Hi, I am a freelance scam and cult alert Investigative Journalist under the #RobrenReview handle who had previously been sued for RM8M for alleged defamation but was settled in Shah Alam High court without a lawyer and not paying a cent.

I’ve done my due diligence and my assessment is “Peng Joon is legit”.

Peng Joon’s Story

He has transformed himself from a shy, nerdy gaming guy to what he is now – speaking at world stages. He shared how he was the bottom 3 who got shouted at by his trainer in the Making Your Stage event in Phuket years ago. From the bad response of not a single person signing up for his future course during his first preview talk with Success Resources, he thought he was not born to be a speaker.

Richard Tan, the founder of Success Resources, pulled him aside and shared privately ”Hey, I’ve seen average speakers come and go. This is when the average person will quit!” But something in Peng Joon awakened when he spontaneously declared to Richard, ”I am not an average person!” And the rest was history.

I can personally relate to that. Many years ago, my first public corporate workshop in Hong Kong was a disaster. I offered a Money-Back Guarantee and two American attendees privately asked for their money back. It devastated me.

Unlike Peng Joon, I did quit for one year because of massive fears of rejection. I was like a pariah dog with its tail between its legs, for a long time I did not have the courage to give a talk. It was a typhoon in a teacup. I had the negative belief that Westerners and Whites will not accept this inferior chinaman. 

When I first arrived in Hong Kong I did not even know how to type. Later I unconsciously married a Hong-Kong born Portuguese wife, Brenda José. She accepted me unconditionally. It forever changed my life and reprogrammed my negative beliefs, fears and human conditioning.

Peng Joon is widely admired and even loved by many attendees.

Now, I must warn you his 3-level Legacy Mentoring is high-end. It is not for everybody and therefore, you might not be qualified as a right match. His testimonial videos reveal client satisfaction, personal attention, and value for money.

I trust Peng Joon more than the majority of international and local motivational speakers, that’s says a lot – especially I’ve worked with, shared platform, learnt or interacted with The Pioneers of the Human Potential Movement and Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) such as the late Alexander Everett, the late Stephen Covey (7 Habits), John Gray (Mars & Venus), Doria Cordova (Money & You), Bobbi DePorter (Quantum & Super Camp), Werner Erhard (later known as Landmark), Chris Gentry (Asiaworks), Robert White (Life Dynamics), John Hanley Sr (Lifespring), José Silva, NLP & hypnotherapy pioneers, religious founders & leaders; coaching and interviewing numerous CEOs, Tycoons, PMs, KOLs, and celebrities, etc. Peng Joon is one of the best, legitimate, authentic, and inspiring Trainers in the world. 

However, you can attend his free events which are packed with usable insights unlike the free previews by other famous speakers.

I just attended his first ever 3-day Unbreakable Success Implementation (a free event on 31 March to 2 April 2023) with covers ChatGPT and AI in depth as a bait. I must say I learnt a lot about the insane impact, potential and the future of chatbots.

I’m now testing his 14-day trial SalesProcess App by Smobble for our own Change and Spiri Groups. He claims there are over 20 softwares in one bundle, which saves you tens of thousands of dollars of buying many unlinked softwares. So far it looks impressive. Check my review on the level of user-friendliness a few weeks later.

#RobrenReview on Peng Joon: 8 | 10
Written by ROBREN, The Ineffable Whisperer.
Published on: 3 April 2023. Updated on 4 April 2023.
Editor’s Note. This review was originally posted in http://www.ChangeU.co | www.Spiri.Community on 3 April 2023.

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