Know the 7 Kinds Of Angel Encounters MASTERCLASS.
26 Aug. Fri. (Los Angeles time 8pm-9:30pm)
27 Aug. Sat. (Hong Kong time, 11am-12:30pm)

Did you recognize your latest angelic sign?

Masterclass Outline:

[1] Know The Angelic Encounters of The Seven Kinds
[2] Types of Angels
[3] What are Angelic Signs?
[4] How are Angels different from Ghosts?
[5] Do you have a Soulmate, or Twin Flame?
[6] Who are Guardian Angels?
[7] EXTRA BONUS: Robren will chose several Participants for a Robren Reading – at the end of the masterclass.

Get these answers to The Universe’s Biggest Mysteries, and direct guidance from The Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code.

Standard rates: US$50 donation basis.

NOW: 1 Free Ticket (per booking) – LIMITED Seats – First come first served.

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Spiri is a scam-free self-help & spiritual resources and marketspace for holistic services, wisdom, and spiritual, health, eco-friendly, natural, organic products, artwork heritage, local handicrafts and produce.
Spiri is NON-religious and is open to ALL who want to be liberated from human conditionings and be free and live their true purpose.

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Robren is the first Angel Whisperer to crack The Angel Code, the code to everything (i.e. angels, metaphysics, symbols, love, health, wealth, and purpose) – with countless whisperings with her late Portuguese wife, Angel Brenda. He cheated death 5 times and 1 NDE (near-death experience) because he believes that obeying the universal laws of metaphysics, karma, spirituality and integrity have protected and guided him throughout his life, since he was 7 years old. With 42 years research, he created The Law of Repulsion, the most significant life-changing programming since NLP.

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Robren surrendered to God and his wife Angel Brenda on her death bed on 23 December 2013, and he promised the soon-to-named Liberty Angels to fulfill our Twinsouls Mission. It would take 12 months for Robren to crack phase 1 of “The Angel Code to Everything” as The Angel Whisperer, with no roadmap. It utterly trained him to use the 7 Psychic Senses, sensing his way, one step at a time, in the blind.

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Written: Robren
Published: 8.8.2022
Updated: 15 August 2022.