Villain hitting, da siu yan (Chinese: 打小人), demon exorcising, or petty person beating is a folk sorcery popular in the Guangdong area of China and Hong Kong – primarily associated with Cantonese. Its purpose is to curse one’s enemies using magic. Villain hitting is often considered a humble career, and the ceremony is often performed by older ladies, though some shops sell “DIY” kits.

Villain hitting has been preliminarily included in the list of “intangible cultural heritage” by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau, and was selected as “Best Way to Get It Off Your Chest” in TIME magazine’s 2009 “Best of Asia” feature.

History in Hong Kong

The tradition of villain hitting can be traced back to an ancient custom from agricultural societies in the Guangdong region. According to the Chinese calendar, the year can be divided into twenty-four solar terms and Spring is known as the “Awakening of Insects”- when hibernating animals awake from their slumber to forage and feed. In order to prevent the notorious white tiger from hunting and harming villagers, farmers will worship the white tiger by smearing pig’s blood onto little paper tigers as a means of sacrifice and feeding the tiger. As time passed, “villains” gradually morphed into the role of the notorious white tiger and becomes the object of exorcisms and banishment.

I strongly advice against playing any ‘curse’ or psychic harm projection’ games against your villains e.g. Exes, boss, competitors, enemies, politicians, judges, etc. It is Bad Karma.

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