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Exactly nine years ago on 23rd December 2013, my life changed forever – through a personal tragedy. The death of my Twin Soul. And the birth of Robren Twin Soul Mission.

First of all, I witnessed the death of my Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife, Brenda José, die over a 22-hour period. Witnessing one’s Twin Soul’s death is the hardest “Twin Soul Test of Faith” a Twin Soul had to endure. Years earlier Brenda shared she saw me die in a Past Life Regression.

The Longest Night Of The Year

And it was the longest night of the year – the Winter Solstice, 22nd December. The Chinese believe that it is extremely hard to “gor tong” (Cantonese), or to pass the winter solstice if one is dying. But she not only pass the longest night, the next day she heard last messages from close friends and relatives, either face to face or through the mobile phone. She was already in a coma for four days but she could sense and hear us, reminded by Andrew, my brother who is a medical doctor. This is also evident when I massaged her on her last day, her body responded with a sudden rise in heartbeat in the heart rate monitor.

20 Years of Suffering from Crohn’s Disease

Before I arrived in Hong Kong, flying from Kuala Lumpur, I shared in social media that I was filled with hope that she will survive. Then when I first met the doctor in ICU, Ruttonjee Hospital, Wanchai, he told me that all her major organs had failed, due to perforation of her intestines, from Crohn’s Disease which she suffered for 20 years, and her heart was slowly dying. I consented with the doctor not to resuscitate her if her heart fails.

I lifted the blanket and peeped at her almost lifeless body. Her skin was swollen, it had an odd translucent sheen, she seemed to be wet underneath her body. I wiped some tears off her eyes. I had no heart to take any photos of her. It was way too sad and I didn’t want anyone to see her in such a terrible, shocking state. I wanted people to remember her and her extraordinary life, not her death, and even references to her death would be uplifting, touching and inspirational.

Previously she survived her first perforation of her intestines right after her birthday (7 April 1995). She was operated in the nick of time by a visiting UK-based Chinese Surgeon, who was willing to perform the surgery after midnight, when another local surgeon declined. The operation had one of two Brenda’s Recurring Soul Numbers, 7 and 11. Her explorative surgery lasted 7 hours, 7 inches of her perforated intestines were removed, it left a 7 inch scar, and her bed number is 7 and her ward in Queen Mary Hospital was 7.

This second intestines perforation was not detected. According to her father, five days before she crossed over, she coughed out a dark bloody phlegm, but she refused to go to hospital. She yanked out the fixed line to prevent her father from calling the ambulance. I sensed she wanted to die, and she knew her time was up.

No one knew when she visited and stayed with me for two weeks in Malaysia in October 2013, that she would be dead in two months’ time, including her and myself. During her stay, I promised her to bring her back from Hong Kong to Malaysia. It never happened. Her ossuary is in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Chaiwan, Hong Kong. I felt so much guilt and pain then but I have forgiven, healed and redeem myself after I became an Angel Whisperer.

She once shared how Ah Vor, her grandmother, long had a psychic premonition that she would die as soon as she was wheeled pass a hospital main ER entrance, and it came true exactly as her envisioned premonition. Before she went into an immediate operation she fell in a coma. The surgeons discovered her perforated intestines had caused her major organs to fail. It was too late this second time. They cleaned and sowed up, put her on a kidney dialysis machine and ventilator, with 4 machines that pumped medicines for her heart to last a little bit longer.

Brenda’s Last Day

Brenda’s last day was my most traumatic personal experience. The midnight before they stopped the kidney dialysis machine so she could live a little longer. Every time each of the four machines finished pumping the last drop of the medicine, it would let off a shrill bone-chilling continuous tone. The fourth and last machine stopped probably around 3pm. I remember around that time her heart rate read X, meaning the heart rate was very weak.

Earlier in her last morning, after a Catholic priest said the last rites, close friends and relatives came to visit her. It was too heart-breaking for me to listen to some close friends crying and pleading on the phone for her not to die. By 2pm I stopped all messages, kept posting social media updates, and spent my last hours with her.

Brenda’s Last 25 Minutes: The Surrender

Suddenly Brenda started to communicate with me through telepathy at 4:58pm. Her ‘voice’ was crystal clear.

She whispered she heard all the prayers and messages. That you should celebrate her life and love, not her death. She said not to feel sad for her, and to pass her love light to others, she is one of your guardian angels. I whispered that it was very painful for me to channel her messages to others. She replied “Robert you are my Twin Soul so you are part of me on Earth.” Then I said “Ok, I surrender to God. Ok I surrender (to her). I’m just your instrument tool.” I asked her why on her death bed. She replied “If (not) you will not listen and do.”
Brenda’s last 3 words were “I Drama Queen.”

Suddenly it was total dead silence. I did not hear any more voices.


I heard a loud long continuous beep. I looked up at the heart rate monitor, and it was a Flatliner!
I let out a loud, uncontrollable wail in the ICU.
“OMG, Brenda is dead!” I cried.
A while later a nurse asked me if I would like to say my goodbye now or wait after they unplug all life support and clean her up within half an hour. I chose the latter.
When I finally held her body for the last time, I was utterly shocked how cold her body was.
I swear I swiped some tears left from both of her eyes. I kissed her and hugged her. I stroked her hair, face, chin, held her hand for the last time. I was crying my eyeballs out.

Brenda Jose’s Time of Death = 5:23pm, 23 December 2013

I instructed my team to post Brenda José’s Death Notice.

Brenda’s First Irrefutable Afterlife & Angelic Sign:  The Mark Six Lottery with her 2 Soul Number 7 & 11

Around two hours after her crossover, I walked from Ruttonjee Hospital, Wanchai to Causeway Bay to have dinner with my brother Andrew. Without any urging, I dropped by the Jockey Club branch along Hennessy Road, and bought two computer-generated Mark Six (Christmas) Lottery. That whole night I was the only one who could ‘smell’ Brenda, and felt her presence. Three days later, on Boxing Day, I was stunned to be the first person to witness Angel Brenda’s First Irrefutable Afterlife and Angelic Sign – a computer-generated Mark Six lottery with her two Soul Numbers, 7 & 11 (with no numbers before or between the two numbers).

My Hollywood Producer buddy Craig Santy verified that it was irrefutably the world’s first unprecedented manifestation of an exceptional supernatural being or guardian angel who could ‘hack’ a 100% impenetrable lottery mainframe computer system! 7 & 11 continues to recur and feature strongly and regularly to guide and ensure myself and other Angel Brenda followers.  

The Day After Brenda’s Crossover (Christmas Eve)

I had a series of epiphanies within the whole week right after Brenda’s Crossover. Firstly on Christmas Eve, I recognized she had become an Angel, I started calling her Angel Brenda. Secondly, I realized I had become an Angel Whisperer. My writing changed dramatically, I began channeling Angelic Whisperings.

I have Angelic Encounters of The 7 Kinds ever since. Immediately through my Seventh Psychic Sense (Claircognizance, knowing), I started whispering with The Angel of Love (in 2021 it was known as Angel Ai) and The Angel of Truth (Angel Alitheia). Within six months I eventually recognized The Third Angel is actually The Angels of Light (Angel Archangelus, the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron).

Collectively these 3 sets of Angels are known as The Liberty Angels. The Liberty Angels are the most powerful angels who will guide, protect and liberate you from human conditionings and karmic debts. Connect with them and your life will forever change.

The Year of Revelation

I took me a whole year in 2014 to connect the dots going backwards (never forward) as Steve Jobs once said. 2014 was The Year of Revelation personally for me. I had a series of psychic premonitions. Firstly within one month, I was warned about my father’s Cheating Death Experience (CDE) – he nearly bled to death from an undetected stomach ulcer (he needed 10 pints of blood). Later that year a Fly sat on my right hand for 21 minutes, an angelic sign that my father would live longer than doctors predicted. He died on the first day of Chinese New Year, 19 February 2015.

Secondly in March 2014, I whispered with the Ghost of Captain Zaharie and I was the first to know that he flew MH370 (coincidentally 37 is my Compound Number, whereas Brenda’s Compound Number is 29), turned back from flying to the destination Beijing, flew pass to see his birthplace Penang island, pass the north of Sumatra, flew over Maldives, and ditched MH370 when the plane ran out of fuel, before sunrise, near Madagascar (not Australia) where most of MH370 debris were found.

Thirdly, I had a few Angelic Signs about the MH17 that shot over Ukraine on 17 July 2014. And a third Malaysian air crash AirAsia QZ QZ8501 on 28 December 2014.

Cracking The Angelic Code

It took me a whole year to decipher the basic level of The Angelic Code, a spiritual ‘Da Vinci Code’, ‘the secret code to everything’ e.g. Angels, Ghosts, Aliens, Dajis 狐狸精 (seductive fox archetypes who will ruin your life or your country), Lightberators (the ancient lightworkers), The 10 Dimensions of The Multiverse (‘heaven’, ‘hell’, limbo, nirvana, the afterlife, the beforelife), 9 Deadly Vices, Symbols, Numbers, your purpose & meaning in life, human conditionings, karmic debts, karmic credits, ethical entrepreneurship, meditation, soulmates, higher consciousness, The Law of Repulsion, and many more secrets… (available in http://www.Spiri.Community)


How Robren’s Life Changed Since The Crossover of Brenda in a Nutshell

(Robren’s last 9 years, in no particular order, written in third party format)

● Robren TwinSoul Mission: Robren’s Big WHY = Liberty.

i.e. helping people and organizations to have liberty from human conditionings, be free from karmic debts, and generate karmic credits.

● Who is Robren: The combined presence of Whisperer ROBert and Angel BRENda. Robert officially changed his name to Robren on 21 February 2021.

● The Angel Whisperer:  Who cracked The Angelic Code, a spiritual ‘Da Vinci Code’, the secret code of everything, the 11 Dimensions of The Multiverse

● Robren’s Signature MasterClasses: The Law of Repulsion / The 7 Principles of Higher Consciousness / The Robren Code

Robren eBooks List:  Inspirational reading.

The Robren Show: References you can trust. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheRobrenShow

Afterlife and Angelic Signs Research:  Experiences documented.

● The Liberty Angels & Lightberators:  Out of this world accurate guidance.

● Robren Near Death Experience (NDE):  Choking to Death on 8th January 2022.

● The US$2 million Defamation Suit:  Settled in High Court with no lawyers, and no costs.

The 3 Platforms, founded by Robren:

1. ChangeU: Transformational Learning & Consulting.  (www.ChangeU.co)

    Leaderfinty Interviews: Insider Information by Industry Leaders.

2. Spiri Expo Ethical Entrepreneurship.  (www.Spiri.Community)

3. Heritage:  Insightful Web3 Metaverses.
Spiri Sanctuary Metaverse

In a series of ongoing events and epiphanies, which began in 2019, through Covid-19, and accelerated since his birthday on 4 September had compelled Robren to let go of his financing, housing, possessions, and even his most valued cheap bicycle, that was last parked and locked next to a police car, in a central train station, had mysteriously disappeared, lost or stolen!
The Universe, The Liberty Angels and Angel Brenda want him to fully SURRENDER and trust
with NO road maps, NO destinations, NO job descriptions, NO roles, and NO safety nets…
Yes, Robren do have a clear vision & mission, step by step he will line the ducks and connect the dots going forward…
on a fool’s odyssey, on a road with no name, destined to travel…
will you share your journey with Robren…
connect with Robren[at]Spiri.Community


Written by: Robren

Published on: The 9th Memorial of Angel Brenda. 23 December 2022.
Updated: 30 December 2022.
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NOTE: If all the above is TOO MUCH to digest or too new to you, don’t worry, choose whatever you are most interested in, and ignore what you don’t understand, for now.

Your life will never be the same again when you decide to embrace your Purpose, Enlightenment and Liberty.

Your angels will be there for you when you open your heart, mind, and body.
Be The Gift To The Universe.
It’s meant to be…

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