As The Founder of ChangeU and Spiri, Robren strongly advocate Chief Vision Officer (CVO) in replacement of CEO. To him a CEO is too generic a title. Vision is probably the most important, most meaningful title, why?

Because Vision should encompass The Keystone that binds the whole together The 4 Cornerstones Foundation :
1) Vision: ● the faculty of being able to see long-term and what future could be like ● the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination, creativity, or wisdom ●

2) Mission: ● the vocation or calling of an organization, especially a spiritual one, to go out into the world and spread its ideology ● a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling ● the vision in action form i.e. think globally, act locally.

3) Principles: ● core values that the organization and its staff live by

4) Purpose: ● the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists ● a person’s sense of resolve or determination ● 1 of 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem

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Written by: Robren
Published on: 17 August 2022.

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