THE HIGHLIGHTS: The Reopening of The National Art Gallery of Malaysia Photo Gallery

Officially opened by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, YB Nancy Shukri
Joo Tha aka Thangarajoo. Congratulations for being a new Board Member of the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, and an over 35 years friend of Robren. Joo Tha is a Malaysian Art Pioneer who won The Young Contemporaries Award back in 1984.
Loofing Around NFTs by Shafiq Nordin.
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NOTE: There is only 1 artist exhibited in the National Art Gallery of Malaysia who has minted his artpieces. Therefore, as an artist, if you want to market your NFTs, here are “8 Reasons Why Artists should 100% trust ArtVerse NFT Experts to market your artpieces”:

Analysis: Looking at the details or in this case the lack of details, this NFT is worthless to NFT Collectors/ Investors as it is. Why?
Because it is missing many elements of a successful NFT project:
[1] There is no Utility i.e. service or write-up
[2] There is no Discord account to show utility, road maps, announcements, etc.
[3] There is no link to Twitter/ Instagram.
[4] There are no inquiries which implies no one is interested
[5] This NFT is a very risky investment as there is no possibility of re-selling it.
[6] The collection is very small (3).
[7] Although Shafiq Nordin has his artworks displayed in exhibitions and art fairs across Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines, his NFT presence is nil.

In conclusion: Shafiq Nordin’s NFT needs professional NFT expertise to make a successful NFT launch.

Dr. K. Azril Ismail (Studio Fotographi Bersejahtera) & wife
Winners of The Young Contemporaries Awards 2022 (Bakat Muda Sezaman)
Goodies Bag & Press Kit
Speech by Dato’ Indera Dayang Fatimah Tom Abang Saufi, Chairperson, National Visual Art Development Board (NVADB)
Some of the distinguished Board of Directors of the National Art Gallery of Malaysia

Photographer: Robren
Published: 21 June 2022.

Ann Tan silhouette

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8 Reasons Why Artists should 100% trust ArtVerse NFT Experts to market your artpieces