– with Christina Toh (New President of MAH since May 2022, GM of Dorsett Grand Subang), Victor Foo (Principal Consultant, Hotelfinity, first from left), and Robren (Founder, ChangeU).

Revitalizing starts with Malaysia, from training Hotel GMs in Leaderfinity, down to the grassroots, matching Speakers for hotel events and event planners with Movsha Speaker Bureau, headhunting for Hotel HODs with BorneoHunter, and upskilling with ChangeU Employee Skill Assessment Tools.

@Hotelfinity: Your trademark for infinite hospitality.

Malaysia Spiri: Certifying Your Business with “Spiri Trusted Provider Cert”.

Read more about Hotelfinity, the hospitality consultancy division of ChangeU. https://tinyurl.com/hotelfinity.

Many Thanks Craig Santy & other well wishers!

Actually we’re anticipating tough consulting and coaching work ahead, with lower charges as hotels need to recover from 2.5 years of massive losses and hemorrhage.

But… it’s highly fulfilling and spiritually rewarding to be able to help the hospitality industry recover.

Hopefully we get similar success from helping Hong Kong organizations recover after a relatively ‘short’ SARS in 2003. 🙏🏻

Thanks indeed for all your encouragement & support. 🥰💜

Written by: Robren
Published on: 12 September 2022.