A Unique Butterfly Angelic Sign Appeared on 30 March 2023.

An Angelic Sign is also known as “Angelic Encounters of the 7 Kinds“.
A Butterfly Angelic Sign symbolizes Liberty, Letting Go of the past (cocoon), and Love. Butterflies and Moths are the top 3 most common Angelic Signs from the 9 years of Angelic Research and Whisperings with Angels.

This unseen before Butterfly has a distinctive Red Semicircle, Florescent Blue Markings, and a Jet shape wings (Most butterfly wings spreads pass the head, not this unique one). It kept going back to the first place.

Robren interpret it as symbolic of:
a) Returning to The Source, one’s original roots & place as charity begins at home, and/or returning to the Source of energy, love, truth and light.

b) The Red semicircle symbolizes Fire, passion, a “Baptism Of Fire”, Learning a life lesson the hard way through challenges and Tests Of Faith”.

c) The Jet shape symbolizes focus, going with the flow, balancing with the path of least resistance.

d) Florescent Blue symbolizes reflecting the true colors (good & bad) of others as a Mirror & Catalyst, and communicating one’s Mission & Vision.

This is wonderful good Angelic Sign indeed for 2023.

@The Robren Show. Interpreting Angelic Signs

Written by: Robren, The Ineffable Whisperer
Published on: 31 March 2023.

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