Destiny & Free Will Poem

Destiny & Free Will Poem

(A Twin Souls Valentine’s Day Poem
by Whisperer Robert Chaen)

Brenda, I thought it was our twin souls’ predestiny
to join each other in every lifetime.

Now I realized that it was our individual’s
free will whether to join each time.

Sometimes we chose to have a break.
that didn’t mean we were weak,
or that we dared not speak.

Are we the lord of the ring?

Can we choose to hold on or let go
the red thread of karmic fate?

Yes, I have chosen you, my Twin Soul Brenda.

I will find you as a child after you are
reborn after your fifth memorial.

We’ll find each other & our Angels.

Hello & goodbye are forever in
the afterlife & the beforelife.

Truth, love, and light
are beyond free will.

Free will colors karma.
Karma shapes destiny.

Destiny influences free will.

Destiny & free will are
the Ying &Yang of life.


I found and chose this Butterfly-Sunflower-Child Fairy because the child’s face looks so similar to Brenda when she was a toddler in Hong Kong. Compare the faces:

Baby Brenda cropped.png  Brenda Sunflower Fairy & Butterlfy FACEBrenda's Baby Pic



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By Robrenda
Published on 14 February 2018 (Valentine’s Day)
Updated on 15 February 2018.

Copyright 2018 ©

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The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 – Part 1 (The real X-Files)

The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 – Part 1 (The real X-Files)
By Robrenda

MH370 ran out of fuel, crashed and sank in one piece along the MH370 Madagascar Arc…

MH370 Conspiracy Theories: 
Was it a hijack (where could it land without detection?), was it terrorism (why did no group claim responsibility?), was it pilot suicide (why no note and why such a complicated route?).

The following is my Twin Souls-Ghost Whisperings with the Ghost of Captain Zaharie together with Love Angel Brenda, my crossed-over wife and Twin Soul.
[Legend: RB = Robrenda, CZ = Captain Zaharie]

RB:  WHAT happening to MH370?
CZ:  I have a plan. I plan for 6-7 months with my flight simulator at home. My favorite airport to land in the Indian Ocean is Maldives. It’s a Muslim nation with close connections with China. They should be more understanding about my intention and the Chinese passengers on board. A small nation like Maldives should have the least red tape, least political demands, more neutral, and easier to negotiate terms and conditions of my surprise landing.

But why they have to charge Anwar Ibrahim for 5 years? So he would not have any chance of being PM in 2018! Why! I’m so angry!

RB:  You respect Anwar?
CZ:  Yes. He can help Malaysians have a better life, really. Why must they destroy him?
He has reformed from his many humble years in jail. But Tun is not ready to give it to him. Come on! Jailing him twice for sodomy, who would believe this crap? And why the judges give such a quick, hurry verdict. I can’t believe this! I must do something! You’ll see! The world must see what they are doing to him! President Obama must know what’s happening to him! China must know about it too! We need China and USA support!

RB:  What are trying you to do?
CZ:  The best time to take full control of a plane and the least chance of being noticed by air traffic controllers and military radars is night time. Luckily my fight is a pass midnight flight. I am very calm. I have a good plan.

I tell my Co-Pilot (Fariq Abdul Hamid) to better go to tandas as I want him to take over. Then I lock the door. I quickly turn off the tracking systems quietly without alerting anyone. I say my good night to air traffic control. This is turning out to be the best time to switch flight path in this transition period going to Vietnamese airspace. The plan is working!

I slowly turn the plane back to the left side. I’m flying to Maldives!

RB:  I thought you are flying towards the South Pole?
CZ:  Huh? No! Listen you don’t know my plan.
My plan is to fly and land in Maldives.
Then my Co-Pilot bang at the door.
I do not answer him for a long time.
I can hear him panicking.
He start to bang louder but he try to whisper quite loudly through door. I think he doesn’t want to scare the passengers.
Then he goes silent for a long time.
Suddenly there are 2 hands… 2 persons… one women and one guy banging at my door!
I’m so sorry but I have to do it! (long pause)

Sudden ascent and dive points to cockpit takeover

RB:  What are you sorry about?

CZ:  Well, I’m so sorry that the banging is so deafening… It is very disturbing my peace.
I have to do it. (long pause)

I have to get them off my back.
I fly upwards to 45,000 feet. Now they are all yelling.
I put on my oxygen mask.
Soon I hear no more banging or sound.
I’m much more calmer now. I’m flying back towards Malaysia.

Map of southeast Asia with flight path and planned flight path of Flight 370 in the foreground. The search areas are depicted in a transparent grey colour. Search areas include the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand near the location where Flight 370 disappeared from secondary radar, a rectangular area over the Malay Peninsula, and a region that covers roughly half of the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea.

I want to have one last look at my wonderful Penang, my home, my family, my Sayang. So peaceful.
Penang is doing very well under LGE. See!
I turn pass Penang and fly around the north of Sumatra.
I think they are very stupid… they must be sleeping at the radar station haha
But I must fly undetected like a big spy plane…

Maldives. 4 hours to go… (long pause)

I have a lot fuel to fly to Maldives. Plenty! Why worry.

It’s too quiet back there.
I open the intercom to crew. No one answering. Strange!
I’m curious what’s going on in the plane. (long pause)
I tak boleh tahan already.
I take a quick peep.
I see people sleeping.
Some crew and passengers are laying on the floor with blood on their heads, and cuts.
Why like that! Why!
Not suppose to be like that wan! (long pause)
I’m a good captain!

RB:  What is not suppose to be like that?
CZ:  Shhh!
Why so many people injuring and lifeless!
I don’t understand!
I’m a good person! I can’t hurt anyone!
Not suppose to be like that wan! (repeating himself)

Spoiling my plans!
Now, how am I going to explain to Maldives!
No good!
What am I going to do now, Captain Z!
How ar?

RB:  Are you having any problems?
CZ:  Problems? Of course!
I want to be a hero! But now how! (more ramblings to himself)

RB:  Why you hijack MH370?
CZ:  No! I never hijack MH370!

I want to tell the whole world, USA, China to help Malaysia, to help free Anwar.
Is that such a bad thing?

Not suppose to be like that wan! (repeating himself)
[This was Captain Zaharie’s last words or ramblings to me]

RB: Thank you Captain.
I pray The Cross-over Prayer for you, Captain Zaharie.
May your Soul cross-over and rest in peace.
May God or Allah have mercy and compassion for you.
May your family, relatives, and friends get closure.
May your Souls of Passengers of MH370 cross-over and rest in peace.

May all your family, relatives, and friends of MH370 get closure. 
If you want to show anyone any Afterlife Sign, please go ahead.

Thank you Angels of Light, Truth and Love.


My Whisperings with Love Angel Brenda

NOTE #1: Ghosts tend to talk like it is happening – so they talk in present or continuous tense – not past tense. Ghost have no concept or perception of time and space. It’s almost like “time” repeats itself – like Ghosts are reliving their final day or parts of their lives.

Note #2:  Ghosts do not talk in normal human voice and human expressions. I have to rely on my Sixth Sense to understand what he is “ghost-whispering” to me about. Obviously the words are not the Ghost’s normal words but my interpretation.

I’m NOT a Psychic Medium who can let the soul enter the body and speak directly – with full mannerism and exact words exactly like the same human when the soul was last living.
Click here to watch an interview of such an experience by Sanya Kybopha and her family talking with her crossed-over mother who called them by their Cambodian nicknames and described her house through a stranger Medium who doesn’t remember what transpired!

I’m Claircognizance (knowing) – I don’t hear (Clairaudience) or see (Clairvoyance) ghosts. I’m a Soul Whisperer-Thinker-Writer-Speaker for Love Angel Brenda.

I 6th sensed Captain Zaharie was very depressed, extremely stressed, and lost hope.

I sensed that Captain Zaharie was the pilot who flew MH370. Don’t take my word for it. There are numerous documentaries interviewing Aircrash Investigative Experts by Investigative Journalists proving that Captain Zaharie was the pilot who deliberately switched off all tracking systems and flew MH370 away from radars.

Captain Zaharie flew MH370 on 7 March 2014 half day after the stunning news broke out that Anwar Ibrahim was charged for 5 years, and therefore eliminating him from being the Prime Minister for the next General Election 14.

He had a heroic mission but the mission backfired when he flew the plane upwards to 45,000 feet to knock the Crew unconscious when the MH370 Crew banged at the cockpit door.

Captain Zaharie later realized he might had seriously injured or killed some crew and passengers from that up-flight action and grew into tremendous depression and deep shame. He lost all hope, and lost his original plan. He stared through his cockpit screen for a very long time. He stared at the rays of the sunrise.

MH370 Madagascar-Mauritius Arc



He flew “aimlessly” pass Maldiveshis original planned landing – until MH370 ran out of fuel. He glided the plane onto the ocean surface. It floated quite a while and slowly ocean water seeped through. It sank slowly, straight down like the Titanic but MH370 sank basically in one piece – along the MH370 Madagascar Arc.

Captain Zaharie never planned a SUICIDE – he planned a HEROIC MISSION but it went terribly wrong.

Captain Zaharie planned to land at Maldives International Airport and tell the whole world WHY he would do that: to free Anwar Ibrahim, and help Malaysia.

He wanted to shock the world by bringing the World’s attention to Malaysia by doing such a bold drastic clever piloting move of manoeuvring pass all radars, flying low and below the flying range, and landing in one of the smallest populated countries. He wanted to negotiate the deal of a lifetime with the Malaysian Government…

Alas! Captain Zaharie had his wish come true – the whole world attention was brought to Malaysia for 2-3 years but not for Anwar Ibrahim’s freedom, his original intention.


7 Dimensions of The Universe.jpg

●  As a Ghost, Captain Zaharie is now in the Ghost World, the 5th Dimension of the Universe
click here for The 7 Dimensions of the Universe click here for The 7 Dimensions of the Universe

●  When the Soul of Captain Zaharie settles down from being a Ghost, I Karmic-sense he will need to go Purgatory/ Limbo to settle his Big Karmic Debt.
●  Karma is all about INTENTIONS – so Captain Zaharie with his original good intention will not get the full return of Bad  Karma.

●  As for the other 238 Souls in MH370, only now a small number are still Ghosts in the Ghost World (5.1D) like Captain Zaharie.
●  Initially most Souls hang around from 7 days to 49-100 days, then they cross-over to the 5th, 6th or 7th Dimensions.
●  The majority MH370 Souls have now gone into Purgatory (5.2D), Angelic Realm/ The Afterlife (6D), or Nirvana/Soul Universe/ The Beforelife (7D).


The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 – Part 2    click here


Top 12 FAQs on My Article on MH370 and Captain Zaharie
My article obviously has inevitably raised more questions despite some answers given by the Ghost of Captain Zaharie.
Click here


MH370 - Where, Why & What Happened.jpg

5. MH370 debris found in Renion Island

PUBLIC NOTICE:  MH370 Search should try to search for MH370 in this new unsearched area along the MH370 Madagascar Arc.
You will find MH370 there.


Fly with line
Captain Zaharie’s Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign. It walked across the laptop screen, with “Leaving on a Jetplane” playing… “Don’t know why I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go…”


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[Update at 1:15 pm 15 October 2017]
Captain Zaharie’s Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign appeared around 12:50 am Sunday 15 October 2017 in my kitchen – 11 hours after I posted my MG370 article in Facebook: The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered to me WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 (The real X-Files).

All my windows in my house are closed. The last time I saw an Ensign Wasp was in a tourist van going to Halong Bay, Vietnam in 17 June 2017.

Captain Zaharie Ghost seems much more settled now since my FB posting yesterday. I pray that he will cross-over and Rest In Peace soon.



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By Robrenda
(Twin Souls: Whisperer Robert Chaen & Love Angel Brenda)

Published on 15 October 2017.
Updated on 8 March 2018.

Copyright 2017-2018 ©

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The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Ghost World, Purgatory, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Limbo, Ghost World, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

2D / The Second Dimension
= Width and height

3D / The Third Dimension
= Width, height and depth (Space)

4D / The Fourth Dimension
= Space + Time = The ‘Known’ Physical Universe;

5D / The Fifth Dimension
= The 5th Dimension has 2 Worlds: Ghost World and Purgatory, Limbo (before going to Soul Universe).

Normally a person dies, the Soul goes from 4D to 6D-7D, and reincarnate.
There are 2 situations where the Soul is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D:
5.1)  Ghost World: A Ghost is a Soul that is very unsettled (e.g. gone through a suicide, violent death, fatal accident, murder), and is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D, so the soul hangs around in the Ghost World, the 5th Dimension.
Sometimes the Soul wants to say goodbye and hangs around (a few hours to a few years).

5.2)  Purgatory/ Hell: the Soul has too much bad Karma to settle in the next lifetimes (for example the human body has a limit to how much it can suffer bodily, mentally, emotionally, spiritually in one lifetime), the Soul may settle its bad Karma through all 5 subtle-angelic senses e.g. “seeing-hearing-feeling-smelling-tasting” through its subtle-angelic body (not a physical body) its bad deeds, sufferings.

This is the “Hell”, “Ghost World”, Inferno”, “Dante” that people refer to.
The Chinese refer to the 12 Levels of Hell, where a soul is tortured with the related crime e.g. lying will have their tongues cut, etc. The Chinese version of Hell is extremely dark, their belief in ghosts is very dark. Chinese even have one lunar month called “The Ghost Festival”.

That’s why Ghosts like Humans may emit bad ordors, uneasy feelings, fleeting images, eerie creepy sounds, bad taste in the tongue – which may be able to be “6th Sensed” by humans.

But these subtle sufferings are never like depicted in holy books i.e. “the eternal fires of Hell”. There is NO fires, cold, drowning, or any physical punishments in Limbo 5D.

We all know the human body can only stand the pain of fire for only less than 1 minute after that the human body will go into shock and faint. So the concept of an eternal fire that can torture a human is impossible, as the body dies and doesn’t feel a thing.

6D / The Sixth Dimension
= “The Afterlife”, Angelic Realm where Guardian Angels, ArchAngels stay, Messengers-Visitations-Afterlife Signs-Premonitions from your Crossed-over Loved Ones; Angelic activities; The Astral Plane, Paranormal Space
This is the “paradise”, “Heaven” which most people refer to.

7D / The Seventh Dimension
= “The Beforelife” (before a soul reincarnate), Soul Universe, Nirvana (state of nothingness), Moksha;
There is NO HUMAN ACTIVITY and NO KARMA in Soul Universe.

Q. What is the meaning of Crossed-over or RIP (Rest In Peace)
A. RIP is about a soul left the body from 4d to 6D or 7D, so the Soul may transition (not ‘move’ as it is not physical) between 6D & 7D, between The Afterlife and The Beforelife aka Soul Universe.

Q.  Where does Karma happens?
A. Return of Karma only exists when the soul is in a human body – in various forms of suffering, pain, hunger, poverty, heartaches, sorrow, regret, guilt, bitterness, loneliness, stress, etc.
The Return of Karma also exists in the 5th Dimension (in the form of “Hell”).
Karma does not exist in the 6th & 7th Dimensions.


7 Dimensions of The Universe


FAQs on The 7 Dimensions of the Universe

Q1.  Where is God in the 7 Dimensions?

A1.  Everywhere (omnipresent) or nowhere – as God is NOT limited or controlled by the 7 Dimensions: Space & Time (4D), Limbo-Ghost-Hell (5D), Angelic Realm-The Afterlife (6D), or Soul Universe-The Beforelife-Nirvana (7D)

Q2.  What are Channeled Spirits?
A2.  There are 4 Types of Channeled Spirits: 
1)  Good and Bad Possessing Ghosts: an unsettled Soul who has not yet crossed-over to 6D & 7D, but the Soul is not humanly aware of the Soul’s predicament. Just like there are good, bad, ugly & beautiful humans, there are good and bad ghosts. Some Ghosts try to possess the body of another soul. At rare times that a body can attract a multiple of Possessing Ghosts

2)  Channeled Good Entity or Angel
Example 1:  Angel Moroni enters Joseph Smith who established the Mormons and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

3)  Channeled Fallen Angels Satan or Lucifer or Fallen Twin Souls
A fallen Angel or Twin Soul have gone from Light to Darkness.
Fallen Angels and Twin Souls have very important and specific roles to play such as:
● establish a Cult / New Religion.
● Fallen Angels and Fallen Twin Souls create a massive Religious Big Karmic Debt that affects especially regular teachers and students. The usually cult isolation from student’s family and friends, strict Discipline, religious policing, brainwashing, mind control, and harsh Lifestyle can be viewed as a form of punishment for return of bad karma of followers.  click here to read about 27 Big Karmic Debts and identity your Top 3 Big Karmic Debts
Example 1 of  Fallen Twin Souls: Founder Soul Shiva Baba who claims he is the supreme soul incarnates in the body of Brahma Baba and founded Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation around 1936. In 1969 when Brahma Baba died, the Fallen Twin Souls Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba became the combined form of BapDada who then enters their second Chariot called Dadi Gulzar.  click more about The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult
Example 2:  A fallen angel is influencing Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi who changed from a shy, unimpressive, and a religious scholar into the Leader of ISIS. His followers are paying their own very heavy Big Karmic Debt through joining ISIS.

4)  ALL Religious Founders have Twin or Triple Souls
Example 1: The Founder Soul (Buddha) enters the body of Prince Siddhārtha (Gautama).
Example 2: The Founder Soul (Christ, aka “God The Father) and an Angelic Soul (God The Holy Ghost), enters the Body of Jesus (“God The Son)

Read What happens when a person dies:  click here




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By Robrenda, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Love Angel Brenda)

Published on 25 September 2017.
Updated on 15 October 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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Robrenda’s Advice for Tinder Photos & Profile for MEN & WOMEN

Robrenda’s Advice for Tinder Photos for MEN
●  Spend a lot of time to write The BEST FIRST LINE in your Profile.
●  I experimented with the equivalent statement which many women insert to put off horny men (“no hook ups“): “No sugar daddy hook-ups” but in reality I get more matches with this statement than without this statement… you go figure!
●  Show the perception of CLASS by with pics of you in classy attire

●  For men, you should include photos with you with other beautiful women. Why? 
A photo of you in the company of beauties create a cheerleader effect”.

●  Women want men who are in high demand by women. 
●  Many women are biologically attracted by ‘taken’ men or married men. Why?
Mate poaching
is a robust phenomenon, and it is here to stay. When single women see a moderately attractive male, they are more interested in him if they believe he is already in a relationship! In fact, one sizable study found
90% of single women were interested in a man who they believed was taken, while a mere 59% wanted him when told he was single.  read more

With the above hindsight, as you have a maximum of 5 photos to include in your Tinder profile, I suggest the following for men:

Amber Chia

Photo 1:  You with a hot Woman Celebrity (married or single it doesn’t matter because it implies women celebrities find you attractive).

Captain & Crew.JPG
Photo 2:  You ALONE with 3-5 beautiful women (not with models in car shows, not you with another man with other beautiful women – women will think it’s a party pic).

10. Kuantan Sun.JPG

Photo 3:   You on a fun holiday trip with one woman and 1 man (let them guess who the woman was with)

5.6 Datuk Kamarudin - cr.jpg  2015-09-17 18.24.44

Photo 4:   You in an active work/project environment: Women are attracted to men who appear ambitious, have a passion (e.g. motorbike, sports but no 6-pack gym pics), and active (women are turn off by slackers).


Photo 5: Your portrait in full suit and tie:  as most women are impressed with men in full suit. 

Alternative Men Photos:
[] You with any famous Celebrities (sports, actor, singer, chef, dancer), public figure CEO (e.g. Richard Branson), PM  [] office photo with you alone with hot women colleagues  [] in uniform  [] long-sleeves white shirt but rolled up

NOTE to Tinder Men:
●  No photos of your dick (no matter how endowed it is!)


Advice for Tinder Photos for WOMEN

●  Spend a lot of time to write the BEST FIRST LINE in your Profile.
●  For women, you should include photos with you with other beautiful women, but not alone with handsome men. Why?
●  Firstly men are drawn to the visual of a group of women doesn’t matter if all of them are bland. Secondly, what works for men will not work for women i.e. pic of you alone with handsome men.Why? Because most men are intimidated by obvious competition too easily. 

Photo 1 (most important photo):  You with a hot Woman Celebrity
(men are instantly drawn to click at hot celebrity women)

Photo 2:  You alone in the most gorgeous evening gown (doesn’t have to be revealing, with plunging neckline), 

Photo 3:  You alone in office/ professional attire (women wearing a close-fitting long sleeves shirt is very sexy)

Photo 4:  You in women’ night out  (but no drunk pics) 

Photo 5:  You with little or no make-up (to show you are confident and not a “fake Korean” beauty haha).

Alternative Women Photos:
[] You with any famous Celebrities (sports, actor, singer, chef, dancer), public figure CEO (e.g. Richard Branson), PM  [] office photo with you with hot women colleagues  [] in uniform

NOTE to Tinder Women:
●  Classy photos of you with see through, some cleavage is ok, too much skin you’ll get more attention and men of the horny type which you seriously don’t want.
●  No photos of pets only (you with a pet is ok)
●  S
ome dating coaches do not advice to include the super-common cliche gym pics (well, men are attracted to the visual so you showing off your butt may get them excited enough to swipe right)
●  No quotes – it doesn’t make you more Sapiosexual!


I Origins (2014) Film Review: Recognizing Soul Connections vs. Scientific Tests [Proof & Secrets]

I Origins (2014) Film Review: Recognizing Soul Connections vs. Scientific Tests
[Proof & Secrets]

I just watched I Origins the second time.  The first time was on 7 December, 2014 when I was I flying Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur. Both Craig Santy, Hollywood Producer for Looper, Resident Evil, and other Reality TV shows & I had visited Brenda’s Ossuary on 4 December 2014. Craig left Hong Kong first and watch I Origins. He told me to watch the film.

Firstly, let me review this is amazing touching film and the story. These the highlights of plot of the story. I’ve split the review in 2 parts. The first part is more about the essence of the film.

The second part has spoilers which is best to read AFTER watching the film. I do want to discuss the shocking parallels to our Twin Souls Story about Brenda my crossed-over wife of 17 years and I.

Official Trailer Synopsis

I Origins follows a molecular biologist studying the evolution of the human eye. He finds his work permeating his life after a brief encounter with an exotic young woman who slips away from him. As his research continues years later with his lab partner, they make a stunning scientific discovery that has far reaching implications and complicates both his scientific and and spiritual beliefs. Traveling half way around the world, he risks everything he has ever known to validate his theory.

Part 1 Film Review of I Origins:
Dr. Ian Gray, is researching the evolution of human eyes with Karen, his first year lab assistant, and Kenny. At a Halloween party he meets Sofi, who mysteriously is wearing a mask. He photographs her eyes and they go into the washroom to have sex, but suddenly she leaves him.

Ian starts looking for Sofi. He buys a Powerball lottery on 11.11.06 at 11.11.11 am at 7 Eleven. He sees lots of 11s which leads him to a billboard which displays Sofi’s eyes. He eventually finds her in a subway train. He gets real close to Sofi and puts on some headphones on her and plays some music. They fall madly in love and romance but they have major differences in beliefs and spirituality. Sofi tells Ian not to be scared of the door to the other side. She asks him to go in and find out about spirituality but he is an enemy of superstition and “intelligent design”.

Ian moves into Sofi’s place. She shares precious photos of her grandma, her parents, a white peacock, and an Angel Statue at the Saint Anne Cemetery whose piercing eyes she describes as the proof of the Spirit World.

Meanwhile at the laboratory, Karen talks with Ian about the night of scientific discovery while lying on bed and you are the only person in the world who knows it’s true or the truth of something phenomenal [exactly how I feel when I first a new Afterlife Truth & Secret from Brenda).

Ian proposes to Sofi and they tried to get married but they were told to wait for 24 hours to get a marriage license. Karen calls Ian about a breakthrough research discovery based on a blind worm called Eisenia fetida. Both Ian and Sofi ends up in lab. Sofi was unimpressed with their ‘torturing worms’ and that it’s dangerous when you play God.

Sofi finds out that the blind worm has only 2 senses – smell and touch. She philosophizes that the worms can’t see light when we humans can see and knows that light exists. Therefore in a spiritual sense we can ‘see’ God or Light in the world even though we can’t physically see God.

[My comments: This sense is called The Seventh Sense which the non-physical sense of sensing God or Angels’ presence.]

Something happens… (no spoilers here)
7 years later Dr Ian has written a book on the evolution of the eye that he claims further debunks creationism. Ian and Karen are now married and Karen is pregnant. While the nurse is entering the baby’s iris scan, the program identifies the baby as a certain Paul Edgar Dairy, and then the name disappears.

A few months later, a Doctor Simmons calls and ask the parents to take the little baby for some test on possible autism but the test was clearly testing 2 sets of pictures. Both Ian and Karen got suspicious and starts to hypothesize that there is a memory connection between babies and dead people who has similar iris patterns. Kenny has access to the database and serendipitously he finds a perfect match with Sofi and a girl in Delhi, India.

Karen stumbles upon Ian reminiscing about Sofi and seeing Sofi’s past photos. He reveals that he didn’t had closure – he never got to say goodbye. Karen theorizes that the eyes are the window of the soul. She proposes Ian to find Sofi’s match in Delhi. Karen says this is bigger than you, me, or Sofi. She says that if she drops a phone a million times but if just one time it hovers in the air then it’s worth investigating.

Ian goes to Delhi. He meets Priya whose community center was where the matching iris scan originates. Priya recognizes the unique iris patterns and identifies Salomina. Priya challenges Ian by mentioning the Dalai Lama who commented that if there are scientific evidence that proves something is true, then he will change his beliefs.

Ian was in despair when he couldn’t find Salomina in the slums where there are millions of children in Delhi. He puts up a billboard with the pair of eyes-iris. Just when he is about to give up after spending much money and time he sees Salomina staring that the billboard. Both Ian and Karen had created a scientific test a set of 3 pictures from question A-Z.

They called the test name SALOMINA: S for Shut the door…. O for Open-minded… N for No way it’s true… A for Afterlife.




Part 2 Film Review of I Origins: SPOILER ALERT WARNING

The first 3 sets of pictures were correct.
Test A was Mentos, Test B was a white peacock, Test C was the Angel Statue at the cemetery.
Then Test D through I were all incorrect. Ian shows tests with pictures of Sofi’s ring, pendant. Test Yoga was picture of Sofi and Salomina test correct.

The A-Z results were 44% correct which is as good as random.
Karen asks Ian how does he FEEL.
He replies numbers don’t lie.
Karen repeats the question, Ian replies he feels foolish. The ‘stupid’ scientific tests failed.

But the biggest real Afterlife Test was just coming… (no spoilers here, go watch I Origins today).


Brenda & Robert Twin Souls Story Parallels with I Origins in these 8 areas:

●  Numbers 7 & 11 are Brenda’s Soul Numbers in Powerball & Mark Six Lottery numbers.
●  I’m a skeptic and doubting Thomas like Dr. Ian.
●  Brenda died suddenly from Crohn’s disease – without warning. Like Ian in the few days after she crossed over I felt I did not say goodbye as she was in coma. But my brother Dr Andrew reminded me then that she could still hear and she did feel my massage. And I did have closure on the day of cross-over.
●  I am not scared and I have ‘entered’ the door to the Other Side through my whisperings with Brenda.
●  I may or may not not use the Pictures Test A-Z with Choice of 3 things i.e. belongings, relatives, Sofi’s picture, things Sofi was passionate about when I meet Brenda in her new incarnation.
●  The ultimate test is Soul Connection, Soul Recognition, and Seventh Sensing the Soul of Brenda in the kid’s body.
●  Brenda and I have made a Soul Agreement on 24 August 2017 that Brenda will incarnate 5 years after she crossed over and we’ll naturally find each other when the new incarnation is around 2-4 years old.
●  The Revelations, Spiritual Discoveries, Proof and Secrets from The Afterlife with Brenda will change people’s perception of the life mysteries, religions, and people need to hear the hopeful messages.

32 months later, now I have only connected the dots that Brenda will incarnate 5 years after she crossed over around December 2018, and when she is around 2-4 years old (likely to be a little girl), and we’ll find each other naturally among over 7.5 billion humans. I always wanted my own baby daughter but I don’t want my own child at this senior age of mine… So it will be someone’s daughter… WHO

She is whispering unless it’s so impossible (like the irrefutable 7 & 11 Afterlife Sign Mark Six Computer-generated lottery numbers) I will not believe it’s true – we’ll find each other after 2020… click here


Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen
Published on 26 August 2017.
Updated on 2 October 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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What happens when a person dies?

Light at the end of the tunnel

When a person dies, the following 4 Scenarios can happen:
1. “Soul Hanging Around”:
The soul hangs around in spirit form until the official religious ritual
(e.g. funeral mass/ rites) is performed. Then the soul crossover first to the Spirit/Soul Universe BEFORE the soul reincarnates.

A soul usually “hangs around” for 7 days to 49 days or 7 weeks before the returns to the Soul Universe.

NOTE:  The soul cannot reincarnate without going first to the Soul Universe.

The soul may stay in the Soul Universe for a human split second to several human lifetimes before the soul is ready to reincarnate.

2. “Ghost”:
The soul is unsettled and not ready to crossover to the 6th or 7th Dimensions – it hangs around in the Ghost World, thw 5th Dimension.

This type of soul is commonly called “Ghost.” It may be sensed as an apparition, a certain color, a distinctive smell (floral, roses), a feeling (cold, warm),

3. “Rest In Peace”:
The soul crossover smoothly usually i.e. “The soul Rest In Peace”
. Then the soul wants to be a Guardian Angel to the soul’s loved ones still on Earth. Or the soul becomes an Angel who role is


No human activities in Heaven


The Dimensions: The Soul Universe (The 7th Dimension) is different from The Angelic Realm (The 6th Dimension) and Earth & Physical Universe (The 4th Dimension):

Q.  What is the Soul Universe?
A.  It is not a physical place. It is also called “The 7th Dimension”.
Absolutely NOTHING physical. All souls in the Soul Universe is in Egg/ Seed Stage, 

The Spirit/Soul Universe is non-physical realm of existence. There are many names for this: Paradise, Heaven, Nirvana, Moksha, Beforelife (before birth)

There are no human activities or Karma in the Soul Universe. Time can be humanly perceived there. Souls in Soul Universe have no human body – in Seed/Egg/ Soul Hibernation / in Limbo / in a non-physical ‘Soul’s Winter“)

Q.  Who are in the Soul Universe?
A.  Any soul not reincarnated stays in the Soul Universe.

Q.  Why the Soul Universe?
A.  The reason is the Soul must return to Soul Universe (The Beforelife) before reincarnating.

Q.  When does the Soul spend time in the Soul Universe?
A.   The time between a Soul crossing over to the Other Side and reincarnating into a body on Earth is spent in the Soul Universe.
There is a time limit for the Soul to stay in the Soul Universe – depending on the Souls

Q.  Where is the Soul Universe?
A.  It’s not here. It’s in kind of a parallel non-physical universe.

Q.  How does the soul travel to the Soul Universe?
A.  Through Astral Travelling, the soul without a human body can choose to be in only 2 Dimensions: 1) Soul Universe where there are no human activities   2) Angelic Realm where the soul takes on an angelic form which is non-physical, the Angelic Body can be “seen” through

The Sixth Sense: Paranormal Sensory Experiences & Intuition, Gut feel

●  Claircognizance (knowing)
It is one of the most doubted abilities by those who hold this intuitive gift, because it is often hard to discern between what is a claircognizant thought delivered from Spirit and what is a just a self thought, according to Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium.

●  Clairsentience (feeling or touching)

●  Clairvoyance (seeing)

●  Clairaudience: (hearing voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear)

●  Clairolfactus (smelling)

●  Clairgustance (tasting)

The Seventh Sense:  Beyond the Physical & 4D, 5D to 6D 7D Dimension
Sensing Guardian Angels, ArchAngels (ArchAngel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Auriel, Metatron), Holy Ghost (Catholicism), Deity Energy Entities (Kwan Yin), Religious Founder Souls (Buddha, Christ, ) & Ascended/ Enlightened Master Souls (Buddha


Bad News for Jihadists
Jihadists and Martyrs who believe that 72 Virgins will be waiting for them, I’m sorry to disappoint there is no sex, no drinking, no eating, no NOTHING – no human activities.

Why? Because if you need a human body to have human activities. And once you have human bodies, the human body will get sick, and die eventually.

The soul exist in what I call “the Seed/Egg stage” like a seed it contains all the souls’ DNA i.e. Karmic Accounts with itself, other souls, etc. When the seed is planted i.e. when the soul reincarnates then the soul’s Tree of Life grows. The soul takes a human body to play a role on Earth (called Dharma, or work ethics, earthly roles).

Q. Many people take solace that they will meet their departed loved one when they die, so do they get to meet the departed.
A. Not quite. Because by the time one crosses over, the loved one may have reincarnated. But there is some truth in that there was a karmic connection with that loved one so their paths may cross in a future lifetime.

Q. What is a Soul Agreement?
A Soul Agreement is a unique agreement between 2 or more souls – on a soul-to-soul level, not physical level. It’s “an agreement that is made in ‘Heaven’ so it is spiritually binding, not legally binding like man-made laws.”

The Soul Agreement can be about:
● Incarnating as one’s own child, best friend, or relative, business partner, activist.
● Fulfilling a broken promise or a new promise with each other’s soul.
Agreeing to choose a particular time and place for future incarnations.


FAQs on Death, Heaven, Ghosts:

Q. Should I let the Departed RIP, or should I contact them?

A. The truth is it is all about Whispering & communicating with an Eternal Soul who never dies. Although a Soul may be Resting In Peace as a ‘seed/ egg’ with no human experiences or activities, the Soul can go the Angelic Realm which exist parallel with Earth & the Universe. From ‘The Other Side’ they can be ‘guardian angels at will’ to guide their loved ones and send Afterlife Signs.

Q. Brenda’s interpretation of Heaven is not what most people imagine it to be?
A. Yes, most people imagine Heaven to have human activities but let’s think about it – if souls in Heaven have human bodies then they are subjected to physical laws of aging, hunger, and pain.

Q.  Does the Soul have Soul Memory?
A.  Soul Memory has the equivalent ‘Hard Disk’ and ‘Software’ in the form of:
“Birth mark

Fear of cars (from a car accident),
Watch this amazing film “I Origins” which explores this phenomena  click here

Conscious memory
Unconscious memory


Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda
Published on 8 September 2017.
Updated on 26 September 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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Facing Test of Faith #6 (on-going until death): The Attack of The Stones [Twin Souls Part 94]

Facing Test of Faith #6 (on-going until death): The Attack of The Stones
[Twin Souls Part 94]

So far I had no preparation time, no warning when the first 5 Tests of Faith hit me.
And I passed all the first 5 Tests of Faith.

This Test #6 is about the betrayal, attacks from cynics and detractors – ongoing until death.

Test 6. Cosmic baseball bat

I’ve already been betrayed thrice. But I see it as a necessary setting of past karma with my Twin Flames – those who are closely connected to the Twin Souls Mission, and a catalyst for self realization and humility. I called it “the cosmic baseball bat” or “the cosmic fool’s joke is on me“.

Actually detractors are a good sign that you are on the right path. When you become a public figure there will always be fans and haters. And the the internet age, everyone can be a keyboard warrior or troll with or without a cause.

I think this Test #6 will accelerate as time goes on – as more and more people hear about my Afterlife Channel, Afterlife eBooks,, and YouTube videos.

This test is an ongoing test as more and more people read about my posts. I intend to write a book with all these documented material and hopefully publish this year in 2016.
(updated: I have already written 93 Parts of my first Afterlife eBook, and now writing my second Afterlife eBook.)

“No prophet is accepted in his own country.”
I’m not scared of this Test #6, as I’m well aware that there will always be cynics, skeptics, and detractors. They can attack me or even  kill me physically but they can’t kill my soul. Like a holy book said “no prophet is accepted in his own country.”

Test 6. Shot angel

In any case if anyone attacks, cheat, or hurt a Twin Soul, the return of bad Karma is 10,000 fold punishment.

Obi-Wan-Kenobi copy




I had déjà vu of my past reincarnations with Brenda as Twin Souls when we or one of us were tortured for our faith, betrayed, ostracized. As the key mission of Twin Souls is to light to the parts of the world in darkness.

Test 5. Walking in dessert

Walking through the Valley of The Shadow of Death

I had walked the valley of the shadow of death many times in past lives, and in this life.
I fear no evil.
Brenda was always on my side as my Twin Soul.
I’m protected by the Angel of Truth and Angel of Unconditional Love.


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen


Written on 25 February 2016.
Published on 20 August 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©
Youtube: Afterlife Channel

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To be continued… Test #7 Believing in the Angelic Twin & Living the Call of the Twin Souls Mission