Robren’s New Biz Card has all The 6 Success Factors for a Striking Biz Card:

[1] Makeover Rebranding:
It’s huge improvement from all previous cards. It’s truly a Makeover.

[2] 3 Words Intro:

ChangeU Tagline is: Game Changer Experts for Fortune 500 Brands.
It is derived from the first 3 Words Intro: Game Changers Experts

[3] Biz eCard Redesigning:
Omada Head of Graphic Design, who worked for Wunderman Thompson, used a stunning, oversized, italic “U” as the key visual anchor for Robren’s biz card.
A QR Code is generated for direct access to the latest information in website.
It has a classic Apple Inc.-like minimalist elegant look.

[4] Niche Positioning:
ChangeU Niche is: Game Changer Experts

[5] Striking Slogan:

ChangeU Slogan is: Game Changer Experts for Fortune 500 Brands.

[6] One Page Everything:
ChangeU nature of business can be narrowed to One Page i.e. a Biz Card.

“I’m super impressed with the stunning design. It’s the best biz card design ever,” said Robren.

Published on 14 January 2023.