More than 200 Ukrainian artists, represented by the country’s leading galleries, including Port Agency, IZOLYATSIA, Ugallery, are creating a collection of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, to raise funds for the war against Russia.

The digital works, which will also feature paintings made by children in the bomb shelters, will be offered starting Thursday via Holy Water, a tech start-up. Each NFT will have a minimum bid of 0.08 Etherum (about US$235). The company did not say how many NFTs in total it will offer, but is aiming to raise at least US$1 million through the initiative.

World Save Ukraine NFTs by Holy Water

All proceeds from this sale, in the form of cryptocurrency, will go in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces via the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the company said. Shcherbenko Art Center and Spline Art are also participating. 

“The world will no longer be the same as before and no one will stand aside,” Oleksiy Say, a Kyiv-born artist best known for his art invention, Excel-Art, said in a statement. “Soon we might not have enough time for making art. That’s why I invite everyone to enjoy art and donate to help in one of the most important global initiatives in the 21st century.”

Excel-Art by Oleksiy Say

Holy Water expects more artists will join the project. “We gathered almost [500] people willing to join the initiative in a few days. Now we do hope to just as quickly raise funds to help the army and help save Ukraine,” Bohdan Nesvit, the company’s CEO said in a statement.

Since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine a week ago, many international organizations, including the United Nations Refugee Agency and the International Rescue Committee, have been helping raise funds for the Ukrainian families.

More than 2,000 civilians, including at least 21 children, were killed since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky said Wednesday. Thousands of refugees are traveling through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The European Union will agree on Thursday to grant Ukrainian refugees a temporary residence permit.

Editor’s Note: Fang Block’s excerpt article was published in on 2 March 2022.

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