● Announcement on 1 September.

About @Hotelfinity:

Tagline: Your trademark for infinite hospitality.

Hotelfinity is a hospitality consultancy division of @ChangeU.

Read more: https://tinyurl.com/Hotelfinity

(NOTE: All applicants below GM level will be rejected)


Selection Criteria for Principal Consultant:

● Achieved General Manager of a 5 Star Hotel.

● Minimum years as a Hotelier: 20 years.

● Good working knowledge of Asian cultures.

● Ability to transition from GM to Consultant.

● Public Speaking and Presentation Skills are advantageous.

● Good networking connections with local Associations of Hotels.

● Based in ChangeU Regional Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur. Travelling extensive.

● Race, Gender, Nationality, Orientation: Irrelevant.

● Retired GMs and former Hospitality Consultants encouraged to apply.

Job Scope & Roles:

● Work closely with ChangeU Divisions:

[1] Learning

[2] @ChangeU Talk & Masterclasses

[3] @BorneoHunter Executive Search

[4] @Movsha Speaker Bureau

[5] ChangeU Employee Skills Assessment Tools

[6] Leaderfinity Program & Interviews of Industry Leaders

● Spearhead business development and expansion into new markets.

● Generate Training Materials for Hospitality Programs.

Either Email: TeamC@ChangeU.co

Or fill this form: https://tinyurl.com/PrincipalApply