In a nutcase, Spiri’s vision is “Make a Better World.”
In order to do this, Spiri has created @City Spiris, “The World’s First Scam-Free Self-Help, Healing, and Spiritual eGuides marketplace, with City Spiris opening in some major cities in 2022, such as @Hong Kong Spiri, @Kuala Lumpur Spiri, and @San Francisco Spiri.

Spiris will be approaching our close ‘friends, fans, and fools’ to place an ad eGuide on their business, association or Charity-NGO.


Here are  The 3 Easy Steps to be a Spiri Well Wisher:

STEP 1) Take a photo of you giving 1 or 2 thumbs up, or hold a hand-written sign that say “I Support Spiri.” or something simple. Or, take a short video from your smartphone of your well wishing, and whatever personal message to Spiri and/or to Robren, the Founder of Spiri.

STEP 2: Post your Photo and/or Video in your own social media.

STEP 3: Send us your photo and/or video to Robren, or to info (please join the ‘broken email, this is to prevent AI email trawlers).

Many thanks from Robren, the Founder and the Spiri Team. We ❤ you.

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Written by: Robren
Published: 27 August 2022.
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Sample of a Spiri Well Wisher Message. This is one is by Victor Foo, Hotelier for 40+ years.