Teaching My Mum How to Use Her First SmartPhone – my biggest challenge of my CEO-Celebrity Whisperer’s life! I’m so PROUD of Mum!
I have coached the smartest CEOs but teaching my 90 year old Mum is my biggest career challenge!

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How to Explain to your Mum or Grandmother to Use a Smartphone. Hilarious! https://tinyurl.com/Smartphone101

These are Biggest Challenges of Teaching Old Folks How to Use a Smarpthone:

1. My Mum never type a keyboard in your life – takes her forever to find A or Z.

2. Old folks’ fingers are not accurate. She keep pressing too hard, rather than soft tab method.

3. Icon identification

4. “BACK” is surprsingly the most useful button – when she press something accidentally.

5. “Speakerphone” has a circle when it’s on.

6. Things you take for granted become a major obstacle.

7. Uber – she still can’t figure out first line: Pick Up And second line: Where to.

8. Making Whatsapp calls turn out to be easier than making phone calls.

9. I had to separated my 3 phone numbers as 3 separate Names e.g. Robert 2. Robert Company Mobile 3. Robert Office Fixed Line

10. Warning: You’ll lose your hair as you’ll be pulling your hair out of gross-frustrations.

11. You need the patience of a Saint or Job to your Mum.

12. Drill, Drill. Drill. Do, do, do, do! Notes taking is useless. Must have muscle & icon memory burnt in your Mum’s brain and mind.

13. Your Mum must make 200+ calls to get it.

14. Lots, lots, lots of encouragement if not your Mum will give up after 10 tries.

15. I was very impressed my Mum is so determined to learn despite the million odds.

16. There’s no way of teaching your Mum unless you are side-by-side teaching her – can’t do via phone.

17. Showing her what she did WRONG is probably the most important Smartphone lesson.

Written by: Robren
Published on: 23 June 2022

Link to this article: https://tinyurl.com/SmartphoneUses