Angel Lightberators

Tagline: Help where prayers can’t!
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Angel Lightberators Aka “Angelus Lux Liberatores”, are the new generation of lightworkers which primary role is to bring light and liberty to all sentient beings. Other roles include: liberation from The 22 Human Conditioning, karmic debts, financial, legal, social, racial and religious restrictions, offering “Angelic Projections” as Guardian Angels, instead of just prayers, which provides protection, blessings from Angels.
The 7 Principles Of Lightberators
1. The Principle Of Angelic Projection
Project to The Eighth Dimension of The Multiverse or 8D, and follow Angels where help, guidance, and blessings are needed.

2. The Principle Of Mindful Listening
(Confession & Suicide Hotline)

3. The Principle Of Liberation

4. The Principle Of Enlightenment
(aka Prajna, Light over Darkness)

5. The Principle Of Saving Lost Souls.
A Lost Soul is one who has lost his/her life direction, purpose, and meaning of living.

6. The Principle Of Spiri-Sexuality
Seeing the Soul, not the body.

7. The Principle Of Crossover
Crossover is when the Soul completes the Crossover Process of Death to Pass Purgatory (5D), to either The Angelic Realm (8D) or Nirvana (9D) to RIP.
If the Soul does not successfully complete the Crossover Process, it can go The Ghost Realm (6D) or The Darkness (7D).