Some businesses actually prospered during covid while the vast majority of businesses and industries suffered massive losses.

Interviewee: Hashini Radha
Interviewer: Robren

Watch the fall and rise of Hashini Radha and the revamping and birth of Malaya Cycles, expanding to S.E. Asia. Listen what is it like to be an ethical entrepreneur.

Crises come in numerous forms:
● The Deadly Vices (i.e. Addiction, Anger, Arrogance, Attachment, Gluttony, Greed, Jealousy, Laziness & Lust) ● Failures ● Sickness ● Stress/ Pressure ● Trauma (loss of loved ones or a partner) ● Lack of Manpower ● Low in Cash Flow, Financial problems ● Scandal (alleged or real) ● Cancel Culture in Social Media ● Competition, Enemies, Trolls ● Change in government policy ● Consumer Trends ● Bad Decisions, Distractions, Lack of Sense of Urgency ● No Buy In of Change Initiatives ● Internal Politics and Partner Fights ● Lack of Vision (lead by a CEO who is the Chief Vision Officer not COO) ● Hostile Takeover ● Poor Customer Service ● Bad Debts ● HODs’ Dark Sides ● Tests of Faith ● Personal Insecurities, Despair, Depression, Mental Health Issues, Hesitation, Procrastination, Doubts.

Malaya Cycles, an ethical entrepreneurship company.

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Written by: Robren
Published on: 6 January 2023.

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