ ]  Maintaining Website, Social Media, Facebook Pages, Cult forum & Staff (staff, editors, writers, cyber-warriors, proof-readers, graphic designers, web designers, promoters) (US$30,000pa)
[ ]  Sponsoring Ads/ Logo-Icon Designs for any of the 3 CSR: Cult Awareness & Rescue Ads ​

[ ]  Maintaining an Office and Overheads with Rent, Utilities, equipment, pcs, administration, tax (26%)  (US$25,000pa)
[]  Water package (US$75 for 30 bottles, lasts 4 months)   []  Our Logo t-shirts for Crew/ Volunteers, Gifts  + Sponsored Brand Logo  (US$1,000)  [] Mobile phones & packages (US$1,2000pa)   [] Unifi package (US$600pa)

[ ]  Educating the public through talks at universities, colleges, associations  (US$3,000)
[ ]  High End Spa Massages & First Class Air tickets to Monaco (just kidding, just testing if you are really reading everything  🙂
[ ]  In future, if we have much more funds, we open [ ] a 24/7 Helpline for Cultists, Jihadists & Ex-Cultists (US$10,000pa)  [] Airbnb Temp Housing for runaway Cultists and Jihadists (US$6,000pa)

NOTE #1:   A CSR-PR cheque presentation ceremony can be arranged.
NOTE #2:  NO Donation
 of clothes, cookery, cooked food, books, or broken equipment that needs repair.

2)  SuperMarket/Food/Gift VOUCHER Contribution:  – also can be used as Facebook Contest Prizes​
[ ]  Meals and allowances for Under-Graduate Volunteers – buy us lunch, a meal, bring or deliver some snacks, chocs, pizza to the office 🙂

NOTE #3: You can courier deliver gift vouchers very cheaply RM6 under documents delivery (call City-Link Express  for pick-up)

3)  New/ Display/ Used PRODUCT Contribution by Manufacturers/ Brands  – urgently needed:
 You can DONATE New/ Display/ Used Equipment, or some single Big Ticket items – we can pass the invoice direct to you: 

[]  AV Studio & Video Production:  Pro-Lighting, Studio Mikes, green screen (US$1,500)   []  PA system + 2 cordless mikes (US$3,000)   
[]  DSLR Camera & Lens (US$1,500)  []  DJI Pro-Drones (US$2,000)    []  Canon DSLR Camera batteries, accessories (US$300)

[]  Good condition Laptop, MacBook Pro  (US$3,000)  

[]  HP toners (1 set = US$250 lasts 3 months)    [ ]  Product Gifts: usable products like stationery, toners, water, beverages
[]  projector (US$500)
[]  Good condition Used Car/ Van + road tax

[]  PR  [] Video Editing/ Production  [] Graphic Design  [] Writing  [] Social Media  [] CSR Fund-Raising Skills   [] Photography 
[]  Drone videos  [] Branding/ Marketing  [] Telemarketing   [] Helpline (temp for 8 hours only not 24/7 yet)

5) Experts, Individuals, Brands & Outlets offering a % of EARNINGS Contribution

6)  CORPORATE CSR Sponsorship & Contribution:
[ ]  We are looking for 1-3 Years Official Sponsors for:
      [] Official Airline   [] Official Hotel   [] Official Telco  [] Official Drink  
[ ] Platinum Sponsor   [ ]  Gold Sponsors   [ ] Silver Sponsors    [ ] Bronze Sponsors

7)  CREATIVE Contributions with CELEBRITIES, CEOs:
[ ]   MoVsha Movers & Shakers can arrange a 15 Minutes Café Meeting with your favorite [] Celebrity  [] CEO   [] Public Figure  
Click here
[ ]   Make-over by Top Stylist


Bank Account for Fund-Raising

Maybank current account name: ChangeU Group Sdn. Bhd. 
Maybank Account Number:  512688 200956


PA Dream Equipment Vision Board & Brands

Please help us to make our world a better, safer, harmonious and loving place, kindly give as GENEROUSLY as you possibly can:

[ ] RM100 [ ] RM500 [ ] RM1,000 [ ] RM2,000 [ ] RM5,000 
[ ] Any Amount (even USD10 will be accepted, it’s your generous thought that matters most)

Indicate if you would like us to acknowledge the amount contributed or be made private. 
Read more What are the Funds used for: https://goo.gl/i6L9aW

Like and SHARE our FB pages:
fb.com/ Robrenda
fb.com/ Saving 72 Virgins

God Bless You.
In Gratitude:

Samples of Social Media Poster Ads

20K & 250 Americans Joined ISIS



Stop Mass Killings - no 3 logos


Cults are like Cancer


The Story of How “Saving 72 Virgins” Network Began with an Ex-30-year old Cult Virgin

The Story of How “Saving 72 Virgins” Network Began with an Ex-30-year old Cult Virgin

The story of “Saving 72 Virgins” Network began quite innocently and seemingly randomly when I read an article about the rape conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Founder of Cult Dera Sacha Sauda Sect, and the subsequent shocking 38 people killed from riots by the Cult members.  click here

On the same day on 27 August 2017 I wrote an exposé about Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation. I established Raja Yoga Centres (RY) in Malaysia in 1981 and was one of the World’s First 2 Chinese who joined Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) in 1979. I was a Key Cult Leader in the Inner Circle of Foreign Service for 10 years but I saw how Brahma Kumaris (BK) isolated their followers through extremely strict discipline such as waking up for 4am meditation, strict 100% vegetarian diet and can only eat food cooked by BKs, no sex (celibacy), no music, no entertainment, no life outside the BKs.

I also saw how Brahma Kumaris tore apart families, relationships, and friendships and brainwash them to believe that the followers’ families are not their real families and the spiritual BK family is their real family.

Yes, I was the so called Ex-30-year old Cult Virgin – when I left BKs in 1989 in Hong Kong. 28 years later I felt the calling to save the ‘virgins’ whom I converted to BK. And that’s the corny reason for calling this cult awareness and rescue “Saving 72 Virgins” in direct reference to Brahma Kumaris virgins and Jihadist Cults and Islam who believe their reward for martyrdom is 72 virgins waiting in heaven.

BK Cult have a Fake God
Read Robert’s Story Part 1 “My CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres are a Dark Cult”   click here for written article
Watch Video: My CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris & Raja Yoga Centres are a Dark Cult 

Part 2: Brahma Kumaris Cult have a FAKE GOD Raja Yoga Meditation is FAKE    click here for written article
Watch video: Brahma Kumaris Cult have a FAKE GOD. Raja Yoga Meditation is FAKE. Pt 2 

Related image

The Modus Operandi of Cults

The MO Slogan of most cults is: Slowly, slowly catch the (Virgin) Monkey!

1)  The Cult Bait
The Forms of Cult Bait: ●  Giving FREE food, free vegetarian classes, free courses, free language classes
ANYTHING FREE is a bait.
●  Dangling Opposite sex attraction: Opposite attracts
●  Offering Instant Gratification of Desire (The Illusion Hook): “recognition”, “belongingness, love, respect, truth, freedom” (why in “apostrophe”? because these hooks are illusion, there’s a very heavy price to pay to gain these)
●  Presenting Poster Boys & Girls: Cults will put the best example of student role models up in front for all to see and be impressed.

2)  The Cult Kill
The cult leaders will rate and stereotype the ‘level of the kill’ meaning they will see how far they can push with each new follower: can this new follower be:
♦ a Teacher  ♦ Daily, weekend or when available Student  ♦ service duties at the center/ office   ♦ approaching strangers evangelist, poster boy/ girl  

3)  The Cult Slavery
The cult leaders will create long-term isolation religious instructions and may become a ‘control freak police’ to monitor, heavy discipline, daily indoctrination, forcing followers to enroll their relatives, friends into their new ‘true religious family’.


Image result
Alexander Everett
Alexander Everett1
I participated in Alexander Everett’s Love, Life & Light Retreat 1993 @Orcas Island, and then stayed at his home in Eugene, Oregon.


Sidenote: “It takes a THIEF to catch another thief.”
Why I know so much about cult activities, cult mind control, and strategies because I was a Key Cult Leader in a doomsday cult (Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres); and a Pioneer Promoter of a large group awareness training (LGAT)  called Life Dynamics (my Advanced coach Chris Gentry founded AsiaWorks), studied under Alexander Everett “The Father of the Human Potential Movement” whose students/ staff founded est (Werner Erhard whom I met in yacht in Hong Kong arranged by Elizabeth Thomson sold est to his staff who then called it Landmark Education), Life Dynamics & ARC (Robert White), and Lifespring (John Hanley Sr.)



What is “Saving 72 Virgins” about?
“Saving 72 Virgins” (SSTV) is CSR Cult Awareness Network of Cult Rescuers, family, and friends to help cult members escape, and stop the cancer spread in our community of Extremist Cults (e.g. ISIS, Taliban), Religious Cults (e.g. Scientology, Brahma Kumaris), and Large Group Awareness Training (e.g. AsiaWorks, Landmark Education, Lifespring).

Virgins is a metaphor for purity and innocence of spirit when new recruits are first recruited by Cult Leaders, then the new “virgin recruits” are tainted by the bad influence and isolation and brainwashing methods of Cults.

72 Virgins is a direct reference to the fake promise of 72 Virgins in Heaven for a Suicide or Martyr Jihadist. But in reality it is referring to saving cult members from cults. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are actually many virgins who join Cults.


SSTV’s Purpose Statement (V-M-V):
SSTV’s Vision: Educating and Freeing the World of Cults and Extremism.
SSTV’s Mission: Saving Cult Members and stopping the Cancer Spreading of Destructive Cults
SSTV’s Core Values:  ● Freedom  ● Choices ● Family & Friends ● Safety


Cults are like Cancer
You may say but Moonies create mass weddings not break up families – but look closer they decide who their followers marry. Just like it was widely reported that Scientology cult leaders instructed Tom Cruise and scrutinize Katie Holmes and insisted on weird marriage arrangements. Later Holmes escaped Cruise & Scientology with her daughter Suri.

SSTV Key Activities & Objectives:

●  Alerting the public and Corporate Sponsors about Cults by issuing Saving 72 Virgins’ Top Cult List of the Year. Stopping CSR funding by Corporations,
●  Saving and Rescuing Cult Members
●  Educating Cult Members, and supporting Ex-Cult Members in returning to their families.
●  Stopping the Cancer Spreading of Destructive Cults. Stopping cult funding from corporate CSR funding.
●  Getting Sponsorships for CSR initiatives.
●  Raising Funds for operations.


Targeting Key Cult Categories:
[ ]  Religious Fascism including Islamofascism, Hindu-Fascism, Christofascism, Buddha-Fascism:
[ ]  Religious Cults:
e.g. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation
[ ]  Large Group Awareness Training & Psychotherapy:
Asiaworks, Life Spring, Landmark Education
[ ]  Extremist Militant Cults
e.g. ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, 969 group (Myanmar Buddhist group)


Funds need for:
[ ]  Maintaining Website, Social Media, Facebook, Cult forum (staff, editor, writers)
[ ]  Educating the public through talks at universities, colleges,
[ ]  Providing safe Half-Way Houses or Rooms by Families of Ex-Cult Members
[ ]  Maintaining an Office with staff, equipment, pcs, administration, marketing, PR-CSR
[ ]  Sponsoring Cult Awareness & Rescue Ads

PM us for the latest Saving 72 Cult Virgins Network Presentation Deck.






9/11 Conspiracy Theories or one Fateful Karmic Day in History

9/11 Conspiracy Theories or one Fateful Karmic Day in History


Disasters are massive reset buttons for Karma

There are hundreds of conspiracy theories in the months and years after the September 11 attacks. But when 9/11 happened on that day I remembered what I saw on Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC, and local TV. As the raw footage came in from the men and women in the streets of NYC, there were no trick camera angles, no photoshopping, no preparation, no clue what’s happening…

Image result for images of twin tower collapse on 9/11 hd

Firstly, there was the first plane American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 am; the smoke, disbelief, not able connect the first dot

Watch documentary on AAL11: https://goo.gl/bN9nb2

Secondly, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into South Tower at 9:03 am, 17 minutes after AAL11 crash; the second dot instantly created paranoia, denial, paralysis…
White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card slipped into a room in Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida at 9:06 a.m. and whispered in the President Bush’s ear that the World Trade Center had been hit by a second airplane and that the nation was under attack by an unknown entity… still on the school grounds at 9:29 a.m., Bush made his first of several live announcements that day regarding the unfolding tragedy.

Watch documentary on UA175:  https://goo.gl/LPNvQx


Image result for images of twin tower collapse on 9/11


Thirdly, crashed into the Western facade of the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m., 34 minutes after UA175 crash; the third dot confirmed a triple disaster so far…

56 minutes after AAL11, at 9:42 a.m., the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) never in its history, grounded all civilian aircraft within the continental U.S., and civilian aircraft already in flight were told to land immediately. All international civilian aircraft were either turned back or redirected to airports in Canada or Mexico, and were banned from landing on United States territory for three days;  terrorism suddenly just got real, extreme panic, hundreds started evacuating slowly down hundreds of stairsteps, the Red Bandana Hero Welles Crowther helps 10+ victims down the stairs, dozens waving from their windows for help, dozens start jumping to their deaths in the two towers hitting the ground like missiles, shattering glass in the foyer, creating an eerie death sound, who’s next, when’s next, where’s next, what’s next, why, why, why, how, how, how did it happened…

Fourthly, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 10:03 a.m., 77 minutes after the first aircrash; the US paradigm had shifted in just less than 46 minutes after the first plane crash – for the first time in history, passengers chose to rise up and fight hijackers to death whereas before this all hijacked passengers would not rebel against hijackers… the paradigm shifted when passengers realized that the hijackers for once did not care for ransom money but martyrdom….”Are you guys ready? Okay. Let’s roll!” heroic Todd Beamer’s last words heard by operator Lisa Jefferson…

Watch United 93(2006) The Movie:  https://goo.gl/A1pft7

Image result for images of twin tower collapse on 9/11 hd

The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 a.m. after burning for 56 minutes in a fire caused by the impact of United Airlines Flight 175 and the explosion of its jet fuel.

The North Tower collapsed at 10:28 a.m. after burning for 102 minutes. When the North Tower collapsed, debris fell on the nearby 7 World Trade Center building (7 WTC), damaging it and starting fires. These fires burned for hours, compromising the building’s structural integrity, and 7 WTC collapsed at 5:21 p.m.

The facts were simple as that fateful Karmic day 9/11 unfolded. No conspiracy theories on that day.

So let’s talk about the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center:
It would take a lot of planning to use a massive mega-tons of explosives to rig every floor of 2 of the world’s tallest buildings, and someone would have noticed an army of people rigging the explosives. Look at some videos on the pattern of series of explosions with their characteristics flashes, fall patterns, etc. needed on how professionals rig explosives in buildings.   click here

The Expert Facts on How The Twin Towers Collapsed in 9/11



Some Conspiracy Theorists say the 2 planes that crash into the World Trade Center Towers were remote-controlled, or military planes, please have some respect to the real victims who were listed in all the 4 planes’ passenger list manifesto. Real people from all walks of life, different faiths, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Arabs, hundreds of firemen, rescuers died on 9/11. It was NOT fake news or STAGED News – no-one can manufacture such news flash footage from witnesses. CTs and extremist radical Muslims let it rest with your agendas. May Allah and God Bless you.

Watch my own video on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories or one Fateful Karmic Day in History : https://goo.gl/32vWEn

Soon I’ll be interviewing the author of Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11 by Bonnie McEneaney

Messages - Signs, Visits & Premonitions from 911
Read the book review: click

Messages from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11

Watch as family members of 9/11 victims share stories of communications from the hereafter and talk about how their lives have changed over the years.

While many of us wonder if there’s life after death, a number of family members of the victims of 9/11 know for certain that there’s an afterlife. Why? Because they’ve received signs, messages and, in some cases, visitations from their loved ones. Watch as they share their inspiring stories of these communications from the hereafter and talk about how life for them has changed over the years.

Messages from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11: Bonnie McEneany

Bonnie McEneaney, the wife of a 9/11 victim, describes the spiritual experiences she’s had since her husband’s death and the messages she still receives from him today.

September 11, 12 Years Later: Alison Crowther

Alison Crowther: The mother of a young stock-trader-turned-9/11-hero (Welles Crowther, the 9/11 red bandanna man) shares how she found peace following her son’s death

September 11, 12 Years Later: Monica Iken

Monica Iken: A wife reflects on her efforts to properly memorialize the 9/11 victims and the ways in which her late husband still sends her messages.

Source: https://www.guideposts.org/inspirational-stories/messages-from-loved-ones-lost-on-911

Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101? [Twin Souls Part 91]

Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101?
[Twin Souls Part 91]

The Soul, your soul by itself has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma.

Therefore, you can’t even describe the soul as smaller than the tiniest known physical substance, “Quarks”.

“The Soul is beyond humans’ understanding or imagination, yet the soul is the easiest to comprehend when you let go of religious or common cultural beliefs.”

The Soul is in the “egg-seed” stage of nothingness. Some call it “nirvana, moksha, mukti” i.e. free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. As such the soul does not need or have any physical place to stay  i.e. a “soul world”, or a non-physical place like “Heaven”.

Many people mistake Heaven as the place for souls to rest in peace when they pass away from their physical bodies. John Lennon was very close, he saw something when he sang…

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us”
(“Imagine” lyrics by John Lennon)

Because… there’s no Heaven or Hell.
Heaven and Hell is a human invention, understanding and interpretation.

No human activities in Heaven

The Soul in the egg stage experiences nothing because the Soul needs a physical body or a “subtle body” to experience. Therefore, the Soul in egg stage has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma. No human activities, no sex, no eating, no talking, no sickness, no birth, no death, no war, no age, no heaven, no hell, no religion, no god…

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too.
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…”
(“Imagine” lyrics by John Lennon)

The Soul stay in the egg stage until the Soul’s “Karmic Clock” send it to a physical body where the Soul experiences physical dimensions, 5 senses, all human activities, and Karma (the return of good and bad Karma from all past lives).

When the body dies, the Soul goes back to egg-seed stage. When the Soul’s Karmic clock sends it to next body, the cycle continues.

Related image

I hope this answers the eternal question:
Q. Did the chicken or egg come first?

The Soul can be connected to “non-physical subtle, angelic bodies” such as a “Guardian Angel” (, “ArchAngels” (like Gabriel), ghosts (souls who had not Rest In Peace, who have not crossed over to egg stage), religious founders (Christ, Muhammad, Buddha), deities  (Kwan Yin, Krishna, Pele), animals, insects, inanimate objects  – regardless of the Soul is in egg stage or in a physical body.

From a human’s perspective, the “Guardian Angel” is one who helps, guides, protects, and conducts “divine interventions”.

From an Angelic perspective, there are no physical limits. An Angel can use any human, stranger, animal, insect, nature, inanimate object, music, car, super computers, etc. to send the message across, or carry out a divine intervention.

Humans have always tried to manipulate science, nature, animals, insects, genes, finance, history, media, politics, Karma (i.e. good deeds), and God for their selfish desires.

But humans cannot manipulate Karma, Fate, Destiny, and Predestination. Not quite.

But Karma is not God.

Karma is the seasonal collective return of good and bad actions of an individual, and all humans, nature, and living creatures at a particular time.

God and Religions are like Heaven & Hell which are a human invention, understanding and interpretation.

God is an eternal Earth’s human need to search for truth, unconditional love, compassion, hope, purpose, meaning in life, and other human values.

Humans created and worshipped God (in all names and forms), deities, religions, faith, filial piety, Super-Heroes & Villains, demi-gods, kings, prime ministers, celebrities, bosses, greed & the 7 Deadly Sins, possessions, and money is the “new God”…
Such is human behavior throughout its rather short history and the future.

God “exists” in the minds, hearts, and consciousness of humans. God consciousness does not exist with Earth’s animals, cats, dogs, and all life creatures.

Nature, Living Creatures, Humans, Earth, and Karma have a life of its own.

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Both The Devil (our Dark Side) and The Angel (our Light Side) exists symbolically within, in that we are constantly struggling with our conscience, negativity and positivity, the Yin-Yang of conscience.

A long time ago, in galaxies far far away… in Alien lifeforms, Alien consciousness and communications are uniquely different in each of the countless galaxies. Therefore, the Star Wars version of a Universe where most aliens speak English and had similar beliefs of The Force and The Dark Side simply does NOT exist…
Or… The Force and The Dark Side does exist…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen


Published on 12 March 2017.
Updated in 31 August 2017.
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IS HEAVEN HALAL?” [WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire] [Twin Souls Part 90]

[WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire]
[Twin Souls Part 90]

If you have no sense of humor or a religious bigot, please don’t read pass this! (second warning, your faith will be forever shaken haha).

If 3/4 of the Earthlings found out that Heaven is actually Halal, I think half will rather go to HELL.

Q. What IF you found out that Heaven is NON-Halal, will it be your biggest upset of all time and you refuse to go to Heaven (just saying)?”

Q. WHAT IF as a dead Jihadist, you found out that the 72 Virgins waiting in Heaven are non-halal Christians?
Is it the same 72 Eternal Virgins as promised by a Holy Book (it implies the oldest profession is in Heaven). Is there an expiry date for any of these ageless Virgins?
Is there any way a Jihadist can check if she is still a Virgin? What is she is frigid?
If the Jihadist was a female, who are these 72 Male Virgins (what is his race, religion, age; or is there no such heavenly reward as a female jihadist?)
What IF the Jihadist was gay, and wanted…
What if you didn’t like any of the Virgins?
There is no guarantee that the 72 Virgins are beautiful, is there?
What if all the Virgins are on annual leave, and you are left with some sex toys…
Who in Heaven selected the 72 Willing Virgins, anyways?
Do these Virgins have a choice, or it’s God’s Will? Bismillah.

We really should wonder about such thoughts, especially if you are a religious fanatic.

This is a FACT: more than 99% people (as many as there are humans that many Religions there are on Earth) will be very upset or wrong when they get to Heaven. Unless… ALL Religions are somewhat WRONG. 

Maybe, just maybe in The Secret Afterlife… there are NO HUMAN EXPERIENCES…
no sex, no virgins, no eating, no sickness, no jobs, no war, no death, no birth, no aging, no iPhone, no cars, no cigarettes, no food, no water, no internet, no money, no power, no corruption, no Karma, no punishment, no 10 Commandments, no human rewards, no wars, no politics, no police, no courts, no human sounds, no human sight, no music, no DJ/VJ, no gravity, no movement, no travelling, no weather, no natural or human disasters, no suffering, no time, no measurement, no ghosts, no angels…
no God as humans commonly understand, no race, no Heaven…

no Hell below us, no religion too (John Lennon knew something)…

NOTHINGNESS & Oneness connection with all life, planets, alien life forms
because we don’t have a HUMAN BODY to experience Human Experiences in the secret Afterlife

In the Afterlife, you are in Seed stage waiting for your Reincarnation according to your Soul’s total Karma.

Think about it.


From Twin Souls Whispering between The Love Angel Brenda & Whisperer Robert Chaen. The Love Angel Brenda has been soul whispering to Robert 25 minutes before she crossed-over on 23 December 2013.

Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda

Published on 12 February 2017.
Updated on 8 April 2017.

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Movsha Acknowledges Famous Muslim-American Movers & Shakers’ Contributions

Activism and politics

Malcolm X (also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) – civil rights activist, public speaker and Black Muslim minister Joined the Nation of Islam in 1952, before converting to Sunni Islam in 1964.
Zainab Salbi – co-founder and president for Women for Women International
Arsalan Iftikhar – American human rights lawyer, global media commentator, and author of the book Scapegoats: How Islamophobia Helps Our Enemies & Threatens Our Freedoms

Dave Chappelle – standup comedian (converted in 1998


Rapper Ice Cube performing in 2006
Akon – R&B and hip-hop artist
Casey Kasem – Druze radio personality known for his top forty DJ format
Ice Cube – rapper and producer
Snoop Dogg – rapper; ex member of the Nation Of Islam
T-Pain – singer, rapper


Dr. Mehmet Oz at the 2010 Time 100 Gala
medical doctor, talk show host

Modeling and pageants

Supermodel Iman
Iman – supermodel and wife of David Bowie


Boxer Muhammad Ali in 1978
Muhammad Ali – became a member of the Nation of Islam in 1964,[132] converted to Sunni Islam in 1975
Mike Tyson – Undisputed Heavyweight Champion in 1987; converted in 1994 (influenced by preacher in prison)


NBA player Shaquille O’Neal
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – converted to Islam from Catholicism in 1968, initially joining the Nation of Islam before retaking the Shahada and converting to Sunni Islam that very summer
Shaquille O’Neal – player for the Boston Celtics; rapper and actor