#BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Series. Brahma Kumaris is The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult

#BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Series
Brahma Kumaris is The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult

[The article families & friends of BKs have been waiting for – ammunition to debate with BKs, to save BKs from the BK cult, and to return BKs back to their beloved families and friends]

Q. Why is Brahma Kumaris the World’s #1 Doomsday Cult?
A. Only BKs claim that ALL humans beings (an estimated 8.9 Billion) will die en masse by the end of the world in 2036 as predicted and brainwashed by their god Shiva Baba (at the end of Confluence Age which will also be the 100th Anniversary of BKs). And ONLY BKs (900,000) will born again as PERFECT humans-deities and rule a perfect Earth for 2,500 years.

BKs will find out by year 2036 that there will be NO WORLD DESTRUCTION, therefore by 2036 BKs will be forced to realize that all their efforts will be WASTED and there is NO HEAVEN REWARD waiting for BKs.

No other religion makes such audacious, unbelievable, delusional doomsday claims when the whole world population dies and Earth is totally destroyed except Bharat-India.

Therefore, in my Cult Expert evaluation Brahma Kumaris is qualified to be The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult.

A simple question to BKs:
Tell us WHEN in Earth’s 4.5 billion year history was human beings 100% perfect, without sicknesses, wars; and when in Earth’s history was ALL humans, animals and living beings were 100% vegetarian and reproduced without sex. Go ask any of your primary student relatives this question and wait for their answers.

This is how typically weird, grandiose, and delusional are Shiva Baba’s beliefs who daily brainwashes and ‘intoxicates’ BKs in his same Sakar Murli classes recycled daily since 1969.

Watch YouTube video version of #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain



9. god of Earth & Stephen Hawking

Shiva Baba is a “god of Earth” only as BKs believe in a repeating 5,000-year Earth cycle and no life forms in other galaxies.

Brahma Kumaris Can’t Explain…
to Stephen Hawking why Earth is the only center of the universe and how Earth will be 100% perfect with perfect humans for 2,500 years.

“The universe doesn’t allow perfection.” ~ Stephen Hawking


1. Little Foot.jpg
3.6 million year old “Little Foot” proves Brahma Kumaris’ 5,000 years historical cycle is FALSE. Watch video >> https://goo.gl/va7WSB

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how was it possible that Perfect Human-Deities existed with No Suffering and No Wars in a Perfect Earth for 2,500 years.



2. Ancient Civilizations - Tut.jpg


Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how only 1 perfect Deity Civilization existed 5,000 years ago when there are many Ancient Civilizations and native aboriginal tribes existed instead.

The Mesopotamian (circa 3,500 BC), Ancient Egyptian (3,100 BC), Ancient Greek (2,700 BC), Mayan (2,600 BC), Indus Valley (2,600 BC), the Chinese Civilization (1,600 BC), and a 3.6 million year old human fossil called ‘Little Foot’ are PROOF that there were normal humans living more than 2,500 years ago. This proves that BK 5,000 Year Cycle and Perfect Human-Deities Cornerstone Beliefs are all false.


3. All 8.9 B Humans Die



Brahma Kumaris is the World’s #1 Doomsday Cult:
Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how All 8.9b World Population will DIE at ‘The End of The World’ in 2036 – but 900,000 BKs only will reincarnate as Perfect Humans in a Perfect Earth lasting 2,500 years.


4. Dinosaurs.jpg


Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Carnivorous Dinosaurs existed 230 million years ago. BKs believe ALL animals, humans, living beings, lions, and mosquitoes were once upon a time 100% vegetarian and reproduce without SEX for 2,500 years on Earth – 5,000 years ago and will happen again by 2036.

Therefore, we can conclude that Brahma Kumaris and their god Shiva Baba have extremely weird, delusional beliefs.


Eiffel Tower - 5

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how All Traces of Iron Age, Internet, and the Eiffel Tower will be 100% Destroyed at The End of The World in 2036 – only to be rebuild again IDENTICALLY every 5,000 years.


Heaven on Earth - 6

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… when in Earth’s History was Earth 100% Perfect with Perfect Humans, with no suffering and no wars.
Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… How can Earth ever be Heaven.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Earth has a History of 5,000 years only and History repeats identically so that only Shiva Baba can save the world every 5,000 years.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how only Bharat (India) can survive the End of The World Destruction in 2036 with no traces of Iron Age.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… the nonsense that Shiva Baba ‘intoxicates’ BKs with the ultimate FALSE HOPE that only BKs will be perfect human-deities ruling a perfect Earth for 2,500 years; and BKs get extremely defensive when questioned about their delusional nonsense.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Ex-BKs are doing ‘dis-service’ when they actually doing an altruistic act of helping BKs to return back to their families and friends.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Shiva Baba is so paranoid with Ex-BKs and curse them as ‘worse than the worst Sudras/ Slaves’, when actually Shiva Baba is isolating all BKs from their real families, friends and society into his deceptive web of delusional false beliefs and cult isolation.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Shiva Baba’s supreme ‘Shrimat Law’ of extremely strict end-of-the-world renunciation and treating couples as brothers & sisters are not daily forms of cult brainwashing.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… openly why BKs are not allowed to eat food cooked by Non-BKs including their mothers who might still be having sex.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… openly that their Spouse or Relationship is ‘impure’ and must be treated as like a Sister or Brother as instructed in Shiva Baba’s daily Murli cult-brainwashing classes.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… frankly to their spouse that BKs are ‘married’ to Bapdada when they meet Bapdada in Madhuban, and their marriage has failed and is dead, and their non-BK spouse is an insignificant priority.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… convincingly how Celibacy (Brahmacharya) is such a good thing for countless of marriage failures, relationship break-ups, and heartaches.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why BKs like to fool the public when most BK marriages had failed because the original marriage vows of being ‘husband & wife’ are totally annulled by being ‘brother and sister’ which is definitely not what marriage is about. Many BK couples sleep in SEPARATE BEDS – that’s a failed marriage.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… the difference between lust and sex as Shiva Baba imposes the ultra-strict discipline (‘Maryadas’) of NO SEX or ‘Brahmacharya’ (not no lust).

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… Shiva Baba’s extremely weird cult beliefs that there was a period of 2,500 years when Earth has NO SEX between perfect humans and all perfect animals and living beings (in Golden & Silver Ages). Therefore, Shiva Baba brainwashes BKs in daily Murli classes there must be no sex in Confluence Age for BKs and that the punishment for sex is like “falling from a 5-storey building”. To Shiva Baba and BKs, Sex and Lust (Sex-Lust) are the SAME thing – unlike other religions that view Lust as 1 of the 7 vices but sex is still allowed for couples.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… publicly why Shiva Baba forces BKs not to have sex or any children. BKs are in total denial how Bapdada have caused countless marriage failures and family & children-making failures.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why BK couples live SEPARATE LIVES.
A BK & Non-BK Spouse live SEPARATE LIVES.
Separation or Separated Marriage is NOT MARRIAGE.
Legally, Separation is last step before DIVORCE.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why most BKs are instructed to stay in marriage but live SEPARATELY – even though BKs love only Baba, and not their Spouse, and they are no longer acting and loving like a COUPLE.

[My brother Tom and Sister Maureen Chen, who were the World’s Second Foreign BK  Couple, lived separate lives, did service in separate countries.
I’ve been doing Cult Mediation and Counselling for many failed BK-Non BK marriages.
It’s heart-breaking to see so many SILENT HEARTACHES.
Don’t be fooled by BKs’ explanations when in reality BK Couples live a weird and distorted Separated Marriage.’]

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why BKs can’t see that their Separated Marriage is as bad as NO marriage at all.
And the Non-BK Spouse may as well decide to leave the BK as there is NO FUTURE as a Normal Married Couple.
In fact, BKs may secretly be happier to ‘break all karmic bondages’ with their Spouses. BKs are deceived to think they are ‘free’ when in reality BKs are further  isolated from normal society, trapped in the BK CULT family, Baba’s Cult Slavery and ultra-strict BK ‘Prison’, and sucked further into Shiva Baba’s delusional, grandiose beliefs that one day by 2036 BKs will be the only Perfect Human-Deities enjoying and ruling Golden & Silver Ages.
But BKs are too blind and ‘intoxicated‘ to realize they are in the false hope world of BK Cult brainwashing.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why in general BKs tend to cover up, camouflage, or pretend to be a ‘married couple’ when in reality BK couples are living separate lives as instructed by Shiva Baba (this is widely reported by countless BK & Non-BK couples in BK Cult forums).


Husband & Wife to Brother & Sister - 7

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why Shiva Baba is so obsessed with extremely weird, delusional ideologies of sex and celibacy such as 5,000 years ago here on Earth all humans and Earth were perfect and all perfect living beings, lions, and lambs reproduce without sex.

Therefore Shiva Baba brainwashes BKs in daily ‘Murli’ classes and ultra-strict ‘Shrimat’ principles not to have sex or children as it will be The End of The World soon – resulting in silent separations and massive marriage failure cover-ups.
But BKs advocate “celibacy is great” as a deceptive cover-up.

We are not questioning the practice of celibacy – we are questioning BKs’ deceitful CULT brainwashing of changing husband & wife to brother & sister – leading to countless failure of marriages & normal marriage vows, and no new children allowed.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… logically why BKs must surrender their money and assets to build huge HQ Madhuban Buildings, Global Retreats, and expand Raja Yoga Meditation Centres when All BKs and all humans are supposed to DIE by 2036.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… why they are so attached and spending so much on Iron-Aged technologies, Internet, and buildings when BKs are instructed to renunciate everything of Iron Age in daily Murli classes.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how it is possible that there are PERFECT Humans & Animals and NO SEX on Earth for 2,500 years (during Golden & Silver Ages).

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how the perfect humans (deities) can’t remember a single history or memory of the destroyed Iron-Aged Earth.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how perfect Silver-Aged humans suddenly TRANSITION from living on Earth without ANY wars, vices, suffering, sicknesses, natural disasters, accidents >> TO imperfect Copper-Aged humans who suffer from wars, sicknesses, famine, natural disasters and wars. And NOT a single Copper-Aged human can remember or record any history of Golden & Silver Ages when Earth and humans were perfect.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Earth can Transition from imperfect Iron-age to Perfect Golden Age in a short 100 years – that by 2036 Earth will be Heaven on Earth with no wars, no sicknesses, and buildings made with only new Golden-Age technologies, and NO TRACES of Iron-Age Technologies like Internet, cranes, all Iron-Age buildings will be 100% destroyed and disappeared with no trace or history recorded.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how the nuclear war between Russia & USA, natural disasters, and civil wars (the 3 ways Shiva Baba predicted) can create such a Mega-Massive Earth Destruction that will kill all Humans and everything of Iron Age.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how the SAME countless asteroids can keep hitting Earth every 5,000 years, and how the same flag on the Moon will disappear and be planted again by Apollo 11 every 5,000 years.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… about Evolution, Neanderthals, Galaxies, and Dinosaurs as BKs believe the Cycle of Earth’s History is only 5,000 years – History repeats identically every 5,000 years.


Shiva Baba & Hitler's Superior Ancient Race

Brahma Kumaris Can’t Explain… why Shiva Baba has similar Superior Race Ideologies with Hitler’s ancient Aryan Race and Baba’s belief that a perfect ancient Deity Race existed in a perfect Bharat-India for 2,500 years.
Shiva Baba’s Brahma-Kumarism believe that ALL (Iron-Aged/ Kaliyuga) humans will die in 2036. And 900,000 reincarnated BKs will become the most racially PERFECT Ancient Deity Race with no vices and no suffering, who will rule a perfect Bharat-India for 2,500 years – very similar to the ideology of Hitler’s Nazism which was based upon the ancient Aryan Race being a superior race, and that the Germanic peoples were the most racially PURE existing peoples of Aryan stock.

The difference between Hitler and Shiva Baba’s Ancient Superior Race Grandiosity: Pure Aryan Race Vs. PERFECT Deity Race. Grandiosity is chiefly associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Now you know why BKs & Shiva Baba have dangerous, doomsday, delusional ideologies like Hitler. Hitler systematically massacred 6 million Jews, whereas Shiva Baba systematically isolated BKs and ruined countless hundreds of thousands of marriages and friendships.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how all traces of Iron Age and Taj Mahal will be destroyed in India and how India can be rebuilt into Heaven on Earth, without any hard labor, Iron-Age technologies, accidents – since every human is PERFECT in Golden Age, and these perfect humans have NO MEMORY of Iron-Age. 

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how Brahma Baba will be born as The First Perfect Human (Krishna) without Sex since there is NO SEX in Golden Age.
Did the Chicken or the Egg come first?
Did the Perfect Parent (Krishna’s parents) or the Perfect Child (Baby Krishna) come first?
How can impure Iron-Aged Parents give birth to Earth’s First Perfect Human?

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… WHERE the First Perfect Human (reincarnated Brahma Baba as perfect Krishna) will be born in India by 2036.
Where is this perfect palace?

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… how all BKs will die en masse by 2036 so that 900,000 BKs can reincarnate as PERFECT humans on Earth – without Sex.
BKs can’t explain… because BKs have not pondered on this point.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain…  how can God be controlled and limited by time and space as Shiva Baba must reincarnate in Brahma Baba’s body every 5,000 years.

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain… WHY because BKs follow BLINDLY and dare not QUESTION Shiva Baba’s false, delusional, Cult beliefs.


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Poster Series

(You are most welcome to copy and paste these #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Posters and Statements at BK or Ex-BK Forums, Websites, YouTube Channels. Facebook Pages; and email to your BK family members and friends)


Shiva Baba, the Founder of Brahma Kumaris, teaches that BKs only were perfect Golden-Aged deities who existed 5,000 years ago in Bharat (India). And that ALL the estimated 8.9 Billion non-BK Iron-Aged world population and all BKs will die in 18 years’ time. But 900,000 BKs only will reincarnate again as perfect humans by 2036 (in Golden Age/ Sat Yuga). 

NOTICE TO BKs: NEVER in the history of Earth were there any PERFECT, viceless, deity-like humans with no sufferings, no sicknesses, and no wars that lasted for 2,500 years here on Earth. Never – just ask any primary student.

Shiva Baba’s 100% perfect BK humans and a 100% perfect Earth lasting for 2,500 years (Golden & Silver Ages), and the 5,000 years repeating cycle are 3 of the most weird and delusional cornerstone beliefs of the BK Cult.

Yet, BKs are totally ‘intoxicated‘ by Shiva Baba’s daily cult-brainwashing Murli classes that only BKs will be PERFECT human beings enjoying a PERFECT Earth for 2,500 years. There are many logical-thinking scientists, doctors, engineers, politicians, celebrities, and normal people who believe these ultra-weird delusional, false hope beliefs – taught by the fallen Twin Souls Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba.

The 3245 year old seal on Tutankhamen’s tomb before it was broken in 1922. This is one of countless proofs that there were other normal human civilizations existed before Shiva Baba’s false claims of a perfect Deity Race (with no suffering or wars) which supposed to have existed 5,000 years ago i.e. Laksmi & Narayan of Golden Age (2,964 BC to 1,714 BC) and Rama & Sita of Silver Age (1,713 BC to 464 BC).


I’m simply an Instrument & Whisperer of Angels.
I speak the TRUTH and the Truth will set BKs FREE – from the Cult of the Fallen Twin Souls Bapdada (Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba).


Author:  Whisperer Robert Chaen
Reality TV Host of Saving 72 Virgins, Afterlife Channel, and Cult Expert Keynote Speaker.
Ex-BK (1979-1989), World’s First Chinese BK (with his brother, Tom and his ex-wife Sister Maureen Chen), Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (founded in 1981).

NOTE:  The views, words, and opinions expressed this article is that of the author Robert Chaen. It does not reflect the views of people mentioned in the article, or the author’s associated corporations, brands, staff, business partners, graduates alumni, or customers.
The author is not responsible for any actions done by readers or viewers acting as a result of the article.


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BKs Can’t Handle THE TRUTH
BKs are well known to be very shifty, deceitful, and not to answer questions directly. And BK Trolls will take points OUT of context to try to make you wrong.

BKs will only argue and talk about how wonderful their Baba experiences were, how perfect their Dadis are; and that BKs is a United Nations NGO (UN has repeatedly warned BKs not to aggressively misuse UN as their promotional tool).

BKs like to argue that thousands of BK followers who are doctors, lawyers and professionals – All BKs can’t be wrong.
No, BKs are not wrong – BKs are DELUSIONAL.

BKs have grandiose delusions of being the only perfect Human-Deities who will rule a perfect Earth for 2,500 years.




– hashtag originated by Whisperer Robert for Ex-BKs to collectively use.

– hashtag originated by Robrenda

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:  Public Debate with BKs

I challenge Dr. Nirmala, BK Shivani, or Sister Jayanti to explain their cornerstone doomsday beliefs with me in a Public Debate.
The Public Debate Topic: Is Brahma Kumaris a Doomsday Cult?

I will personally 100% sponsor this BK Cult Public Debate, with global live telecast, venue, and Media invited.
Let the Public decide if Brahma Kumaris is a Doomsday Cult, or not.


US$1,000,000 DONATION – IF the world ends on 2036
I will publicly give Brahma Kumaris a US$1,000,000 Donation if the world ends by 2036 (only 18 years to go).
But, if the world doesn’t end at the end of 2036, I will award “The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult” Award to Brahma Kumaris in an official ceremony event with global media coverage.

BKs like to comment “Let’s wait and see who is right at the end“, therefore, this is my formal challenge to BKs, because  I can 100% guarantee there will be NO END of the World by 2036 –  and I bet US$1 Million on it.

BKs will find out by year 2036 that there will be NO WORLD DESTRUCTION. Therefore by 2036 BKs will be forced to realize that all their efforts, marriage failure, and asset donations will be WASTED and there is NO HEAVEN REWARD waiting for BKs – totally deceived by their fake god Shiva Baba.


Public Notice to Physical (‘Lokik’) Families & Friends of BKs:
Please ask your BK Cult family member or BK friend to explain their delusional Doomsday beliefs to you.
Simply ask any of the #BrahmaKumarisCantExplain statements above and BKs can’t explain… to you – because NO normal, rational kindergarten student will believe the false, weird BK teachings.


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What was Brenda José like and how is she different now?

Bren & Tiger - Cropped.JPG
Brenda @Phuket Zoo

What was Brenda José like and how is she different now?

This is article should be highly entertaining, a treat for Brenda’s friends and graduates as I have revealed some never before shared information about her, me, and our marriage & 1995-2013 relationship.

Brenda crossed-over on 23 December 2013 at 5:23pm.
Most people who knew Brenda when she was alive would likely describe her along these lines. This is my own take describing Brenda:

Brenda’s Character & Personality:
●  Very intense, empowering, confrontational, badass, cool, calm, usually always right, hardly apologizes (as she hardly make mistakes or cross the line).
●  Drama Queen
●  She was born in the Year of The Tiger = magnanimous, no bull-shit girl, she’ll bite after giving a roaring or barking, Queen of the thick jungle (compared to the Lioness who is the Queen of a sparse Safari)
●  Her Sun Sign is Aries = headstrong, confident,
●  Brenda’s Soul Numbers are 7 & 11 (these numbers are occurs whenever her angelic presence is near.
– born on 7 April 1962. 7+4+1+9+6+2=29 / 2+9=11 (Master Numbers 11, 22, 33…99; You don’t need to reduce MN to a single digit number)
Number 7 = symbolizes teacher, specialist (vs. number 9 the generalist), spirituality, 7 days, 7 wonders;
7 is ruled by Neptune = symbolizes love for the sea/ beach/ island girl,
Number 11 (or 2) = symbolizes the diplomat, negotiator, arbitrator, duality, feminine “Yin” energy,
2 is ruled the Moon = symbolizes emotions,

Brenda’s Key Characteristics:
  She suffered from a rare disease called Crohn’s Disease.
     Crohn’s affect and inflame any part of the intestines, it prevents absorption of nutrients so Crohn’s patients usually look anorexic, and thin. Brenda lowest weight was 72 pounds or 32 kilos in one of her worse episodes. Her heaviest before Crohn’s was 130 pounds or 59 kilos (she was slight overweight and was a stocky Hockey Goalie once). She would vomit over 10 times a day for 3-4 days and diarrhea daily.
●  She survived her first intestines perforation in 1995.
Immediately after a James Newton‘s 4 day personal growth called “Eau de vie” (water of life), she was admitted to Queen Mary’s Hospital. Brenda shares her story of how she overheard 2 surgeons were having a heated argument in Cantonese – the local surgeon refused to operate as it was passed midnight, the other visiting UK Surgeon then took over to operate on her.
The surgery was 7 hours long, the explorative surgery cut and stitches were 7 inches long, and 7 inches of her perforated intestines were removed and re-connected, her bed was 7 and her ward was 7.
When she woke up, the UK Surgeon told Brenda he suspected she has Crohn’s Disease.
Brenda was one of the first patients to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in Hong Kong.
Robert was the one who took good care of her in sickness and in health in the 17 years of marriage and 3 separations in 2007, 2010, and 2013.
●  She did not survive her second intestines perforation in December 2013. Read Brenda’s Obituary-Tribute.
She died from internal toxic contamination, all major organs failed except her greatly weakened heart which was kept alive by 4 medicine-pumping machines; her kidney failed and was on a dialysis machine, her lungs failed she was on a lung perforator.
●  She loves to “save unpopular lost souls” whom nobody cares about.
●  She was Ms. Popular and knew how to treat friends so well.
●  She gave free Soul Readings and most friends comment she was amazing accurate that was scary.
●  She was a top performer sales consultant in most jobs she was in.
●  She was COO of ChangeU, and my Business co-Partner.
●  She was my Co-Coach for 12 years.
The last corporate workshop was Resorts World Genting Senior Management Conference in Resorts World Manila.

One of Brenda’s last known photos in 2013 in Hong Kong

Brenda’s Hobbies, Likes & Hates

●  She spends hours on games with her precious Ipad.
●  She bonds with other smokers (she was smoker from when she went to a Penzance, UK school at 18). She smoked Salem Lights (one packet a day).
●  She used to run Friday whole night Texas Hold’em Poker sessions at our house and Hong Kong-style Mahjong.
●  She liked SunFlowers, Godiva Chocs, shoes, shopping, funky watches, sunshades.
●  She was a very classy dresser with impeccable taste, her accessories and jewellery collection is huge.
●  Her dream watch was a Cartier panthere which I gave her.
●  She became an excellent cook when she separated from me. Especially she inherited her Mum’s and Dad’s Portuguese Secret Recipes.
●  She hated washing dishes (she is excellent in laundry, and sorting).
●  She was an excellent travel packer, very organized with a checklist, she was the best travel organizer she had high awareness and mindfulness of every traveller’s peculiar needs are met.

Brenda at Work
●  For her students she was known to play “Bad Cop” while I play Good Cop – she would bite and not let them get away with their weaknesses. Now I play both Bad Cop & God Cop.
●  She had no patience with stupid staff.

Hulk - A Woman who Calms the Beast.png

Brenda as my Wife & The Near Death Lightning God Sign:
●  She knew how to fend of horny, rich, handsome men.
●  She rejected USD1m offer from a Saudi Arabian Sheikh.
●  She told off a friend’s friend who hit on her on our wedding day who wanted to sleep with her if things didn’t work out between us!    read full story
●  Loving, gave me lots of freedom.
●  Kept me in check especially my mild Bipolar Disorder II.
●  Our fights were super intensive, normally last around 6-8 hours every month.
Most couples would have easily split after such intensive fights but we didn’t.
I was diagnosed with mild Bipolar Disorder II by Professor Jambunathan of University Hospital. In hindsight Brenda later realized after we both knew I have Bipolar that she should not have confronted head on during our fights.
I could have given our marriage another try but I was way too tired as she was inevitably my #1 biggest Bipolar Trigger that triggered me to Mania and rage. I hated myself and felt extreme guilt time I had a manic fight with Brenda (NO, I did not enjoy those fights as some people commented including Brenda herself).
●  She nearly got stuck by lightning which 10 feet from her in Cheung Chau in 1995 our first couple place before marriage.
The Near Death Lightning God Sign was God directly telling her never ever to leave me.   read full story
●  But She did leave me in our 17 years marriage.
I told her that I was not good for her because of my Bipolar Disorder.
I separated from her 3 times 2007 (I myself had a nasty bicycle accident during the separation which knocked out my 2 front teeth), 2010, and 2013.
In early 2013 I forced her to leave me for good. She reluctantly returned to Hong Kong and to take care of her aging parents.
That was the first time ever in our marriage that we were so far apart. It was also the start of her health deteriorating.
On hindsight I should never had told her to leave me – Brenda & I did not realize the Lightning God Sign was such a serious sign for us never to leave each other and for us to fulfill our Twin Souls Mission later.    read full story

How is Brenda different now (as Love Angel):
●  I really like Brenda now as the Love Angel.
She is not so pushy, bossy only to me yes haha.
●  LAB is always with me unless I want to be “alone” – in that way I don’t miss her. I only miss her when I am reminded by her belongings or when I visit many Hong Kong places where we used to frequent. That’s why only now I’m ok to return to Hong Kong more as Hong Kong is a constant reminder and memory trigger overload!
●  Just because I talk a lot about Her and Her Whisperings doesn’t mean I had not let go of her – contrary to what some people think. I had let go of her at the Death Bed.
●  LAB is very cool, calm, elegant, has huge energy fields.
●  LAB’s roles are Messenger (She was/ is Hawk Medicine), comforting grieving families, revealing the secrets of The Afterlife, watching the Flow of Karma, helping in Divine Intervention of Karma, giving Premonition Disaster Warnings of imminent disasters especially Triple Disasters Premonitions, banishing and cornering Fallen Twin Souls, Deceiving Spirits, fake gods for ArchAngels’ good conquering evil, and protecting-alerting-guiding-saving.
●  I call Brenda “The Drama Queen of Endless Afterlife Signs” (Brenda’s last 3 words were “I, Drama Queen.”
●  Investigative TV Journalist and Hollywood Producer of Looper and Resident Evil, Craig Santy finds Evidence that Angel Brenda can control super-computers, animals, insects, cause power outage, and save lives in MH370.   read more
She will help you identify Your Top 3 Big Karmic Debts from The 27 Big Karmic Debts   read more
●  She help you with the Grieving Process.   read more about the 17 Phases of Grieving
●  She will help you admit and own Your Dark Secrets which is holding you ransom.
●  She will send you Direct Messages.
●  She gives you Love Lessons on Sex-Money-Power in Relationships, Cheating, Seduction, Fights, Age Difference, Sugar-Daddies & Mistresses.     read more
She can help you How to Escape a Cult and Win a Debate with a Cultist.   read more
●  She will help you detect and escape the Daji Fox Seducers‘ temptations and effects.   read more
●  How you know Love Angel Brenda is near you – many 7 & 11 Signs direct along your path in various forms: 7 & 11 Car License Plates, 7 & 11 in watch/clock e.g. 11:11 am, etc.



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By Robrenda
Published on 1 October 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©

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The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Ghost World, Purgatory, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Limbo, Ghost World, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

2D / The Second Dimension
= Width and height

3D / The Third Dimension
= Width, height and depth (Space)

4D / The Fourth Dimension
= Space + Time = The ‘Known’ Physical Universe;

5D / The Fifth Dimension
= The 5th Dimension has 2 Worlds: Ghost World and Purgatory, Limbo (before going to Soul Universe).

Normally a person dies, the Soul goes from 4D to 6D-7D, and reincarnate.
There are 2 situations where the Soul is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D:
5.1)  Ghost World: A Ghost is a Soul that is very unsettled (e.g. gone through a suicide, violent death, fatal accident, murder), and is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D, so the soul hangs around in the Ghost World, the 5th Dimension.
Sometimes the Soul wants to say goodbye and hangs around (a few hours to a few years).

5.2)  Purgatory/ Hell: the Soul has too much bad Karma to settle in the next lifetimes (for example the human body has a limit to how much it can suffer bodily, mentally, emotionally, spiritually in one lifetime), the Soul may settle its bad Karma through all 5 subtle-angelic senses e.g. “seeing-hearing-feeling-smelling-tasting” through its subtle-angelic body (not a physical body) its bad deeds, sufferings.

This is the “Hell”, “Ghost World”, Inferno”, “Dante” that people refer to.
The Chinese refer to the 12 Levels of Hell, where a soul is tortured with the related crime e.g. lying will have their tongues cut, etc. The Chinese version of Hell is extremely dark, their belief in ghosts is very dark. Chinese even have one lunar month called “The Ghost Festival”.

That’s why Ghosts like Humans may emit bad ordors, uneasy feelings, fleeting images, eerie creepy sounds, bad taste in the tongue – which may be able to be “6th Sensed” by humans.

But these subtle sufferings are never like depicted in holy books i.e. “the eternal fires of Hell”. There is NO fires, cold, drowning, or any physical punishments in Limbo 5D.

We all know the human body can only stand the pain of fire for only less than 1 minute after that the human body will go into shock and faint. So the concept of an eternal fire that can torture a human is impossible, as the body dies and doesn’t feel a thing.

6D / The Sixth Dimension
= “The Afterlife”, Angelic Realm where Guardian Angels, ArchAngels stay, Messengers-Visitations-Afterlife Signs-Premonitions from your Crossed-over Loved Ones; Angelic activities; The Astral Plane, Paranormal Space
This is the “paradise”, “Heaven” which most people refer to.

7D / The Seventh Dimension
= “The Beforelife” (before a soul reincarnate), Soul Universe, Nirvana (state of nothingness), Moksha;
There is NO HUMAN ACTIVITY and NO KARMA in Soul Universe.

Q. What is the meaning of Crossed-over or RIP (Rest In Peace)
A. RIP is about a soul left the body from 4d to 6D or 7D, so the Soul may transition (not ‘move’ as it is not physical) between 6D & 7D, between The Afterlife and The Beforelife aka Soul Universe.

Q.  Where does Karma happens?
A. Return of Karma only exists when the soul is in a human body – in various forms of suffering, pain, hunger, poverty, heartaches, sorrow, regret, guilt, bitterness, loneliness, stress, etc.
The Return of Karma also exists in the 5th Dimension (in the form of “Hell”).
Karma does not exist in the 6th & 7th Dimensions.


7 Dimensions of The Universe


FAQs on The 7 Dimensions of the Universe

Q1.  Where is God in the 7 Dimensions?

A1.  Everywhere (omnipresent) or nowhere – as God is NOT limited or controlled by the 7 Dimensions: Space & Time (4D), Limbo-Ghost-Hell (5D), Angelic Realm-The Afterlife (6D), or Soul Universe-The Beforelife-Nirvana (7D)

Q2.  What are Channeled Spirits?
A2.  There are 4 Types of Channeled Spirits: 
1)  Good and Bad Possessing Ghosts: an unsettled Soul who has not yet crossed-over to 6D & 7D, but the Soul is not humanly aware of the Soul’s predicament. Just like there are good, bad, ugly & beautiful humans, there are good and bad ghosts. Some Ghosts try to possess the body of another soul. At rare times that a body can attract a multiple of Possessing Ghosts

2)  Channeled Good Entity or Angel
Example 1:  Angel Moroni enters Joseph Smith who established the Mormons and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

3)  Channeled Fallen Angels Satan or Lucifer or Fallen Twin Souls
A fallen Angel or Twin Soul have gone from Light to Darkness.
Fallen Angels and Twin Souls have very important and specific roles to play such as:
● establish a Cult / New Religion.
● Fallen Angels and Fallen Twin Souls create a massive Religious Big Karmic Debt that affects especially regular teachers and students. The usually cult isolation from student’s family and friends, strict Discipline, religious policing, brainwashing, mind control, and harsh Lifestyle can be viewed as a form of punishment for return of bad karma of followers.  click here to read about 27 Big Karmic Debts and identity your Top 3 Big Karmic Debts
Example 1 of  Fallen Twin Souls: Founder Soul Shiva Baba who claims he is the supreme soul incarnates in the body of Brahma Baba and founded Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation around 1936. In 1969 when Brahma Baba died, the Fallen Twin Souls Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba became the combined form of BapDada who then enters their second Chariot called Dadi Gulzar.  click more about The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult
Example 2:  A fallen angel is influencing Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi who changed from a shy, unimpressive, and a religious scholar into the Leader of ISIS. His followers are paying their own very heavy Big Karmic Debt through joining ISIS.

4)  ALL Religious Founders have Twin or Triple Souls
Example 1: The Founder Soul (Buddha) enters the body of Prince Siddhārtha (Gautama).
Example 2: The Founder Soul (Christ, aka “God The Father) and an Angelic Soul (God The Holy Ghost), enters the Body of Jesus (“God The Son)

Read What happens when a person dies:  click here




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By Robrenda, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Love Angel Brenda)

Published on 25 September 2017.
Updated on 15 October 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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PUBLIC NOTICE to Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Centres’ Students & Teachers

PUBLIC NOTICE to Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Centres’ Students & Teachers

Whisperer Robrenda (aka Robert) and his brother Tom were the World’s first 2 Chinese Teachers in BKWSU. They established the BK Raja Yoga Meditation Centres in Malaysia in 1981. Robert joined BKs in 1979 in Melbourne and left BKWSU in 1989 in Hong Kong.He is a now a totally Rehabilitated Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Leader. The Whisperer strongly recommends the following professional advice:

Top # 10 Things Brahma Kumaris Can Do To Correct Their Big Karmic Debt Mistakes:

1.  Advise Brahma Kumaris Students and Teachers to leave BKWSU and Raja Yoga Centres, and to go back to your ‘Lokik’ or real blood families whom you have secretly or openly renounced.

2.  Wake up BKs. Open your eyes to the Truth that BKWSU is a doomsday DARK CULT who has a hidden agenda to break up ‘lokik’ blood families and all relationships – so that BKs can totally isolate you from your blood relatives and friends; and brainwash and deceive you to donate your money, time, assets, properties to BKWSU and accept the ‘alokik’ BK family as your real family – this is the evil and deceptive modus operandi of BKWSU.

Give yourself permission to question the teachings of Shiva Baba, the impossible 5,000 year Earth cycle, the deceptive unprovable promise of being perfect humans ruling a perfect Earth for 2,500 years, the countless marriage failures caused by Shiva Baba’s Shrimat that husband & wife must become brother & sister.

Read part Expose on: Doomsday CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres are a Dangerous Cult Part 1  click here
Watch video Part 1: https://goo.gl/EkbXCy

Part 2 Article Brahma Kumaris Cult have a FAKE GOD Raja Yoga Meditation is FAKE: https://robertchaen.com/2017/09/06/25830/
Part 2 Video: https://goo.gl/t1EtkT

3.  Resign en masse as an Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Student/ Teacher to show the community that you no longer proselytizing other people’s religions and converting them to become your cult members.

4.  Disobey Bapdada’s ‘Shrimat’ (supreme soul’s directions) which Senior BKs have grossly abused to control their followers and isolate their lives from their families. Wrong advices have been given about quitting studies, no sex for couples, and no food outside, no music, no entertainment, no life.

5.  Research and google the conclusive proof that Shiva Baba is a FAKE god as NO human or soul can be God – even though Shiva Baba claims he is “the supreme soul”, he is still a human soul subjected to Time and Space whereas most people believe that God is never bound by any physical dimensions . (NOTE: Shiva BABA is not the same as Lord Shiva who is widely accepted as a Hindu god).

6.  Stop the family sufferings and community damages, stop the hurt you have caused others to convert to BKs. 
Apologize to your family and friends, and other BKs’ families for ruining their families, marriages, and BK lives; and bringing indescribable sufferings.

7.  Stop Corporate Sponsorships and Donations from Tycoons like Tan Sri Vincent Tan (Berjaya Corp & Berjaya Foundation) and from the general public to fund the selfish cult activities and properties.

8.  Apologize publicly what you have done wrong like I did to show you are a reformed Ex-Brahma Kumaris Cult Member/Teacher as a public example and role model.

9.  Leave BKWSU while you still can; rehabilitate, and cut all your Soul Karmic Losses from the Fallen Dark Twin Souls Bapdada. If not, you too as BKs will SHARE the Combined Big Super-Heavy Karma Debts with Bapdada.  Read more about The 27 Big Karmic Debts  click here

10.  Do The Right Thing. Be a Good Soul. Do it today. It’s Now or Never.

Written and spoken by Robrenda & Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in 1981.
19 September 2017.

Watch my Video Public Notice to Brahma Kumaris:  https://goo.gl/TwEg6D


101 Deceptive Faces of BKs

Read my full article on The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult:  https://goo.gl/oJXr27
Watch the Video version:  https://goo.gl/fS1K6j

BK Cult have a Fake God

Read my full article on Brahma Kumaris Cult have a FAKE GOD Raja Yoga Meditation is FAKE [Part 2]: https://goo.gl/2kgcR9
Watch the Video version: https://goo.gl/RiTaqy



Public Debate with 1 Key BK


Robrenda would like to issue an 1 Hour Public Debate with 1 Key Brahma Kumari i.e. BK Shivani, Sister Jayanti, or most preferably Dr. Nirmala. He will pay for a neutral public venue, refreshment, social media ads, and media coverage.



Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary
Tom & Robert: From the 25th Silver Anniversary of BK Raja Yoga Malaysia book (2006)

Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary - Part 2


Doomsday CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres are a Dangerous Cult [Proof & Secrets]

My CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres are a Dark Cult [Proof & Secrets]
By Whisperer Robert Chaen, who established Raja Yoga Centres (RY) in Malaysia in 1981 and one of the World’s First 2 Chinese who joined Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU or Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya).

Why am I writing this Exposé 29 years after leaving BKWSU?
This is my personal complete closure with Brahma Kumaris, and the Dark Twin Souls Shiva Baba (BK’s god) & Brahma Baba (BK’s god’s chariot); and to expose the Dark TRUTH that Brahma Kumaris is a damaging doomsday cult.


Introduction and Summary History of Brahma Kumaris (BKWSU)
My eldest brother Tom Chen & I (Tom is the eldest and I’m the youngest of 3 other siblings) were well-known and loved as the World’s first 2 “Chinese Brothers” Raja Yoga leaders. Therefore, I write and speak with full authority as an insider and a former upper echelons top leader in the inner circle of power of ‘double foreigner service’ (meaning a soul who is foreign to India and Earth) of this deceptively harmful cult. I will include RY cult’s favorite Hindi and English jargon.

Tom introduced me to BKWSU & Raja Yoga Centre in Melbourne in 1979. Brahma Kumaris (aka BKs) means ‘spinster-daughters of Brahma Baba’ in reference to the original around 300 mainly young Sindhi women who are called Dadis (referred to as the ‘original jewels’) who followed Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani. He was a jeweler, and was also known as Dada Lekhraj. He founded Om Mandali in 1936 which was later known as Brahma Kumaris (BK), advocating Raja Yoga (RY).

Image result for brahma baba
Saraswati & Brahma Baba – according to BKWSU will be the First Adam & Eve, the First Lakshmi & Narayan out of 8 generations of Lakshmi & Narayan of BK’s version of Golden Age. Brahma Baba was the first chariot of God Shiva, Dadi Gulzar is the second, current, and last Chariot of both Bapdada (combined Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba).
Image result for brahma baba
A translight which is in most Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres which BKs focus their meditation on. Shiva Baba is the point of light above entering into his Chariot Brahma Baba.


Robert Chaen’s Personal BK Experiences
In my 10 years of dedicated service with the BKs, I serviced quite a few Sindhi relatives of the original Dadis. Some Sindhi relatives openly cursed, insulted, and ridiculed me that BKs put their young, most beautiful women on the ‘gadi’ (a big cushion low platform where the RY teacher sits and teaches – looks like a bed with no head board) and mesmerize the audience with their ‘dhristi’ or vision through open-eye meditation.

I was truly amazed at the level of brutally honest hostility and personal attacks of these Dadis’ younger Sindhi relatives. The strong adjectives I am writing in this article are considered rather mild compared to the extreme harshness of tone in front of me, but hidden and hushed when the Dadis were around.

The Dadis desperately wanted to eliminate the bad publicity perception among the Sindhis who accused Dada Lekhraj for ‘stealing and mesmerizing’ around 300 mainly virgin girls and the newly married, and forced them to practice strict celibacy. They were isolated in a close-knitted community for 14 years before they moved to Mount Abu in 1950.

Many elder Sindhi relatives hated Dada Lekhraj for breaking up marriages and isolating the original 300 Dadis and Dadas from their families and spouses. BKs continue to cover-up massive marriage breakups in the hundreds of thousands – from 1936 until today.


Sindh was part of India before the partition of Pakistan from India in 1947. Sindhis were considered as “the Jews of India‘. The Pakistan independence sparkled mass exodus and the Sindhi diaspora to Hong Kong and South East Asia where many became successful contributing tycoons and traders. The original Dadis had many close relatives there. One relative was Tan Sri Kishu Tirathrai who owned the iconic Globe Silk Store in Kuala Lumpur.

I went on 10 annual pilgrimages to Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University’s Headquarters in Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India (aka Madhuban meaning forest of honey). According to BKs, Mount Abu is the only place of incarnation of Supreme Soul, God Shiva Baba into Brahma Baba every 5,000 years. I received many special direct 1-on-1 Bapdada messages and with the Malaysian BK Group over the 10 years of annual pilgrimage.

Since 18 January 1969, the current ‘Chariot for both God Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba aka Bapdada (i.e. the combined Twin Souls) is Dadi Gulzar. Dadi Gulzar aka Dadi Hirdaya Mohini is one of the youngest of the original Dadis. If I’m not mistaken all Dadis (females) & Dadas (males) had passed away except Dadi Ratan Mohini, Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Janki (age 101) who are the only 3 living Dadis left (from their website).

After 1969, the organizational Headquarters and 8,500+ Raja Yoga Centres around the world power were uniquely and mainly based on the Dadis, ‘surrendered’ women regional heads and women center-in-charges – which is well commendable I must say.

Image result for Bapdada
Dadi Gulzar is the second, current and the LAST Chariot of Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba (aka Bapdada, the combined Twin Souls). Here Bapdada giving an ‘Avyakt Murli’ or classes. “No human or soul can be God,” “Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba are Dark Twin Souls. Shiva Baba was once a good human Twin Soul but now had gone to the Dark Side of Twin Souls.

speaks with an eerie haunting whispering voice.

As a Soul & Afterlife-Crossover Whisperer, Bapdada has the scariest, weirdest whisperings and some of the darkest energy-appearances I had ever heard and seen in my life.

Previously when I met Bapdada 1-on-1 I in Mt. Abu HQ, I was blind and couldn’t ‘hear’ or ‘see’ through the dark deception. Like all BKs I got used to the weird whisperings and appearances.

Watch video of The Dark Whisperings of the Dark Twin Souls Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba, and write your frank COMMENTS below what you think about Bapdada’s Supreme freaky, weird whisperings
(hint: you don’t need to have special Twin Soul Third Eye to notice that something is really wrong about Bapdada’s whisperings)

(by bk harry):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYJ7mYDGet8


Establishing Raja Yoga Centres in Malaysia and assisting Asia BK Centres
I felt the urgent ‘God calling’ to bring Raja Yoga to Malaysia as Bapdada told me in Madhuban that ‘charity begins at home’ (or home country). I gave up my studies in Swinburne University, Melbourne (with only 1 year to go) to found the Raja Yoga Centres in Malaysia with Tom as the Country Head.

My mum was so shocked that I gave up my studies, mum disowned me as a son. I remember vividly going to visit her in Ipoh. She declared that she’ll never enter Raja Yoga Centre ever (but she did 4 years later).

Tom & I went to Kuala Lumpur with only 2 suitcases and all our life savings. We stayed in a cheap hotel in Brickfields – it was a brothel. 1 week later we opened the first Malaysian Raja Yoga Centre on 1 May 1991 in 4 Jalan Taban 1, Bangsar because Bangsar used have many Indians whom we thought would be more receptive to Bapdada’s teachings since most of Raja Yoga knowledge is linked to Hinduism albeit with massive twists; the second centre is the current main centre in 10 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Tom & I co-founded and developed these first 2 original RY centers. It turned out RY was such a big ‘hit’ especially with the local Chinese during the first 6 years until I left BKWSU/ RY religion is perceived to be of Indian origins, with many Hindu references.

BK students and the public were amazed with the appearance of 2 very young Chinese brothers wearing the all white, religious Indian Kurta & Pyjama Uniform.

Tom & I were exemplary role models of happiness, purity, harmony, contentment, passion, ‘intoxicated’ with Bapdada’s knowledge, Malaysians and Foreigners were so attracted that they too wanted to have what Tom & I had. They couldn’t believe how these 2 young Chinese could be 100% pure vegetarian, no sex, wake up for 4am meditation, have full-time jobs yet fully occupied with godly service in all evenings, every early morning daily classes at 6:00am, all weekends – yet we had so much energy and passion.

I remember Wendy Kwok, the second wife of Walter Kwok, the then Chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties (the second richest Hong Kong Chinese family) commented that we were such a happy, carefree group whereas she and other super-rich Chinese tycoons and their wives were always worried about their money (350 billion HKD for the Kwoks) and be ultra-alert that people do not take advantage of them.

The first big public program was with Dadi Janki (the current Head of BKs) at the Vivekananda Hall, Brickfields. We promoted her as ‘the most stable mind in the world’.
I went on to bring other Senior BKs and Dadi Prakash Mani (the previous Head who died in 2007) with 2,000+ audience in MCA Hall, Jalan Ampang.

Most BK students work full time jobs. My first corporate career was a Copywriter in J Walter Thompson, a top Advertising agency while I conducted meditation classes in the evening, and promoted and expanded Raja Yoga Centres nation-wide.

Tom & I were a great senior leadership team. Tom who is 9 years older than me as the RY Country Head i.e the public figure head, the inspirational speaker who gave talks in many towns in Malaysia. He was charismatic, played the acoustic guitar and was immensely popular worldwide and in HQ Mt. Abu.

I played the equivalent COO roles. I was the quiet backbone, the Rock of Gibraltar who laid a solid foundation of leadership structure and attracted a dedicated Team of BK teachers who started RY centres in other state capital cities. I was the copywriter of many Branding, PR campaigns, and classified ads which brought in many new weekly 7 day-course students. I cooked for hundreds, clean the centre, raised donations, duplicated thousands of cassettes for music and class library, sold tons of BKWSU books  –  a little Madhuban HQ operations. I was truly a very passionate, happy, obedient servant of godly service.

I am proud to say that Malaysian Raja Yoga service under Tom & my leadership from the very beginning consistently produce the best results, the most successful BK service in Asia – outside Indian BK service – in terms of branding, student number, funding, donations, property given to BKs, buying and building property for centres, student-teacher expansion, teachers who were exported to other countries, big pubic programs, big community projects like Million Minutes of Peace which I signed up VIP patrons, I even got the iconic Radio DJ Patrick Teoh to do a half hour radio show with hit peace songs like Imagine, Peace Train, etc. (I remembered Malaysia was 1 of the top 3 in Minutes recorded in the world).

However on hindsight, I consider Raja Yoga as a ‘doomsday dark cult’.
I realized I was actually spiritually ‘intoxicated’ i.e. HIGH ON THE BIGGEST LIE ON A FAKE GOD OF A DARK CULT.

But the Braham Kumaris have lofty intentions of changing the world from the Hindu concept of Kali Yuga (Iron Age, the most degraded human state on Earth) to Sat Yuga (Golden Age, the most highest human state on Earth 5,000 years ago).

I was a teacher of BKWSU Raja Yoga strict practices of waking for 4am meditation, pure, strict vegetarian, Brahmachariya or celibacy (I was an embarassing 31 year old virgin when I pop the cherry with a British woman in Hong Kong). I converted hundreds into vegetarians as I became famous throughout BKWSU and Madhuban Dadis for my delicious Chinese vegetarian and sweet Chinese/Malaysian/ Nyonya desserts. At work I did not eat food cooked (not even from my Mother), except by BKs.


Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary.jpg
Tom & Robert: From the 25th Silver Anniversary of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia book (2006)


Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary - Part 2

I was invited to Hong Kong in 1987 by Sister Maureen Chen, my ‘lokik’ (physical) sister-in-law who was the Country Head of Raja Yoga Hong Kong. Tom and Maureen were the second Foreigner Couple in the world to join RY, but was instructed to live in separate country-centres i.e. the Dadis split Tom & Maureen’s marriage.

Sister Maureen presented herself as happily married but reality Maureen and Tom was instructed to live SEPARATE LIVES.

BKs like to fool the public when most BK marriages had failed because the original marriage vows of being ‘husband & wife’ are totally annulled by being ‘brother and sister’ which is definitely not what marriage is about. Many BK couples sleep in SEPARATE BEDS or rooms – that’s a failed marriage.

BK couples live SEPARATE LIVES.
A BK & Non-BK Spouse live SEPARATE LIVES.
Separation or Separated Marriage is NOT MARRIAGE.
Legally, Separation is last step before DIVORCE.
This is not normal living and out right cruel for BKs to be separated married couples.


Dr. Nirmala.jpg
Didi Dr. Nirmala, the the disciplinary Schoolmistress-Dictator archetype (rumored to be the next Head of BKWSU) – tactless, heartless, and ruthless.


3 Reasons why I LEFT the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Cult in 1989:
I left Raja Yoga in 1989 after being in service for 10 full years. I finally out-grew BKs. Why I left (when I was equivalent to a Catholic Cardinal-grade):

1.  Disillusioned by the heavy-handed Organizational Politics especially by the BK Australasian Regional Director Dr. Nirmala (rumors have it she is the most likely to be the next Global Administrative Head as nearly all but 2 of the original “Dadis’ or original senior sisters are dead), and hypocritical heads who don’t walk their talk and who are so ambitiously interested to be in the ‘Rosary of 108‘ in the future Golden Age. Many are silently racist as they don’t take care of their non-Indian leaders who have ‘surrendered’ or dedicated their entire lives to Raja Yoga (the ‘Yagya‘ or institution).

The Tyranny of Didi Dr. Nirmala, BK Australasian Regional Director
Didi Dr. Nirmala gave Tom and I such a hard time. She was the disciplinary Schoolmistress-Bully-Dictator archetype, control freak, manipulative, tough as nails, super strict, very rough, tactless, heartless, and ruthless in handling dissidents. (If some readers think these adjectives are rather harsh, they should go speak to some Ex-BKs about Dr. Nirmala’s iron-fist rule).

Dr. Nirmala was the boss everyone loves to hate.
As the head dictates the tail, Dr. Nirmala promotes those who are clones of her, and share her ruthless values.

Defenders are quick to say Dr. Nirmala had mellowed down – try telling those countless victims who suffered under her power play, who have no voice or power.

No one dares to stand up against Iron-Hearted Dr. Nirmala – except some courageous (some say foolish) souls like me and groups of ex-BKs who got crushed by her iron control.

Many BKs give plenty of excuses that Dr. Nirmala and some religious leaders are only human and do not represent BK religion and Bapdada. Let me share my insight with you: Baba, Dadis, Didis they are ALL THE SAME – all follow the same holy Maryadas/ Religious Laws/ Discipline/ Murlis which advocate Dharamraj (God’s Judgment), that apostates who defame BKWSU are worst than Sudras (slaves in the Iron Age). All these dogmas I did not invent. These are the exact words of Bapdada given in brain-washing daily ‘Murlis (classes) – followers and leaders are in total denial.


The Untold Story of how Tom was thrown out of the BK Raja Yoga Centre Melbourne
This is the untold story of how Tom was thrown out of the Raja Yoga Centre around 1990 – left him abandoned, isolated, and disillusioned (like many untold stories of ex-BKs who were long forgotten for their contributions).

He lived in a hippie camp site, took ice cold baths under a communal tap in the harsh cold Melbourne winter. He went on self exile and did not contact me or my family for many years until our tearful reunion in 1999 (we went to Langkawi along with my crossed-over wife, Brenda).

My Mum Begged Dr. Nirmala to give back her 2 sons
I never forgot the incident when Dr. Nirmala visited my mum in my hometown Ipoh, Malaysia. My Mum dropped down on her knees and beg Dr. Nirmala to return her two sons. Tom and I were way too blind to see the truth and the
 long-term damage done to families torn apart from the BK’s peer-pressure renunciation of their family members.

My Mum suffered many years due to the loss of Tom & I to the  BK cult.

With regards to my case, Dr. Nirmala wanted me to fully support the very unpopular BK Meera and to stay in Malaysian Service when Tom chose to leave Malaysia. Dr. Nirmala really handled the situation badly, ruthlessly, tactlessly and heartlessly.

She told me about the incident of the Lion of Punjab Dadi who was unpopular but Baba put a second sister who publicly accepted and endorsed Lion Dadi – and instructed me to do the same with BK Meera.

Like the story of Ganesh I had to stomach my shame, loss and trust. I did not care for my own personal needs. I just went on to do some of the best BK public programs ever, and cook for hundreds;
People tell me the Brother Tom & Robert BK Malaysia years were the good ole best golden happy days of BKs in Malaysia (ask the old Malaysian BKs).

I’m now a CEO of a management consulting, corporate coaching, headhunting, event, and film company.
(yes I have re-build my life after 10 years of BK service. And Ex-BKs can re-build their lives as countless had reported living much happier lives >> research BrahmaKumaris.info.)

From my 28 corporate consulting experience, I rate Brahma Kumaris (BKWSU) as one of the most political and racist organizations I ever worked and consulted with. I’ve worked in super tough top advertising agencies like Leo Burnett and J Walter Thompson. I’ve worked with super-tough Alpha Tycoon-CEOs in Fortune 500 Corporations and top brands but Brahma Kumaris is a hotbed of political competition, BK burnouts, countless ‘Centre Mutinies‘, and many Breakaway BK groups like PBKs, Virendra Dev Dixit.

One won’t expect such political games and power struggles in a religious organization like BKWSU. The general public, and VIPs and Celebrities who are aggressively invited to join BK events won’t know anything about goes on inside the BK cult – until they are deep within the BK organization.


2. The lies and blind faith in the 5,000 Earth History Cycle i.e. according to Brahma Kumaris history repeats exactly the same way every 5,000 years! I only need one fact to dispute this dogma – just look up to the night sky and everything in the sky are in the past from less than 1 second to 13 billion light years away.

For example the Moon is 1.28 seconds in the past. So how is it possible for Earth history to be repeated. How can anyone (except Brahma Kumaris) blindly believe for example that the Internet will be be totally destroyed with no traces in Golden Age and then reconstructed exactly the same way every 5,000 years at the end of Iron Age?

Image result for krishna and gopis
Lord Krishna playing the ‘Murli’ the flute of knowledge to mesmerize the Gopis (cow herders)

Brahma Kumaris believe and follow many grandiose but twisted links to Hindu Gods and Goddesses of the Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana references.

For example Brahma Baba is linked with God Krishna with reference that Brahma Baba played the flute (‘Murli‘) to attract the Gopis (original virgins); you can aspire to be Laksmi & Narayan in Golden Age (Satyuga); and how you will be ‘kidnapped’ by the Devil if you do not follow the strict BK disciplines with direct reference to Ravana kidnapping Sita the moment she stepped out of the circle drawn for protection by husband Rama in the Ramayana.

Shiva Baba even inspire BKs to be so “intoxicated with twisted Hindu Knowledge” that Hindu ‘Bhagats’ (worshippers) and other deity worshippers are all worshipping their Brahma Kumaris Golden Age Deity forms. With Shiva Baba telling BKs in the Murli daily classes, BKs get so high and intoxicated believing Brahma Kumaris are the most superior of “WORSHIP-WORTHY” human beings – worthy of being worshipped by all Bhagats (worshippers)!

If Shiva Baba is a soul albeit he claims the Supreme Soul but as long as he is a soul he is subjected to physical laws.

No human or soul can be God.

It can only take a pair of Light Twin Souls (Brenda & Robert) to recognize Dark Twin Souls (Bapdada).

That’s why Shiva Baba always says he must follow the Universal Laws that govern Karma, Time Cycle. He admits that he has to incarnate into Brahma’s body every 5,000 years i.e. Shiva Baba is subjected to Time Cycle – which ultimately means Shiva Baba is a human soul subjected to physical laws. A soul regardless of what type of soul e.g. animal soul, human soul, enlightened soul, evil soul are all souls and no soul can be God.

Therefore, I conclude that Shiva Baba is not God which is not subjected to Time, Space, Weight. Shiva Baba is a HUMAN soul.
(NOTE: do not confuse Shiva BABA with Shiva who is a widely accepted Hindu god).

Actually a few billion humans blindly believe in their own religion without even questioning its origin, their founders, and are in denial of some of its dark history, and practices.


3. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University destroys marriages, relationships and basic lifestyle (because of celibacy, the twisted belief that sex is the most impure form of sin, that there is no such thing as touching, hugging, love, romance and sex between man and woman since “all of us are souls i.e. brothers and sisters”, that in Golden Age people procreate without sex , just through pure energy, even the lions in Golden Age are vegetarians according to RY – yes, you read it right);
education (students like myself are sometimes inspired to give up studies as they think it’s the end of the world soon, predicted by the Founder Brahma Baba to be 1986, then revised countless times since);
normal living like meat eating, sex drinking, pop music, TV;
students are brainwashed to practice extremely strict worldly renunciation, cult social isolation, and;
donate most of their worldly possessions, income, and property since the end of the world is very near…


7 Reasons Why You should NOT join Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) & Raja Yoga Centres:

1.  BKWSU is a religious DOOMSDAY cult.
Brahma Baba predicted the end of the world (Iron Age) will be destroyed by 1986, then changed countless times – this is an excellent scare tactic which religions use to strike the fear of God in followers).

2.  The Maryadas or Discipline Laws are too strict i.e. celibacy, no food except from BK students, 4am yoga, sleep by 7 or 8pm. You literally have no life outside BKs. You are constantly reminded that your BK ‘alokik’ or spiritual family is your only family, your ‘lokik’ or physical family are all karma accounts (implied bad karma) you must settle with.

3.  You are only as good as how much service and money you give to the institution (‘yagya’). They won’t take care of you when you grow old unlike some religious organizations.

4.   Strict Absolute Abstinence is 1 of the 27 Big Karmic Debts.  read more click here
It is not service, it’s slavery to a damaging cult.

Dark Twin Souls Bapdada and his BK Cult Leaders, Teachers & Students will suffer the Mega-Big Karmic Debts like similar FAKE Holy men and Televangelist like Benny Hinn, Zakir Naik.Bah

I paid my Big Karmic Debt, now it’s Bapdada & his BK Family’s turn to settle their Big Karmic Debts.

5.  Shiva Baba’s teachings are nothing original and is not the truth – he copied his ‘godly knowledge’ mainly from the Original Stories of The Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana, and twisted the all original meaning to suit Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba.

The only thing that seems original to Shiva is the 5,000 years Repeating Cycle and Religion Tree (Egyptian and Chinese Civilizations date back 5,000 years into the start  of their supposed Golden Age) which is an impossible lie from a basic scientific point of reference.

I quite like the concept of “Soul Consciousness” but in reality I do not see the Indian-bodied Dadis or Seniors practice it as they are so pro-Indian, body-conscious, and racists (the only thing BK sisters do practice is no make-up but with some heavy eye mascara).

Shiva Baba is a fake god.
Bapdada (Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba) are Dark Twin Souls.

(NOTE: do not confuse Shiva Baba with Lord Shiva who is a widely accepted Hindu god).

The lies and blind faith in the 5,000 Earth History Cycle  (see above).

6.  The heavy-handed Organizational Politics  (see above).

7.  BKWSU destroys marriages, education, and normal living   (see above).


My Expert Prognosis:
I do not recommend Brahma Kumaris and Raja Yoga Centres even though it is a well respected United Nations NGO, and gets massive global donations from rich patrons (for example Vincent Tan’s Berjaya Foundation gave RM500k to BKs). BKs proudly claim that their 7 day ‘brainwashing’ meditation courses are given free but there is a huge price BK student pay i.e. giving up on living a normal full life. Brenda calls it “Religious Karmic Debt”, one of the 27 Big Karmic Debts.

I’ve been wanting to write this BK Cult exposé for the longest time.

Now only I found the courage to speak the truth about Brahma Kumaris.
I feel I am a responsible global citizen and owe the general public the need to know about the dangers of BKWSU and other religious cults.

I write and speak the truth.

Author:  Whisperer Robert Chaen
Reality TV Host of Afterlife Channel, Saving 72 Virgins, and Cult Expert Keynote Speaker.
Ex-BK (1979-1989), World’s First Chinese BK (with his brother, Tom; and Sister Maureen Chen who is still a top BK), Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (founded in 1981).

As a Truth Writer & Whisperer, I stand by the truth and source of my article.
If there are any false truth, gross exaggeration, unaware fake news or inaccuracy especially in dates and years as I may have forgotten some facts, I’ll be most happy and willing to amend and revise immediately (the amendments if any will be in green).

The views, words, and opinions expressed this article is that of the author Robert Chaen. It does not reflect the views of people mentioned in the article, or the author’s associated corporations, brands, staff, business partners, graduates alumni, or customers.
The author is not responsible for any actions done by readers or viewers acting as a result of the article.

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He and his Saving 72 Virgins are up against a super-rich, super-powerful, huge movement who claimed to have more than 825,000 regular students, with over 8,500 centres in 100 countries (figures circa 2008).
This is a classic David VS. Goliath situation.

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However, because BKs can be so stuck and stubborn in Cult Brainwashing, they may choose to remain in the PRISON OF BK CULT & SHIVA BABA’S SHRIMAT (supreme soul directions). Try your best to save Brahma Kumaris, but unfortunately it’s often times pointless to try to save BKs if they don’t want to be saved. You may have to let them suffer their bad Karmic Debt choice.

●  You will feel real guilty, in denial, and develop the “Stockholm Syndrome“: feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.
●  The cult leaders will threaten apostates who leave the religion that their return of Karma will be worst than the lowest, most hated animals.
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Robert Chaen is not the only one speaking up.
Just GOOGLE or search in YOUTUBE:  Brahma Kumaris Cult
and read other publications on BKWSU:



How to Escape Religious Cults:
●  Get help from a psycho-therapist.

●  Run away, hide, and lay low for a while away from the cult leaders’ radar.
After missing from them for a few months you become no longer important to them as there are many other straying and backsliding sheep to worry about.
●  Build a Reforming Ex-Cult Support GroupShare quietly with your family or close friends whom you had left behind – I ensure you they will take you back anytime like a Prodigal Son.
●  Have courage to admit that you have WASTED your life, marriage, relationships, friendships, career, finances, time and money on the cult, and declare openly that you have left the cult.
●  Be a beacon of light for other cult followers to leave the cult.

wikiHow to Leave a Cult


How Do People Get Out of Religious Cults?



Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda
Published on 27 August 2017.
Updated in 21 March 2018.

Copyright 2017-2018 ©

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Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101? [Twin Souls Part 91]

Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101?
[Twin Souls Part 91]

The Soul, your soul by itself has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma.

Therefore, you can’t even describe the soul as smaller than the tiniest known physical substance, “Quarks”.

“The Soul is beyond humans’ understanding or imagination, yet the soul is the easiest to comprehend when you let go of religious or common cultural beliefs.”

The Soul is in the “egg-seed” stage of nothingness. Some call it “nirvana, moksha, mukti” i.e. free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. As such the soul does not need or have any physical place to stay  i.e. a “soul world”, or a non-physical place like “Heaven”.

Many people mistake Heaven as the place for souls to rest in peace when they pass away from their physical bodies. John Lennon was very close, he saw something when he sang…

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us”
(“Imagine” lyrics by John Lennon)

Because… there’s no Heaven or Hell.
Heaven and Hell is a human invention, understanding and interpretation.

No human activities in Heaven

The Soul in the egg stage experiences nothing because the Soul needs a physical body or a “subtle body” to experience. Therefore, the Soul in egg stage has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma. No human activities, no sex, no eating, no talking, no sickness, no birth, no death, no war, no age, no heaven, no hell, no religion, no god…

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too.
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…”
(“Imagine” lyrics by John Lennon)

The Soul stay in the egg stage until the Soul’s “Karmic Clock” send it to a physical body where the Soul experiences physical dimensions, 5 senses, all human activities, and Karma (the return of good and bad Karma from all past lives).

When the body dies, the Soul goes back to egg-seed stage. When the Soul’s Karmic clock sends it to next body, the cycle continues.

Related image

I hope this answers the eternal question:
Q. Did the chicken or egg come first?

The Soul can be connected to “non-physical subtle, angelic bodies” such as a “Guardian Angel” (, “ArchAngels” (like Gabriel), ghosts (souls who had not Rest In Peace, who have not crossed over to egg stage), religious founders (Christ, Muhammad, Buddha), deities  (Kwan Yin, Krishna, Pele), animals, insects, inanimate objects  – regardless of the Soul is in egg stage or in a physical body.

From a human’s perspective, the “Guardian Angel” is one who helps, guides, protects, and conducts “divine interventions”.

From an Angelic perspective, there are no physical limits. An Angel can use any human, stranger, animal, insect, nature, inanimate object, music, car, super computers, etc. to send the message across, or carry out a divine intervention.

Humans have always tried to manipulate science, nature, animals, insects, genes, finance, history, media, politics, Karma (i.e. good deeds), and God for their selfish desires.

But humans cannot manipulate Karma, Fate, Destiny, and Predestination. Not quite.

But Karma is not God.

Karma is the seasonal collective return of good and bad actions of an individual, and all humans, nature, and living creatures at a particular time.

God and Religions are like Heaven & Hell which are a human invention, understanding and interpretation.

God is an eternal Earth’s human need to search for truth, unconditional love, compassion, hope, purpose, meaning in life, and other human values.

Humans created and worshipped God (in all names and forms), deities, religions, faith, filial piety, Super-Heroes & Villains, demi-gods, kings, prime ministers, celebrities, bosses, greed & the 7 Deadly Sins, possessions, and money is the “new God”…
Such is human behavior throughout its rather short history and the future.

God “exists” in the minds, hearts, and consciousness of humans. God consciousness does not exist with Earth’s animals, cats, dogs, and all life creatures.

Nature, Living Creatures, Humans, Earth, and Karma have a life of its own.

Image result for yin yang

Both The Devil (our Dark Side) and The Angel (our Light Side) exists symbolically within, in that we are constantly struggling with our conscience, negativity and positivity, the Yin-Yang of conscience.

A long time ago, in galaxies far far away… in Alien lifeforms, Alien consciousness and communications are uniquely different in each of the countless galaxies. Therefore, the Star Wars version of a Universe where most aliens speak English and had similar beliefs of The Force and The Dark Side simply does NOT exist…
Or… The Force and The Dark Side does exist…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen


Published on 12 March 2017.
Updated in 31 August 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©
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IS HEAVEN HALAL?” [WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire] [Twin Souls Part 90]

[WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire]
[Twin Souls Part 90]

If you have no sense of humor or a religious bigot, please don’t read pass this! (second warning, your faith will be forever shaken haha).

If 3/4 of the Earthlings found out that Heaven is actually Halal, I think half will rather go to HELL.

Q. What IF you found out that Heaven is NON-Halal, will it be your biggest upset of all time and you refuse to go to Heaven (just saying)?”

Q. WHAT IF as a dead Jihadist, you found out that the 72 Virgins waiting in Heaven are non-halal Christians?
Is it the same 72 Eternal Virgins as promised by a Holy Book (it implies the oldest profession is in Heaven). Is there an expiry date for any of these ageless Virgins?
Is there any way a Jihadist can check if she is still a Virgin? What is she is frigid?
If the Jihadist was a female, who are these 72 Male Virgins (what is his race, religion, age; or is there no such heavenly reward as a female jihadist?)
What IF the Jihadist was gay, and wanted…
What if you didn’t like any of the Virgins?
There is no guarantee that the 72 Virgins are beautiful, is there?
What if all the Virgins are on annual leave, and you are left with some sex toys…
Who in Heaven selected the 72 Willing Virgins, anyways?
Do these Virgins have a choice, or it’s God’s Will? Bismillah.

We really should wonder about such thoughts, especially if you are a religious fanatic.

This is a FACT: more than 99% people (as many as there are humans that many Religions there are on Earth) will be very upset or wrong when they get to Heaven. Unless… ALL Religions are somewhat WRONG. 

Maybe, just maybe in The Secret Afterlife… there are NO HUMAN EXPERIENCES…
no sex, no virgins, no eating, no sickness, no jobs, no war, no death, no birth, no aging, no iPhone, no cars, no cigarettes, no food, no water, no internet, no money, no power, no corruption, no Karma, no punishment, no 10 Commandments, no human rewards, no wars, no politics, no police, no courts, no human sounds, no human sight, no music, no DJ/VJ, no gravity, no movement, no travelling, no weather, no natural or human disasters, no suffering, no time, no measurement, no ghosts, no angels…
no God as humans commonly understand, no race, no Heaven…

no Hell below us, no religion too (John Lennon knew something)…

NOTHINGNESS & Oneness connection with all life, planets, alien life forms
because we don’t have a HUMAN BODY to experience Human Experiences in the secret Afterlife

In the Afterlife, you are in Seed stage waiting for your Reincarnation according to your Soul’s total Karma.

Think about it.


From Twin Souls Whispering between The Love Angel Brenda & Whisperer Robert Chaen. The Love Angel Brenda has been soul whispering to Robert 25 minutes before she crossed-over on 23 December 2013.

Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda

Published on 12 February 2017.
Updated on 8 April 2017.

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