Who is Robren, “The Ineffable Whisperer” (his ‘Descriptive Category’)

In the spirit of my annual vision, brand fine-tuning, realignment, and focus exercise, I starting with my own “Descriptive Category”.

“Descriptive Category” is your simplest, truthful, clear adjective and the specific category to position any organization, product, services in the best light, and not forgetting yourself – in less than 5 words,” according to Robren, who coined this phrase. 

How to describe “The Ineffable Whisperer” when ineffable is defined as too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words?

Firstly, what Type of Whisperer is Robren?

14 Types of Whisperers:
[] CEO & Celebrity Whisperer
[] Angel Whisperer
[] Ghost Whisperer
[] Alien Whisperer
[] Dream Whisperer
[] Guardian Angel Whisperer
[] Crossover Whisperer
[] Past Life Whisperer
[] Symbol & Number Whisperer
[] Angelic Signs Whisperer
[] Afterlife Whisperer
[] Animal/ Raven/ Owl/ Wolf/ Insect/ Whale Whisperer
[] Twinsoul Whisperer
[] The 10 Dimensions of The Multiverse Whisperer

Although Robren has the capability he does NOT practice the following Types of Dark Whisperer:
[] Darkness/ Hades Whisperer
[] Fallen Angels Whisperer
[] Fallen Twinsoul Whisperer
[] Dark Ghost/ Poltergeist Whisperer
[] Exorcist Whisperer
[] Religious/ Cult Whisperer

One Of A Kind Whisperer: Spiritual, Worldy & Wise

Secondly, most Whisperers are predominantly spiritual or religious in nature, but Robren has a strong, immense background in entrepreneurship, corporate training, branding, marketing, writing, Tarot reading, symbolism research, Web3, metaverse. This makes Robren a one of a kind Whisperer, which is why Robren is called The Ineffable Whisperer.

Prolific Creativity: A Super Power

Thirdly and lastly, Robren has a ‘Super Power’, activated by having a mild Bipolar Disorder II. Fortunately his Bipolar is mild, he does not have long periods of therefore he takes advantage of the ‘hypomanic creativity’ and channel his energies, personal tragedies into writing, art, speaking, and coaching. Robren keep track of his Bipolar state by being FUNCTIONAL, this is his best way to measure his work-life balance, productivity, creativity, performance, interest levels, physical activities, social interactions, sleep, appetite, and libido.

“I really like what I wrote about being The Ineffable Whisperer – in such a relatively brief one-page article, in just one hour. For a long time I thought it was almost impossible to describe who I am and for others to truly understand me, and my character. Now I am proud of myself. This is me!” said Robren.

Robren is looking to select 20 individuals who are ready and willing to discover their Self/ WHO Descriptive Category. DON’T apply IF you are not serious about your career, character and purpose

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Written by: Robren

Published: 27 December 2022.


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