Chinese & Japanese Business Card Etiquette by Omada B-Card Rebranding:
Receive a card with two hands, study it briefly and place it into a business card holder — never your wallet or pocket. In China, Japan and some Asian cities, business cards are treated as extensions of the person, so you’ll want to treat any business card you receive with great respect.

Many top Salespersons, Organizations, NGOs and Government Ministers make a big common mistake of printing cheap business cards while they spend huge budgets on entertainment, advertising, and PR campaigns only to be 100% wasted by an unimpressive, poor quality business card during the all-critical first impression face-to-face meeting.

At Omada, they redesign business card to stand out among the crowd of cheap, common-looking business cards. Their clients actually get compliments and grabbed attention during some first meeting.

Written by: Robren
Published on: 13 January 2023.