The 3 Untold Stories of MH370 (The 8th Anniversary of MH370)

1) Fifty Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) students were booked on MH370 but were saved by divine intervention (the untold story).

2) A Freescale Semiconductor engineer was saved from MH370 by angelic intervention because it was his wedding day

3) The Ghost of MH370 Captain Zaharie whispered what happened to MH370


First story: Fifty Universiti Teknologi MARA students (UiTM) were booked on MH370 but were saved by divine intervention (the untold story).

One of Robren’s interns Dyana (not her real name) told him about two of her own incredible stories about divine intervention.

Dyana shared that she was the leader of foreign exchange student group in UiTM, a local university. They planned to have an exchange student program in Beijing. After getting corporate sponsorship for 50 undergraduates including herself, she called to her travel agent to book the 50 air tickets. The agent advised her to choose MAS instead of AirAsia as it was cheaper at that period. She confirmed booked 50 MAS air tickets to Beijing on the first flight out on Saturday March 8, 2014, scheduled at 00:35 am.

A few weeks before 8th March 2014, the student exchange program was suddenly cancelled without any reason given. They later chose and went to Vietnam instead for the exchange student program on 12th April 2014.

When MH370 went missing, Dyana felt the date March 8 meant something. She looked at the booking details – she had booked MH370 for March 8, 2014. She froze. She did not reveal to the group about the MH370 booking for fear they might had freaked out.

Dyana second divine intervention story was when she went scuba diving on 28 September 2013 in Perhentian Island, off Trengganu, on the East coast. It was a group dive, and all dive equipment was checked. This was her first ever dive lessons and she was on the last dive which was the deepest of all. They went deeper than 10m which means you can’t come straight up for air.

They were about 3/4 time into the group dive. She suddenly noticed that she couldn’t breathe at all. She looked at her gauge and there was 0 oxygen left! She did not panic at all and signalled to her dive instructor the “no air” hand sign. It took quite a while for her instructor to come and give her his oxygen mouthpiece and they slowly surface. The instructor praised her for not panicking. Her oxygen tank must have accidentally leaked as all the other oxygen tanks had the same amount of more than a quarter oxygen level left.

A month earlier there was a case where a student panicked and the senior dive instructor who had many years of experience died from the panic struggle while saving the student. So this incident could have turned deadly.

On the drive back to their hotel which was passed sunset, Dyana heard the most beautiful, celestial, and melodious Azan in her life (the Muslim call to ritual prayer from the minaret of a mosque). The azan was distinctive, but not loud. She looked around the group who were mainly Muslim women in the van and was irritated that they were laughing loudly and not observing silence which is a customary practice during azan.

She reminded her group to observe silence during azan, but they stared at her. They did not hear any azan at all. One even commented that it must be some rustling leaves.

That night, Dyana cried alone to herself as she realized that it was divine intervention that saved her from drowning, and the azan which she was the only one who heard it was an enlightenment moment and divine sign meant only for her soul.
For the second time she was saved by divine intervention from drowning in the sea as MH370 ended in the Indian Ocean.

I know Angel Brenda got me to hire my first Malay Intern, Dyana, so that I am aware of this angelic intervention story.


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Second story: A Freescale Semiconductor engineer was saved from MH370 by angelic intervention because it was his wedding day.

Robren’s own younger first cousin who works for Freescale Semiconductor (now called NXP Semiconductor), was supposed to go on a business trip on MH370. But “coincidentally” his wedding day was the same day of MH370 on 8th March 2014. Therefore, through divine intervention he cheated death.

He recalled the “last supper” a week earlier, eating with nine of the twenty Freescale managers, twelve from Malaysia and eight from China who were on MH370 flight to Beijing.


Third story: The Ghost of MH370 Captain Zaharie whispered what happened to MH370

8th March is the seventh anniversary of MH370, the biggest mystery in aviation history.

Angel Whisperer Robren asked Angel Brenda, his late wife, co-coach, twin soul and guardian angel to connect him with MH370 Captain Zaharie. Through a series of whisperings and afterlife signs, this is what Robren found out.

Who flew MH370?
Captain Zaharie. Robren found out who flew MH370 four days after the disappearance of MH370 , from his whisperings with Angel Brenda, way before international aviation experts revealed this in 2018: The Situation Room – What really happened to the missing Boeing 777 | 60 Minutes Australia

Where did MH370 landed?
Captain Zaharie whispered to Robren that he flew MH370 until it nearly ran out of fuel. I couldn’t get him to whisper to me where exactly was the sunrise in relation to him. Had he whispered to me the visual angle of the Sun was 90 degrees on his left, it would mean he flew south to the Indian Ocean near Australia.

But Robren realized on 9th March 2020 that Captain Zaharie never saw the sunrise as it was around 4am local time zone when it landed around what Robren calls the MH370 Madagascar Arc. When Robren was in Maldives in 2016 he sensed that Captain Zaharie flew over Maldives.

It was well documented that his home had home flight simulator where flight simulation to Maldives was logged for nearly ten months in 2013-2014 period.

Captain Zaharie landed MH370 on the surface of the Indian Ocean until just before it ran out of fuel.
MH370 eventually sank mainly intact in one piece. Robren believe that MH370 could be found along MH370 Madagascar Arc as most MH370 debris was found near Madagascar area in Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mozambique and South Africa.

As no MH370 debris was found along Western Australian beaches, this should be a strong clue that MH370 had more likely landed on the MADAGASCAR-AFRICAN side of the Indian Ocean. Seven Circles of Satellite Pings (7 white lines) received intersected with Maximum Fuel Level (thin red line). Where MH370 ended (thick red line).

The red Madagascar Arc is where they should search for MH370, where MH370 most likely ended.

What happened to MH370
Captain Zaharie switched off the transponders, asked his co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid to go to toilet and get him a cold drink. He locked him out. When Fariq came back he and some of the crew started to bang on the cockpit door but Captain Zaharie did not respond.

Instead he flew upwards towards over 40,000 feet, depressurized the cabin to knock out the Crew. He flew back to Malaysia, had a last look at his hometown Penang, tried to escape the domestic and military radars in West Malaysia and Sumatra, and flew towards Maldives.

He flew MH370 until it was almost empty of fuel. MH370 eventually sank mainly intact in one piece, with some broken off pieces like a right wing flaperon.

Nearly ALL suicide pilot air crashes happened very quickly within LESS THAN 40 MINUTES AFTER DEPARTURE.


Three Case Studies of Pilot Suicide:

Germanwings 9525 Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane after locking out his Captain on 24th March 2015 – 40 minutes after take-off.

Gameel Al-Batouti deliberately crashed EgyptAir 990 on 31st October 1990 – 32 minutes after take-off.

Captain Tsu suspected to have crashed SilkAir Flight 185 on 19th December 1997 – 35 minutes after take-off.


WHY did Captain Zaharie flew for more than six hours, switched off all transponders, made no Mayday calls, flew pass his hometown Penang for one last look, and seemingly avoided air traffic control RADAR. WHY?

Remembering MH370.


The Robren Show: The truth about MH370!


Written by: Whisperer Robren
Whisperer Robren is the Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code.
Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.

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Re-published on 8th March 2021, on the occasion of the 8th Anniversary of MH370

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UPDATE inn video (5th March 2021): My latest interpretation from my Whisperings with Angel Brenda reveals that this Anwar Ibrahim story is NO longer relevant. I’m still trying to find the answer to this question of WHY, what is Captain Zaharie’s motive. Maybe we’ll never know why.

The 3 Ghost Encounters of The Seventh Kind of MH370 (The 8th Anniversary of MH370)