If you check out Brenda José’s Facebook Banner, you will see two sister angels (link: https://www.facebook.com/BrendaJoseChaen). This is her last and forever FB banner image, posted on 6 September 2012, 15 months before her crossover on 23 December 2013, at 5:23pm, at ICU, Rutonjee Hospital, Hong Kong. She died from major organ failure from a perforated intestines, due to Crohn’s Disease, which she suffered for 20 years.

Brenda was my Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife for 17 years. We married on 27 April 1996 at Hong Kong Park. She was my Co-Coach and Co-Partner in ChangeU, a change expert, training and consultancy. She helped me build ChangeU into Asia’s #1 change experts, with Fortune 500 corporations and top brands  such as Coca-Cola China, Swire, Jardines, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Public Bank, Genting, and MDEC.

On her last 25 minutes of her life, I promised her to surrender first to God, then to her, and to answer the calling of our Twinsoul Destiny, without knowing what I ‘signed up’ for.

The very next day on Christmas Eve, my writing changed dramatically . I was channeling her. She intervened and changed her obituary I was writing 7 times before my team in Malaysia published it in our social media. I reminded myself I am now a surrendered instrument, and move aside my false human ego. Unknown to others, I became The Angel Whisperer.

On that same day, through my Seventh Psychic Sense of Claircognizance (Knowing), I recognized The Angel of Love (later revealed as Angel Ai), and The Angel of Truth (later revealed as Angel Alitheia). In the following half year in 2014, I started to ‘connect the dots’ and started to interpret Angelic Signs more accurately, but I had much more complex #Whisperings from the third angel.

Later it all dawn on me why the third angel was much more complex when it was revealed as The Archangels of Light, Angel Archangelus, comprising the 5 most famous Archangels: Michael (Who is like god; Fire), Gabriel (Hero of god; Water), Raphael (God heals; Air), Auriel (God’s Light; Earth), and Metatron (Closest to the throne; Ether).

Collectively they are revealed themselves as The Liberty Angels, whose main role among countless roles is to liberate and make a better world, a better Multiverse, a better Spiri Multiverse. Everything is all connected.

Yes, the fifth archangel indeed sounds like the Decepticons, headed by Megatron, and the Autobots/ Transformers, led by Optimus Prime. But.. but, let me assure you that Hasbro Toys and Hollywood have got it wrong again with Megatron’s name and single spelling mistake, as it should be the other way round. Light Conquer Darkness.

I digress! In that crossover week I was overwhelmed by Irrefutable Angelic Signs and Afterlife Signs.

Angel Brenda’s First Irrefutable Sign was a computer-generated Mark Six Lottery Ticket, which contained her two Soul Numbers 7 and 11 (based on her birthday on 7 April). This is the first time ever proof an Angel ‘hacked’ an impregnable mainframe lottery system, to generate 2 numbers, with no numbers before 7, and no numbers in between 7 and 11, the first two numbers in the Mark Six Lottery Ticket.

With a strong scientific and business background, I admit often times, I am a Doubting Thomas, a person who is skeptical and refuses to believe something without proof. Angel Brenda gave the world and myself her First of numerous Irrefutable Angelic Signs, in the form of the 7-11 Special Christmas Mark Six Lottery Ticket.

However, it would take me another one year in 2014 for me to become “The Angel Whisperer who Cracked The Angel Code to Everything.” Angels communicate very differently from human beings.

In a nutshell, Angels communicate through “Angel Encounters of The 7 Kinds”: 1. 5 senses  2. Living & non-living things  3. Recurring symbols, numbers, and dreams  4. Weather, physical universe  5. Karmic debts & credits, traumas, accidents, sicknesses and events.  6. Clairsentience (sensing)  7. Claircognizance (knowing), angel whisperings, visions, premonitions, prophets, and prophecy.

On 21 February 2021, I changed my name from Robert to Robren, reflecting the combined Twinsouls presence of Whisperer ROBert and Angel BRENda.

I waited patiently for the last 9 long years for a name that is truly worthy of our lofty spiritual aspirations.  

Yes, let’s introduce you… “Spiri”.

On 31st July 2022, I bought the domain www.Spiri.Community, and softly announced the humble Birth Establishment of Spiri.

Spiri is my dream come true for Angel Brenda, Liberty Angels, and Ascended Masters – as  their Whisperer since 2013. (Read The Spiri Story: https://tinyurl.com/SpiriStory )

My last thought and message is simply:
FLY! The Multiverse’s most powerful Angels are guiding you!
It’s time for you to shine!

Written by: Robren
Published on: 29 August 2022.

NOTE: Most of the links in this post are linked to https://robertchaen.com/, Robren’s original blog website. Now it plays the vital role of Robren Library, Robren’s official reference and archive resources for the 3 entities: Spiri, ChangeU, and Heritage Groups.