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My first career was a Copywriter (Copy) days where I worked with my Art Director (Art Direction) as a Pair Creative Team in J. Walter Thompson advertising and Leo Burnett Hong Kong. All creative work are approved by the Creative Director.

William Bernbach was co-founder of international advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB). He was credited as a major force behind the Creative Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. His work often was characterized by simplicity. He also is credited with being the first to combine copywriters and art directors into two-person teams, a model that still exists in advertising agencies today. They previously had been in separate departments.

But since I began writing my blog around 2011, my writings do not have any Editor to critique. Therefore, all copy are self-edited and self-censored by myself. This means I can be super prolific and can write and publish one to five articles a day. Nothing is more satisfying and fulfilling than seeing my writing published in a very short time as opposed to the much longer process of editing and publishing in a professional media news.

Switching from a Hans Solo Writer to Leading a Jedi Investigative Journalism Team

Working with a professional Investigative Journalism Team is more challenging but the synergy is more than worthwhile. When working with a team there are bound to be conflicts, arguments, expectations unmet because of: • Personality-Orientated Style clashes  • leadership style   • pace  • patterns  • hidden Personality Disorders

Written: Robert Chaen

Published: 11th March 2020.



Switching from a Hans Solo Writer to Leading a Jedi Investigative Journalism Team