ATTENTION PARENTS & BUDDING YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS: Career Insights from 16 Industry Experts and amazing Youth Success Stories.

● Discover which Industry is your child’s or your Cup of Tea.
● It’s never too young to start your Kid in Youth Entrepreneurship!

NOTICE: YouthMeta (the new Metaverse Division of Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR), Movsha Speaker Bureau, and The Robren Show are endorsing and collaborating with CEO Kids International in their first online Hong Kong event.

Event: 職業大搜查 Occupational Search (in Cantonese only)
Dates & Time: 1) 26 March (Sat.) 2) 3 April (Sun.); 9:30am – 5:00pm
Host & Organizer: CEO Kids International

Cost: Reserve your Free Online Seat:

Learn from The Best Hong Kong Speakers – they are really amazing and inspiring!

● The top celebrity Make-up Artist
● VP Anime (comics) association
● Ex-Scotland Yard Forensic Scientist
● eSports
● VR/AR Developer for electricity companies and transportation companies in HK
● International Judge for Chocolate
● 14 year old Pet Groomer
● HK Golf Junior team player
● Celebrity KOL (influencer) And more…

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Watch this space for exciting future events, videos, articles, and talks on the Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, Branding, Fund-Raising Investments, Digital Marketing, Youth Leadership & Learning, and eCommerce.

NOTE: The owner of the flyer materials and video: CEO Kids International

Event Flyer & Speakers
Event Schedule: 1) 26 March 2) 3 April 2022.
Host and Organizer: CEO Kids International



👾電競及遊戲發行 吳建榮 Ray Ng
🕵🏻‍♀️ 破案緝兇前蘇格蘭場科學鑑證師 王匡婷 Kiki Wong
👀VR/AR/XR 工程師 Kelvin To
👩‍⚖️ 金牙大狀 麥慶歡 Angel Mak Daley
🍫返工就係食朱古力嘅陳詩婷 Christy Chan
🎤人氣網紅 劉小慧 💻多點播流專家 王德強 Chesney Wong
🎞 佘詩曼嘅金牌經理人陳易遙 Joanne Chan 4月3日分享嘉賓
🏌️香港哥爾夫球代表隊麥正浩Austin Mak及爸爸麥賢汫 John Mak
🐶14歲寵物美容師 陳靖 Kendianne Chan
💄殿堂級化妝師 Annie G. Chan 🎙做播客支持青少年嘅蕭加欣 Sky Siu
👗國際時裝設計師 陳綽盈 DorisKath Chan 🧝🏻‍♀️香港動漫畫聯會副主席温紹倫 Alan Wan
🥘特色餐廳負責人 Alex P.E.
🎮遊戲開發商 朱智文 Banny Chu 大家快啲報名參加香港第一個「職業大搜查」活動。

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Published: 23 March 2022.
Updated: 25 March 2022.

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Q1. Will there be ENGLISH Events soon?

A1. YES. The Hosts are organizing one soon after these 2 Cantonese events.

They are catering to Hong Kong first, because of the sudden change. For the first time in HK, HK Summer holidays is starting a few months earlier due to some key factors i.e. peaking in Omicron cases.

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