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Here’s Robren’s Message and Thought of the Year for 2023.

Robren’s Focus For 2023: The 3 I’s of Leadership


Intention is much more important than year end resolutions, goal-setting, beliefs, action plans, and strategies. Why?
Because, if your intention is evil, dark, negative, revengeful, or driven by any of the 9 Deadly Vices such as jealousy, greed, gluttony, lust, laziness, anger, arrogance, addiction and attachment, YOU WILL FAIL You will attract negative, toxic people, and unfavorable events.

To reinforce your intention, leverage your intention with a Key Reward such as pleasure, treat, massage, trip, gadget, or fulfilling a core value and principle.Rewards can further strengthen by inspiring, instilling, implementing, and implying.

Set your intention clearly, and incisively, which leads to the second key result area.

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Being incisive means an idea or opinion is expressed in a clear and direct way that shows good understanding of what is important. Hence an incisive person has one’s thoughts or speech approved by others in one’s ability to think and express one’s ideas clearly, briefly, and forcefully. Synonyms for incisive: penetrating, sharp, keen, acute.

Learn and master Robren’s New Breakthrough Idea for 2023: 3 Words Intro aka Descriptive Category.
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The 6 Ways One Can Influence:
[1] WHO:
Examples: Boss, subordinates, peers, shareholders, clients, suppliers, partners, family, friends, enemies, politicians, media, KOLs, public opinion.

[2] WHEN:
Examples: Timing, opportunity, threat, time management, delays, planning

[3] WHERE:
Examples: Church, religious place, office, home, school, universities, association, land, sea, space, sports, arts, music, library, agriculture, targeted area.

[4] WHAT:
Examples: Finance, marketing, PR, IT, HR, operations, benchmarks, creativity, learning, history, perception

[5] WHY:
Examples: Philosophy, principles, rationale, thinking process, beliefs, faith,

[6] HOW:
Examples: Strategies, tactics, methods, processes, SOPs,

The Circle of Influence VS. The Circle of Concern.

Popularized by Stephen Covey, this concept explores three spheres: The Circle of Concern – the wide range of worries we might have about a topic. The Circle of Influence – a narrowing of the first circle into those worries we can do something about – either directly or indirectly.

Compare the difference between probably the most powerful person i.e. POTUS vs.a tea lady.

The American President’s circle of influence is most likely to be the biggest in the world as he can practically execute his control and directions over any KRA (key result area) he chooses, such as legislation, healthcare, border control, economic recovery, balanced budget, defense, foreign affairs, homeland security, terrorism, threats, disaster control, jobs, scandal, etc. But the President normally chooses to focus 80% of his efforts, time and money on the Top 3 of his favorite or pet projects (i.e. he narrows his circle of concern to only a handful of areas of influence) at any one period.

A Tea Lady may have numerous areas of concern, her circle of concern may even be biggest in the world (e.g. save the whales, global warming, racism, minimum wages). Most likely she will be the most popular person in the company, more than the boss. But her authority and allocated budget is very limited. Therefore, her actual circle of influence will be limited to pantry budget, which tea or snack brand to purchase, cleanliness, and that’s about it. Get the picture.

The moral of the story (the lesson that story teaches about how to behave in the world):
Decide on your Top 3 KRAs of Concern which you can realistically make a big difference and put these 3 KRAs of Concern inside your Circle of Influence.

Finally, the President might only focus on healthcare, homeland security, and jobs for his first year of office, whereas the Tea Lady might focus on snack variety, winning the Best Employee of The Year, and being a an informal cheerleader and a listener of employee problems.

In Summary:

The 3 I’s, intention, incisiveness and influence are 3 essential skills of effective leadership. Use the 3Is to build a strong leadership culture in your team and organization

Written by: Robren
Published on: 3 January 2023
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