It’s end of the year, and it’s time to reflect on a year passed. How has 2022 been for you?

The author will use Robren’s Breakthrough Idea for 2023 “3Words Intro” to Summarize 2022: 

Robren’s Key Milestones in 2022 (not in any particular order):

Robren First Near Experience (NDE) on 5th January 2022.
He had the most terrifying yet the most uplifting experience of his life. He thought he was going to die from choking to death. Read more:

●  The War in Ukraine, which started on 24 February 2022, deeply affected Robren.
Ukrainians and President Zelensky inspired him to fight for our homeland, our heritage, liberating people from dictators.
Read more on Ukraine:

●  Steve Chen joins ChangeU as Senior Partner, the Regional Head of HR & Learning.

The Birth of Spiri.Community on 31 July 2022.
Jackie Khaw joins Spiri.
Read more on The Spiri Community:

The Birth of Heritage Builder Group

Learning from the best Experts on Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, Crypto, DeFi – lead to the birth of Heritage Builder Group, to help organizations build their metaverses and preserve their heritages as NFTS.

Metaverse Subsidiaries of Heritage Builder Group Opening from 2023.
The Fall of Crypto Scams. The Rise of Ethical Entrepreneurship.

“Leaderfinity Interviews” is revamped. Look out for Insider Stories from Industry Leaders.

Victor Foo joins Hotelfinity, The Hospitality Division of ChangeU.
Read the Press Release:

Musé.  Energetic Music
“Music while working”. Listen Daily to Musé Chill e-Radio.

Hong Kong, The Overlooked Land of Opportunities, The Gateway to Recovering China
After 3 years, Robren could finally return to Hong Kong with his mother and his brother Jimmy, after the removal of all quarantine period. His mothee finally received approval of her PR, and her Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card. Robren observed the heavy PR drive by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, John Lee and his Senior Team, to convince overseas Hongkongers and expats to return to Hong Kong.

Robren sensed it is an optimum time to return or to set up a base or a Regional Headquarters in Hong Kong. Commercial office rent is down, and more importantly, there is less competition, and the pie is bigger. The other most overlooked factor is China needs foreign expertise to help rebuild China after 3 years of Zero-Covid restrictions.

A New Malaysia, a New Prime Minister. Robren Moves Beyond Giving Back to Malaysia
Malaysia has its 10th Prime Minister,, Anwar Ibrahim. Robren feels he has given back much being and returning to his homeland Malaysia for his second time, from 2006 to 2022. He sense his wings will take him more towards Hong Kong, Singapore, and USA from 2023.

Major Uprooting: Robren becomes a Digital Nomad after Letting Go of his Last Home in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Suddenly in mid October 2022, the Universe made him to let go of his last home for the last 5 years. He let go of his extensive physical Library of thousands of reference books, CD collection, antiques, he even lost his most treasured but cheap bicycle which he had for 16 years. He is adjusting to being a Digital Nomad, operating and traveling from Hong Kong, his hometown Ipoh (to take care of his 92 year old mother and his mentally challenged brother Jimmy), Kuala Lumpur, and soon USA, and anywhere in the world.

The 3 Word Intro aka Descriptive Category is Robren’s Breakthrough Idea for 2023
A concept born from the catalyst interaction with Stephen Barry, Managing Partner of Stepworks in Hong Kong.
The 3 Word Intro aka Descriptive Category . A concept born from the catalyst interaction with Stephen Barry, Managing Partner of Stepworks in Hong Kong.

Robren’s own 3 word intro is “The Ineffable Whisperer”. His writing definitely has transformed dramatically since his 3 Word Intro Epiphany – his writing is much clearer, simpler, concise, deliberated, faster in delivery, with high impact on stirring positive emotions, inspiring others to call to action,

Notable Deaths in 2022: Meatloaf, AGT Nightbirde, Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac), Queen Elizabeth II, Pelé, Barbara Walters, former Pope Benedict XVI

In Summary:

2022 was a bad year in general, with a war in Europe since WW2, zero-covid which crippled China, disasters. But personally for Robren, 2022 was a Personal Year #1, which symbolizes new beginnings, and a new 9 year phase-cycle. Robren had a series of life-changing epiphanies, started with his first Near Death Experience on 5 January, and culminating year 2022 with no permanent home as a Digital Nomad, and realizing his BIG WHY is Liberty, and helping others to liberate themselves from their Karmic Debts, and Human Conditioning.

Written by: Robren
Published: New Year’s Day. 1st January 2023.
Updated: 2nd January 2022.
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