Some Experts believe The Age of Aquarius started on the Palindrome date of 02/02/2020, which coincided with Covid-19 ‘Sign’.

Robren surrendered to God and his wife Angel Brenda on her death bed on 23 December 2013, and he promised the soon-to-named Liberty Angels to fulfill our Twinsouls Mission. It would take 12 months for him to crack phase 1 of “The Angel Code to Everything” as The Angel Whisperer, with no roadmap. It utterly trained him to use the 7 Psychic Senses, sensing his way, one step at a time, in the blind.

Through his huge silent self-doubts, scientific skepticism, countless personal ups and downs, pains, Covid-19, a shocking US$2m high court defamation law suit (settled in-court, with zero cost, no lawyer, perhaps… a mini miracle in The Law of Repulsion), one Choking Near-Death Experience (NDE) in January, and living frugally, he waited patiently for the last 9 long years …for a name that is truly worthy of his lofty spiritual aspirations…  yes, may we introduce you… “Spiri”.

On 31st July 2022, Robren bought the domain www.Spiri.Community, and softly announced the humble Birth Establishment of Spiri. He preferred .Community as the domain extension instead of .Com – as it symbolizes Aligning with The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius‘s Genesis 2 years earlier, and true Ideologies of the Spiri Community (read more:

Spiri is his dream come true for Angel Brenda, Liberty Angels, and Ascended Masters of which Robren is The Whisperer since 2013.


Hair (1979 movie) – Aquarius ♒︎ Let The Sunshine In  (both songs blended). A Hippy era film clip – which didn’t represent the characteristics of The Age of Aquarius.

Tagline: Your #1 self-help and spiritual marketspace.

www.Spiri.Community (launching soon)

Spiri is a scam-free self-help & spiritual marketspace for holistic services, wisdom, and spiritual, health, eco-friendly, natural, organic products, artwork heritage, local  handicrafts and produce. Spiri is NON-religious and is open to ALL who want to be liberated from human conditionings and be free and live their true purpose.

The most important division of Spiri is Spiri Circle.
Tagline: Your Sanctuary Of Solace & Solutions.
We are now calling the right Souls – maybe even yourself – to help open and lead one of these city sanctuaries in some major cities from 2022-2026 – obviously after going through a Professional Spiri Certification period. The First Spiri Circle KL and Head-Quarters will soon have a soft opening around my birthday month of September 4th or in Q4.

Now the Second Half of 2022 is focused on 2 Groups:

  1. ChangeU Group (training, HR consulting, speaker bureau, headhunting, youth CSR; my first biz since 1990, DM us if you are planning L&D in 2022).
  2. Spiri Group (self-help & spirituality marketplace, holistic services, youth entrepreneurship, ArtVerse).

The truth is Spiri is super massive, it’s way way bigger than you and us!
IF you feel touched by Robren’s Story (Steve Jobs called such people The Crazy Ones haha), if you want to explore the Spiri opportunities, or even to simply just to help out, donate funds (any amount will be treasured), or some Used Equipment for NEEDY students/interns (iphones, MacBooks), be involved as a Spiri Supporter or a Pioneer, help us bring Light & Liberation to the Multiverse – let us know.
We need all the little tiny hands of help we can – at this early infant stage.

If you want to know more, join an upcoming group event, but first check out the latest news or LIKE these 2 FB pages: and

1 Listing in http://www.Spiri.Community for 6 months (standard pilot rate US$50) – for a nominal US$15 donation.
We acknowledge our readers and fans over the years. Therefore, as our goodwill gesture, we will sincerely offer you 1 Basic Listing (6 months) in Spiri virtual marketspace. Kindly choose only one option from your expertise-business, association, NGO, charity, etc. (terms & conditions apply, details upon request).

Please be a Pioneer Supporter and help us fulfill our aspirations and countless others who will benefit from Spiri. Many thanks for reading this long text. This means the world to us.

In liberty, love, truth and light,
Robren, your humble instrument, writer, and The Whisperer of the Angels

(formerly aka Robert Chaen, Robren is the combined presence of Twinsouls, Whisperer ROBert & Angel BRENda)
Donations and Crowd-funding via Paypal: ID: EF2YZCZQLXBF4 (if not ok, there are other interest-free options)

@SPIRI: Your #1 self-help & spiritual resources!
@Spiri Circle: Your Sanctuary of Solace & Solutions!


Published: 3 August 2022.
Updated: 27 September 2022.

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Don’t Give Up – Inspirational Song by Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush