The Malaysian Rakyat Demands a Solution in the MySejahtera Ownership Transfer & Health-Whereabouts-Shopping Privacy Controversy. Or, the Rakyat has a choice not to use it or uninstal it soon, as Covid-19 is now endemic.

This is a perfect con game which the private sector with the help of government cronies attempt to swindle the government of tax payers money. I would not say the government, especially KJ, is innocent in all this. I understand KJ as the previous minister for science and innovation was in charge of the MySJ.

Apparently a locally based international software developer KPISoft offers to develop the MySJ on a CSR basis, essentially pro bono. The government has spent billions for Covid-19, but could not afford a few millions for the software and had to latch on to the CSR offer. After sucking the government into this software, KPISoft sells the software and licence to another private company.

Now that is supposed to determine the ‘market value’ of the software, inflated as it is. KPISoft cannot demand a price for the software because they did it for free for the government. It was supposed to be given free to the government, but they earned RM339 million from it by selling to another private entity. But for some reason, KJ still claims the MySJ belongs to the government.

Being an international outfit, KPISoft Malaysia changed its name to Entomo apparently to isolate and protect its international reputation.

But one needs to look at the individual beneficiaries. They are all the same, but operate under different corporate identities. So basically it is from one hand to another.

The government while claiming it is the owner of MySJ, has to negotiate with this third party MySJ Sdn Bhd, which now appears to be real owner. Otherwise why negotiate with them, not KPISoft.

Everyone can see there is a scam going on here. It is very much like 1MDB. What is at stake here is not billions of our money, but all our personal sensitive data.

To an independent party, the solution is simple. Demand that KPISoft transfer the propriety rights of MySJ to the government as they promised. But then if vested interests and backroom deals are involved, the solution is not simple.

We will get confusing explanations by the government, ministers and officials, as is happening now and defies common sense. It seems so convenient and ludicrous that no contract was signed with KPISoft, as they were developing and operating the software until now and capturing all our data, not to mention screwing our lives.

This reminds me of the case of the Monterez Golf Course in Shah Alam where the original leaseholder transferred the property to another developer for housing development and absolved itself of any commitment to the state government and the house buyers to retain the golf course.

[Summary of MySejahtera Ownership Transfer & Privacy Controversy by Dr. Raman Letchumanan, a clarification comment in MalaysiniKini]

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Published: 28 March 2022.

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