Significance of The 15 Days of Chinese New Year Poster Series by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Significance of The 15 Days of Chinese New Year Poster Series
by Whisperer Robert Chaen

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Customs & Meaning of 15 Days of CNY - Big Headline, full color


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Published on 20 February 2018.
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They Can’t Silence Us All Poem

They Can’t Silence Us All Poem
It’s time to make our stand in life

They can’t kill us all.
They can’t jail us all.
They can’t sue us all.
They can’t buy us all.
They can’t fool us all.
They can’t rape us all.
They can’t hurt us all.
They can’t bully us all.
They can’t scare us all.
They can’t lie to us all.
They can’t cheat us all.
They can’t break us all.
They can’t frame us all.
They can’t attack us all.
They can’t punish us all.
They can’t control us all.
They can’t destroy us all.
They can’t weaken us all.
They can’t terrorize us all.
They can’t impoverish us all.
~ Poem by Robert Chaen ~



College can be too idealistic and doesn’t prepare one for the REAL world

Michelle Obama talked frankly about PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS and personal growth in her last commencement speech as the First Lady.

“Because they are ill-equipped to handle their first encounter with disappointment or falling short. Life will put many obstacles in your path that are far worse than a bad grade. You’ll have unreasonable bosses, difficult clients, and patients. You’ll experience illnesses and losses, crises and setbacks, that will come out of nowhere and knock you off your feet.”
~ Michelle Obama

Watch Michelle Obama video >

College can be too idealistic and doesn’t prepare one for the REAL world: the disappointments, office politics, power play backstabbing, betrayals, relationship-family-marriage problems, trauma, death in the family, disillusionment in your faith and leaders you trusted.

Personal effectiveness is about unravelling your 90% ICEBERG. Your iceberg is your PSYCHE, the hidden side of your mind, heart, soul, and spirit in contrast with your body, the physical side of you. The iceberg includes your dark side and light side.

Big image

Personal effectiveness is about dealing with your DARK SIDE. Your dark or negative side includes your hang-ups, deep-rooted fears, limiting beliefs, temptations, hurts, over-sensitivities, panic buttons, insecurities, regrets, worries, anxieties, depression, anger, mood swings, addictions, breakdowns, stress, crises, trauma, and your EVIL side.

Personal effectiveness is about self-actualizing your LIGHT SIDE. Your light or positive side includes your latent talents, potentialities, skills, drive, what makes you tick, vision, mission, core values, fulfilment, and finding your purpose and meaning in life.

Personal effectiveness is about building the 6 pillars of SELF-ESTEEM: awareness, accountability-ownership, acceptance, assertiveness, integrity, and living purposefully.

Personal effectiveness is about climbing your EVEREST. Your Everest is your life goals, passion, achievements, fulfilment, and the legacy you leave behind when you are gone.

Personal effectiveness means in order to achieve the highest goals you want through EVEREST CLIMBING, the more you need to go to the very depths of DEEP-SEA or ICEBERG DIVING. This means TRANSFORMING your dark side to the light side, shifting your paradigm from negative to positive, moving from victimhood and blaming others (“why me, they did this to me, everyone is out to get me”) to OWNERSHIP, and being 100% responsible for your life and all the CHOICES you make.

Big image

NO ONE is coming to rescue you!
God helps those who HELP themselves first.
You cannot achieve your highest goals in life without first going to the very depths of your self.

Personal effectiveness is about MINDSET CHANGES, leadership, soft skills, inter-personal and communications skills, transforming your thoughts, words, actions, mindset, attitudes, and behaviors – all of which can lead to culture changes in organizations and CSR (corporate social responsibility) in societies.

You cannot discover your “BLIND SPOTS” through reading books, and education. Because blind spots are aspects of “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Blind spots are not likely to be revealed by your friends because they don’t want to offend you
You are most likely to discover your blind spots brutally from your enemies.

Where do you find clues to your blind spots?
If an incident is small but your reaction is very strong or BIG, this is a clue to your blind spots and deep-rooted suppressed life issues. If an incident is huge but your reaction is TINY, then you could be numb or in denial of the TRUTH. These are good places to start your self-discovery…

Or you can go on an ODYSSEY, an epic life journey to “places” you have never been before – places in your heart, mind, spirit, your dark & light side. You can drastically shorten your life’s learning curve by joining a private group who will journey with you.

This Metamorphosis Journey is called “PAPILLON Personal Effectiveness PowerCamp”. Papillon means butterfly in French. Live a great life of FULFILLMENT.

Papillon will prepare you for real world, the 8 LIFE AREAS: self, family, relationships, health, wealth, social, spirituality, and career.

91% of participants feel that Papillon is one of their life’s very rewarding experiences.


Published on Monday 13 June 2016


A Tale of 2 Sisters – Lubna & Loona Ali

A Tale of 2 Sisters – Lubna & Loona Ali
Why 2 siblings can be so different?
The elder Lubna feels she must behave prim and proper in public while the younger Loona (5 years difference at 20 years old) just does what she wants.

About Maldives
Lubna our ChangeU intern (Taylor’s) from Maldives shares that Maldives is very conservative and ultra Islamic liken to a small village mentality where villagers have nothing better to do but gossip about the latest community scandal, who is cheating who, shotgun marriages, eloping, neighbor fights, political intrigue, holy than thou public comments, and back stabbing.

Loona who is Interior Design student and helping us with graphic design of flyers, presentations. She just keeps her life private from prying eyes and is sensible not to allow what other people think of her get to her.

So who is limiting you?
Your society you live in, your work environment or corporate culture, your gender, your religion or religious police, friends and relatives, your helicopter parents – or your own limiting beliefs. Btw, “helicopter parents” are those who micro-manage and control every movement of their grown-up children.

Freedom as an Adult of 21 years and above
You have many human rights as an adult  – the freedom to choose your life, lifestyle, diet, life and business partners, friends, faith, and fun. You should not depend on your life partner, parents, company, religious institution, or government for all the choices you make in your life.


Published on 19 March 2016.
Updated on 20 March 2016 (7:00 am)
Wizard’s Wisdom© by Robert “Wizard” Chaen


Some Politicians and Salespersons promise the sky but will deliver MUD in the end!

Some Politicians and Salespersons promise the sky but will deliver MUD in the end!

“Some politicians and salespersons are alike.
Some of them will promise you the heaven
and the sky before elections or the deal.
But they’ll deliver MUD in the end.”
~ Robert “Wizard” Chaen

Don’t be fooled by the sweet talk of slick salespersons and politicians, and their insincere deal sweeteners and cheap pre-election handouts!

These unscrupulous con-men will sell off their mother to get the “new deal”.

Remember M.U.D. means Money-promises Under Delivered!

Published on 13 March 2016.
Updated in 14 March 2016 (8:03am)


Identifying Your very tough periods in your life as Karmic Life Lessons that you must pay. [Twin Souls Part 73]

karma 4.jpg

Identifying Your very tough periods in your life as Karmic Life Lessons that you must pay. [Twin Souls Part 73]


5 Deadly Terms used by women

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

This is especially applicable to people who take you for granted, who use you, who abuse you, who crossed the line, and who are ungrateful.

Why be so cruel you ask?

Actually you are being “kind”, by having the courage to be the first friend to offer them a chance for not hurting others. In any case they are totally blind and deaf to your words of wisdom. Try as you may to prevent them from falling but fall they will! It’s their choice to fall, or rise.

karma 3.jpg

Life lessons are such that they must be learnt the hard way, there are no shortcuts. One must pay one’s karmic debt one way or another.

karma 1.jpg


Reflect back on the very tough periods in your life (it could be a “return of your past Bad Karmic punishment”).
Here is a list for reflection:
● when you were very poor, hungry, when you can’t pay your rent.
● when you suffered any forms of financial set back (business closure, business partner cheating, loss from a monetary con-job, corruption backfiring).
● loss of possessions.
● accidents, injuries
● sufferings (note: not all sufferings are karmic settlements)
● long-term illnesses
● facing tough politics, being controlled/suppressed by a boss, team conflicts

● being controlled by an authority figure, spouse, boyfriend/ girlfriend, parents, ruthless boss.
● any jail time (whether guilty or framed), court punishment.
● divorce settlement, legal fines.
● health problems, mental suffering, grieving from death of loved ones.
● when you had huge fights or very intense relationships (you are likely settling “Karmic Relationships” with a specific individual).
● when you were betrayed by someone really close (you may have owed this person in some past lives).

● when you lived a very strict disciplined life, tough military life (you may be paying for your past violent acts), vegetarian diet (it may be a sign that you abused animals in the past, or you saw animal sufferings and made some life choices).

Read my Karma Love Story and how I had to pay 10 years of my youth by living an extremely austere, hard disciplined, celibate life, no sex, wake up for 4am meditation, strict vegetarian.

These very tough periods can be your periods of the Return of Bad Karma you did in the past. These situations when “you hit rock bottom” are actually God’s gifts to you. The Universe opened some Life Lessons for you to master.

karma 2 - heart broken.jpg

Read the extended article on The 25 Big Karmic Debts [Twin Souls Part 74] >


From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

whispering baby

Published on 12 March 2016.
Updated on 20 March 2016 (12:48am)

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The Secret – what they don’t teach you  in the bestseller
The Laws of Attraction mentioned in THE SECRET will not work if you have not settled your 3 Big Karmic Debts.

The moment you identified your 3 Big Karmic Debts, you’ll feel relieved and feel a significant release of karmic burden. Your life will progressively get easier, be less painful, and you’ll attract incredible abundance in all life areas.

Settling your Big Karmic Debts will be your biggest break you’ve been waiting your whole life.

Contact me if you feel the deep urge to settle your 3 Big Karmic Debts – through Soul Karma Healing.


No Coffee, No CEOffee!

No Coffee,
No CEOffee!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch!
There’s no free coffee!
Pay me my CEO consultant fee,
and you’ll see Wizard’s Wisdom flow thru me…


Wizard’s signature trigger-finger coffee mug CEO pose…
Bang! Bang! My truth is right on target!
X marks the spot.