The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Ghost World, Purgatory, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Limbo, Ghost World, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

2D / The Second Dimension
= Width and height

3D / The Third Dimension
= Width, height and depth (Space)

4D / The Fourth Dimension
= Space + Time = The ‘Known’ Physical Universe;

5D / The Fifth Dimension
= The 5th Dimension has 2 Worlds: Ghost World and Purgatory, Limbo (before going to Soul Universe).

Normally a person dies, the Soul goes from 4D to 6D-7D, and reincarnate.
There are 2 situations where the Soul is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D:
5.1)  Ghost World: A Ghost is a Soul that is very unsettled (e.g. gone through a suicide, violent death, fatal accident, murder), and is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D, so the soul hangs around in the Ghost World, the 5th Dimension.
Sometimes the Soul wants to say goodbye and hangs around (a few hours to a few years).

5.2)  Purgatory/ Hell: the Soul has too much bad Karma to settle in the next lifetimes (for example the human body has a limit to how much it can suffer bodily, mentally, emotionally, spiritually in one lifetime), the Soul may settle its bad Karma through all 5 subtle-angelic senses e.g. “seeing-hearing-feeling-smelling-tasting” through its subtle-angelic body (not a physical body) its bad deeds, sufferings.

This is the “Hell”, “Ghost World”, Inferno”, “Dante” that people refer to.
The Chinese refer to the 12 Levels of Hell, where a soul is tortured with the related crime e.g. lying will have their tongues cut, etc. The Chinese version of Hell is extremely dark, their belief in ghosts is very dark. Chinese even have one lunar month called “The Ghost Festival”.

That’s why Ghosts like Humans may emit bad ordors, uneasy feelings, fleeting images, eerie creepy sounds, bad taste in the tongue – which may be able to be “6th Sensed” by humans.

But these subtle sufferings are never like depicted in holy books i.e. “the eternal fires of Hell”. There is NO fires, cold, drowning, or any physical punishments in Limbo 5D.

We all know the human body can only stand the pain of fire for only less than 1 minute after that the human body will go into shock and faint. So the concept of an eternal fire that can torture a human is impossible, as the body dies and doesn’t feel a thing.

6D / The Sixth Dimension
= “The Afterlife”, Angelic Realm where Guardian Angels, ArchAngels stay, Messengers-Visitations-Afterlife Signs-Premonitions from your Crossed-over Loved Ones; Angelic activities; The Astral Plane, Paranormal Space
This is the “paradise”, “Heaven” which most people refer to.

7D / The Seventh Dimension
= “The Beforelife” (before a soul reincarnate), Soul Universe, Nirvana (state of nothingness), Moksha;
There is NO HUMAN ACTIVITY and NO KARMA in Soul Universe.

Q. What is the meaning of Crossed-over or RIP (Rest In Peace)
A. RIP is about a soul left the body from 4d to 6D or 7D, so the Soul may transition (not ‘move’ as it is not physical) between 6D & 7D, between The Afterlife and The Beforelife aka Soul Universe.

Q.  Where does Karma happens?
A. Return of Karma only exists when the soul is in a human body – in various forms of suffering, pain, hunger, poverty, heartaches, sorrow, regret, guilt, bitterness, loneliness, stress, etc.
The Return of Karma also exists in the 5th Dimension (in the form of “Hell”).
Karma does not exist in the 6th & 7th Dimensions.


7 Dimensions of The Universe


FAQs on The 7 Dimensions of the Universe

Q1.  Where is God in the 7 Dimensions?

A1.  Everywhere (omnipresent) or nowhere – as God is NOT limited or controlled by the 7 Dimensions: Space & Time (4D), Limbo-Ghost-Hell (5D), Angelic Realm-The Afterlife (6D), or Soul Universe-The Beforelife-Nirvana (7D)

Q2.  What are Channeled Spirits?
A2.  There are 4 Types of Channeled Spirits: 
1)  Good and Bad Possessing Ghosts: an unsettled Soul who has not yet crossed-over to 6D & 7D, but the Soul is not humanly aware of the Soul’s predicament. Just like there are good, bad, ugly & beautiful humans, there are good and bad ghosts. Some Ghosts try to possess the body of another soul. At rare times that a body can attract a multiple of Possessing Ghosts

2)  Channeled Good Entity or Angel
Example 1:  Angel Moroni enters Joseph Smith who established the Mormons and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

3)  Channeled Fallen Angels Satan or Lucifer or Fallen Twin Souls
A fallen Angel or Twin Soul have gone from Light to Darkness.
Fallen Angels and Twin Souls have very important and specific roles to play such as:
● establish a Cult / New Religion.
● Fallen Angels and Fallen Twin Souls create a massive Religious Big Karmic Debt that affects especially regular teachers and students. The usually cult isolation from student’s family and friends, strict Discipline, religious policing, brainwashing, mind control, and harsh Lifestyle can be viewed as a form of punishment for return of bad karma of followers.  click here to read about 27 Big Karmic Debts and identity your Top 3 Big Karmic Debts
Example 1 of  Fallen Twin Souls: Founder Soul Shiva Baba who claims he is the supreme soul incarnates in the body of Brahma Baba and founded Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation around 1936. In 1969 when Brahma Baba died, the Fallen Twin Souls Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba became the combined form of BapDada who then enters their second Chariot called Dadi Gulzar.  click more about The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult
Example 2:  A fallen angel is influencing Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi who changed from a shy, unimpressive, and a religious scholar into the Leader of ISIS. His followers are paying their own very heavy Big Karmic Debt through joining ISIS.

4)  ALL Religious Founders have Twin or Triple Souls
Example 1: The Founder Soul (Buddha) enters the body of Prince Siddhārtha (Gautama).
Example 2: The Founder Soul (Christ, aka “God The Father) and an Angelic Soul (God The Holy Ghost), enters the Body of Jesus (“God The Son)

Read What happens when a person dies:  click here




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By Robrenda, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Love Angel Brenda)

Published on 25 September 2017.
Updated on 15 October 2017.

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What happens when a person dies?

Light at the end of the tunnel

When a person dies, the following 4 Scenarios can happen:
1. “Soul Hanging Around”:
The soul hangs around in spirit form until the official religious ritual
(e.g. funeral mass/ rites) is performed. Then the soul crossover first to the Spirit/Soul Universe BEFORE the soul reincarnates.

A soul usually “hangs around” for 7 days to 49 days or 7 weeks before the returns to the Soul Universe.

NOTE:  The soul cannot reincarnate without going first to the Soul Universe.

The soul may stay in the Soul Universe for a human split second to several human lifetimes before the soul is ready to reincarnate.

2. “Ghost”:
The soul is unsettled and not ready to crossover to the 6th or 7th Dimensions – it hangs around in the Ghost World, thw 5th Dimension.

This type of soul is commonly called “Ghost.” It may be sensed as an apparition, a certain color, a distinctive smell (floral, roses), a feeling (cold, warm),

3. “Rest In Peace”:
The soul crossover smoothly usually i.e. “The soul Rest In Peace”
. Then the soul wants to be a Guardian Angel to the soul’s loved ones still on Earth. Or the soul becomes an Angel who role is


No human activities in Heaven


The Dimensions: The Soul Universe (The 7th Dimension) is different from The Angelic Realm (The 6th Dimension) and Earth & Physical Universe (The 4th Dimension):

Q.  What is the Soul Universe?
A.  It is not a physical place. It is also called “The 7th Dimension”.
Absolutely NOTHING physical. All souls in the Soul Universe is in Egg/ Seed Stage, 

The Spirit/Soul Universe is non-physical realm of existence. There are many names for this: Paradise, Heaven, Nirvana, Moksha, Beforelife (before birth)

There are no human activities or Karma in the Soul Universe. Time can be humanly perceived there. Souls in Soul Universe have no human body – in Seed/Egg/ Soul Hibernation / in Limbo / in a non-physical ‘Soul’s Winter“)

Q.  Who are in the Soul Universe?
A.  Any soul not reincarnated stays in the Soul Universe.

Q.  Why the Soul Universe?
A.  The reason is the Soul must return to Soul Universe (The Beforelife) before reincarnating.

Q.  When does the Soul spend time in the Soul Universe?
A.   The time between a Soul crossing over to the Other Side and reincarnating into a body on Earth is spent in the Soul Universe.
There is a time limit for the Soul to stay in the Soul Universe – depending on the Souls

Q.  Where is the Soul Universe?
A.  It’s not here. It’s in kind of a parallel non-physical universe.

Q.  How does the soul travel to the Soul Universe?
A.  Through Astral Travelling, the soul without a human body can choose to be in only 2 Dimensions: 1) Soul Universe where there are no human activities   2) Angelic Realm where the soul takes on an angelic form which is non-physical, the Angelic Body can be “seen” through

The Sixth Sense: Paranormal Sensory Experiences & Intuition, Gut feel

●  Claircognizance (knowing)
It is one of the most doubted abilities by those who hold this intuitive gift, because it is often hard to discern between what is a claircognizant thought delivered from Spirit and what is a just a self thought, according to Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium.

●  Clairsentience (feeling or touching)

●  Clairvoyance (seeing)

●  Clairaudience: (hearing voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear)

●  Clairolfactus (smelling)

●  Clairgustance (tasting)

The Seventh Sense:  Beyond the Physical & 4D, 5D to 6D 7D Dimension
Sensing Guardian Angels, ArchAngels (ArchAngel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Auriel, Metatron), Holy Ghost (Catholicism), Deity Energy Entities (Kwan Yin), Religious Founder Souls (Buddha, Christ, ) & Ascended/ Enlightened Master Souls (Buddha


Bad News for Jihadists
Jihadists and Martyrs who believe that 72 Virgins will be waiting for them, I’m sorry to disappoint there is no sex, no drinking, no eating, no NOTHING – no human activities.

Why? Because if you need a human body to have human activities. And once you have human bodies, the human body will get sick, and die eventually.

The soul exist in what I call “the Seed/Egg stage” like a seed it contains all the souls’ DNA i.e. Karmic Accounts with itself, other souls, etc. When the seed is planted i.e. when the soul reincarnates then the soul’s Tree of Life grows. The soul takes a human body to play a role on Earth (called Dharma, or work ethics, earthly roles).

Q. Many people take solace that they will meet their departed loved one when they die, so do they get to meet the departed.
A. Not quite. Because by the time one crosses over, the loved one may have reincarnated. But there is some truth in that there was a karmic connection with that loved one so their paths may cross in a future lifetime.

Q. What is a Soul Agreement?
A Soul Agreement is a unique agreement between 2 or more souls – on a soul-to-soul level, not physical level. It’s “an agreement that is made in ‘Heaven’ so it is spiritually binding, not legally binding like man-made laws.”

The Soul Agreement can be about:
● Incarnating as one’s own child, best friend, or relative, business partner, activist.
● Fulfilling a broken promise or a new promise with each other’s soul.
Agreeing to choose a particular time and place for future incarnations.


FAQs on Death, Heaven, Ghosts:

Q. Should I let the Departed RIP, or should I contact them?

A. The truth is it is all about Whispering & communicating with an Eternal Soul who never dies. Although a Soul may be Resting In Peace as a ‘seed/ egg’ with no human experiences or activities, the Soul can go the Angelic Realm which exist parallel with Earth & the Universe. From ‘The Other Side’ they can be ‘guardian angels at will’ to guide their loved ones and send Afterlife Signs.

Q. Brenda’s interpretation of Heaven is not what most people imagine it to be?
A. Yes, most people imagine Heaven to have human activities but let’s think about it – if souls in Heaven have human bodies then they are subjected to physical laws of aging, hunger, and pain.

Q.  Does the Soul have Soul Memory?
A.  Soul Memory has the equivalent ‘Hard Disk’ and ‘Software’ in the form of:
“Birth mark

Fear of cars (from a car accident),
Watch this amazing film “I Origins” which explores this phenomena  click here

Conscious memory
Unconscious memory


Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda
Published on 8 September 2017.
Updated on 26 September 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101? [Twin Souls Part 91]

Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101?
[Twin Souls Part 91]

The Soul, your soul by itself has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma.

Therefore, you can’t even describe the soul as smaller than the tiniest known physical substance, “Quarks”.

“The Soul is beyond humans’ understanding or imagination, yet the soul is the easiest to comprehend when you let go of religious or common cultural beliefs.”

The Soul is in the “egg-seed” stage of nothingness. Some call it “nirvana, moksha, mukti” i.e. free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. As such the soul does not need or have any physical place to stay  i.e. a “soul world”, or a non-physical place like “Heaven”.

Many people mistake Heaven as the place for souls to rest in peace when they pass away from their physical bodies. John Lennon was very close, he saw something when he sang…

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us”
(“Imagine” lyrics by John Lennon)

Because… there’s no Heaven or Hell.
Heaven and Hell is a human invention, understanding and interpretation.

No human activities in Heaven

The Soul in the egg stage experiences nothing because the Soul needs a physical body or a “subtle body” to experience. Therefore, the Soul in egg stage has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma. No human activities, no sex, no eating, no talking, no sickness, no birth, no death, no war, no age, no heaven, no hell, no religion, no god…

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too.
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…”
(“Imagine” lyrics by John Lennon)

The Soul stay in the egg stage until the Soul’s “Karmic Clock” send it to a physical body where the Soul experiences physical dimensions, 5 senses, all human activities, and Karma (the return of good and bad Karma from all past lives).

When the body dies, the Soul goes back to egg-seed stage. When the Soul’s Karmic clock sends it to next body, the cycle continues.

Related image

I hope this answers the eternal question:
Q. Did the chicken or egg come first?

The Soul can be connected to “non-physical subtle, angelic bodies” such as a “Guardian Angel” (, “ArchAngels” (like Gabriel), ghosts (souls who had not Rest In Peace, who have not crossed over to egg stage), religious founders (Christ, Muhammad, Buddha), deities  (Kwan Yin, Krishna, Pele), animals, insects, inanimate objects  – regardless of the Soul is in egg stage or in a physical body.

From a human’s perspective, the “Guardian Angel” is one who helps, guides, protects, and conducts “divine interventions”.

From an Angelic perspective, there are no physical limits. An Angel can use any human, stranger, animal, insect, nature, inanimate object, music, car, super computers, etc. to send the message across, or carry out a divine intervention.

Humans have always tried to manipulate science, nature, animals, insects, genes, finance, history, media, politics, Karma (i.e. good deeds), and God for their selfish desires.

But humans cannot manipulate Karma, Fate, Destiny, and Predestination. Not quite.

But Karma is not God.

Karma is the seasonal collective return of good and bad actions of an individual, and all humans, nature, and living creatures at a particular time.

God and Religions are like Heaven & Hell which are a human invention, understanding and interpretation.

God is an eternal Earth’s human need to search for truth, unconditional love, compassion, hope, purpose, meaning in life, and other human values.

Humans created and worshipped God (in all names and forms), deities, religions, faith, filial piety, Super-Heroes & Villains, demi-gods, kings, prime ministers, celebrities, bosses, greed & the 7 Deadly Sins, possessions, and money is the “new God”…
Such is human behavior throughout its rather short history and the future.

God “exists” in the minds, hearts, and consciousness of humans. God consciousness does not exist with Earth’s animals, cats, dogs, and all life creatures.

Nature, Living Creatures, Humans, Earth, and Karma have a life of its own.

Image result for yin yang

Both The Devil (our Dark Side) and The Angel (our Light Side) exists symbolically within, in that we are constantly struggling with our conscience, negativity and positivity, the Yin-Yang of conscience.

A long time ago, in galaxies far far away… in Alien lifeforms, Alien consciousness and communications are uniquely different in each of the countless galaxies. Therefore, the Star Wars version of a Universe where most aliens speak English and had similar beliefs of The Force and The Dark Side simply does NOT exist…
Or… The Force and The Dark Side does exist…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen


Published on 12 March 2017.
Updated in 31 August 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©
Youtube: Afterlife Channel

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IS HEAVEN HALAL?” [WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire] [Twin Souls Part 90]

[WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire]
[Twin Souls Part 90]

If you have no sense of humor or a religious bigot, please don’t read pass this! (second warning, your faith will be forever shaken haha).

If 3/4 of the Earthlings found out that Heaven is actually Halal, I think half will rather go to HELL.

Q. What IF you found out that Heaven is NON-Halal, will it be your biggest upset of all time and you refuse to go to Heaven (just saying)?”

Q. WHAT IF as a dead Jihadist, you found out that the 72 Virgins waiting in Heaven are non-halal Christians?
Is it the same 72 Eternal Virgins as promised by a Holy Book (it implies the oldest profession is in Heaven). Is there an expiry date for any of these ageless Virgins?
Is there any way a Jihadist can check if she is still a Virgin? What is she is frigid?
If the Jihadist was a female, who are these 72 Male Virgins (what is his race, religion, age; or is there no such heavenly reward as a female jihadist?)
What IF the Jihadist was gay, and wanted…
What if you didn’t like any of the Virgins?
There is no guarantee that the 72 Virgins are beautiful, is there?
What if all the Virgins are on annual leave, and you are left with some sex toys…
Who in Heaven selected the 72 Willing Virgins, anyways?
Do these Virgins have a choice, or it’s God’s Will? Bismillah.

We really should wonder about such thoughts, especially if you are a religious fanatic.

This is a FACT: more than 99% people (as many as there are humans that many Religions there are on Earth) will be very upset or wrong when they get to Heaven. Unless… ALL Religions are somewhat WRONG. 

Maybe, just maybe in The Secret Afterlife… there are NO HUMAN EXPERIENCES…
no sex, no virgins, no eating, no sickness, no jobs, no war, no death, no birth, no aging, no iPhone, no cars, no cigarettes, no food, no water, no internet, no money, no power, no corruption, no Karma, no punishment, no 10 Commandments, no human rewards, no wars, no politics, no police, no courts, no human sounds, no human sight, no music, no DJ/VJ, no gravity, no movement, no travelling, no weather, no natural or human disasters, no suffering, no time, no measurement, no ghosts, no angels…
no God as humans commonly understand, no race, no Heaven…

no Hell below us, no religion too (John Lennon knew something)…

NOTHINGNESS & Oneness connection with all life, planets, alien life forms
because we don’t have a HUMAN BODY to experience Human Experiences in the secret Afterlife

In the Afterlife, you are in Seed stage waiting for your Reincarnation according to your Soul’s total Karma.

Think about it.


From Twin Souls Whispering between The Love Angel Brenda & Whisperer Robert Chaen. The Love Angel Brenda has been soul whispering to Robert 25 minutes before she crossed-over on 23 December 2013.

Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda

Published on 12 February 2017.
Updated on 8 April 2017.

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Touching by a Guardian Angel? Are there any Human Activities or Religions in the Afterlife World? [Twin Souls Part 65]

Touching by a Guardian Angel? Are there any Human Activities or Religions in the Afterlife World?
[Twin Souls Part 65]

Deep Questions about what do Souls do or don’t do in the Afterlife. The amazing truthful answers from an Angel from the Other Side…
through the Twin Souls Whisperer…
(some things will really surprise you)

Guardian Angels and God do not have any religion. Why?
Simply it’s because when  a human crosses over, the soul leaves the human body behind. The soul then is no longer bound by any human or physical universal laws such as illness, death, hunger, and religious laws.

Souls, Angels, and God do not have a human body in the Spirit World. This universal truth has countless yet simple implications. Key implications are:
● Souls have no gender, race, religion, or karma.
● Karma and the return of good or band karma only happens on Earth – either in the present lifetime or future reincarnations.
The return of Karma does not happen in the commonly held mythological belief of Heaven (reward) & Hell (punishment).
● There are no human activities or religions in the Afterlife Spirit World .
● Souls and angels have no human emotions that we can understand. 
● Humans cannot physically see, hear, smell, taste, or touch Souls, Angels, or God. (They sense them through their 6th Sense of Intuition and 7th Sense of Spirituality, see below).

There are no human activities or religions in the Afterlife Spirit World – no sex, no eating, no partying, no worshiping, no sickness, no suffering, no pain, no pleasure, no hunger  – NO human activities, period. The soul is just resting in a peaceful “seed” state. Some called “Nirvana“, “Moksha“, or “Heaven”. That’s why the phrase “RIP, Rest in Peace”. I hope it makes sense to you as this wisdom is hardly known at all, or there are many confusing and contradicting ancient and new age interpretations about the Afterlife.

For example there are no sex with 72 virgins as a karmic reward for jihadists and terrorists, I’m sorry to disappoint potential suicide bombers out there. In fact, be warned that the return of bad karma for killing in the name of God is 10,000 fold karmic punishment. Read more about the 50 Shades of Karma.

However, the soul can choose to be a guardian angel, or if it’s in the soul’s Karma (fate & destiny), the soul can take on an “Angelic Form”. This angelic form has a non-physical “angelic body of light” for the soul to protect and give cautionary premonitions to the soul’s loved ones.


This body of light is needed as humans cannot see souls or God. Humans can only sense angelic apparitions, or visions of angels. This is also called the Seventh Sense of Spirituality”

Humans in their very limited human consciousness will interpret these afterlife signs and visits according to their human understanding and it is usually heavily influenced and filtered by religious beliefs. Therefore, the angelic form maybe seen to have gender, race, religion when there are NO HUMAN FORMS for all guardian angels, departed ones, and God.

Published on 21 February 2016.
From Wizard Chaen’s Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda.
Updated on 23 February 2016.

#Seventh Sense