Plan Your Learning & Development Plan for 2022: Your Choice of The Top 16 Most Requested MasterClasses

[1] How to lead Breakthrough Changes (Kotter’s 8-Phase Change Process)

[2] How to Recover from Covid-19 using The 9 New Norms: 1. Teleworking 2. HR & Talent

3. Change 4. Entrepreneurship 5. Leadership 6. Service & Sales 7. Gender & Youth

8. Creativity & Marketing 9. Digital Transformation
[3] How to produce brilliant ideas with The 4 Creative Thinking Hats

[4] How to instill The 7 Principles of Diamond Leadership

[5] How to build and align your team with The 7 Principles of Gold Mindset

[6] How to create Peak Performance Teams with CQ & EQ (change & emotional intelligence)

[7] How to be a fearless, bold spirit, transform fear into power, repulse massive rejection (Sales Training)

[8] How to use The Law of Repulsion to Reprogram The 22 Human Conditioning, limiting beliefs, and attract success

[9] How to transform from Living Negatively in Crisis to Living The 7 Principles of Positivity

[10] How to Manage my Time and Life

[11] How to set KPI Goals for The 9 Life Areas: 1. self 2. family 3. relationships 4. health

5. wealth 6. career 7. hobbies 8. social 9. purpose

[12] How to master The 9 Deadly Vices that enslave you

[13] How to overcome your Dark Side

[14] How to build The 7 Principles of Self-Esteem: 1. Awareness 2. Accountability

3. Acceptance 4. Assertiveness 5. Abundance 6. Integrity 7. Purpose

[15] How to use powerful, memorable symbols and numbers for your personal branding,

product branding, speaking, charity, design, PR and marketing strategies.

My Personal Branding & My Niche

[16] How to use The 7 Principles of Higher Consciousness

Specalist Subjects by Top Experts

[ ] Creative Customer Service & Sales Training

[ ] Training ROI

[ ] Unleash the Superhero in you
[ ] Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (Gender Training in Leadership and Sales)

[ ] Digital Transformation & eCommerce

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7 reasons why top brands trust Robren

7 reasons why top brands trust Robren

1. “CEO-Celebrity Whisperer”. He has trained over 250,000 students as an international keynote speaker, corporate trainer, a prolific writer, author, and a YouTuber. He has 42 years of expertise.

2. “Father of Asian FireWalking”. If he can train you how to walk on 650⁰C, he can transform your life.
3. He spent over $100 million on creating marketing, A&P budgets while working as a Copywriter for 2 top ad agencies, Leo Burnett Hong Kong and Wunderman Thompson. He invested massively in learning from world’s best authors and pioneers in human potential movement like Alexander Everett, Money & You, Landmark, Asiaworks, certified NLP Trainer, a US-Certified Trainer for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

4. Robren is Asia’s #1 Change Expert. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations and Top Brands such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, CLP Power Hong Kong, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Genting, Tabung Haji, Tenaga Nasional, and over 300 CEOs in Malaysia’s Silicon Valley.
5. He has been widely featured in the media such as TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, SCMP, The Star, and Sin Chew.

6. Well known for his long “Buddha’s Ears”, he created The 7 Principles Series, The Law of Repulsion, the most significant life-changing programming since NLP. He used TLOR to settle a US$2m defamation High Court suit, without using a lawyer or spending a single cent.

7. Host of The Robren Show (tagline: Ideas that inspire1) & Robren Talk (a long version of Ted Talk). Previous quests ex-PM Mahathir, Siti Nurhaliza, Kamarudin Meranun, Rich Bernstein (Mars Venus), Craig Santy (Hollywood producer of Resident Evil, Looper). Robren Group was at the Forefront to help Asian organizations bounce back from 2003 SARS when Hong Kong was the world’s SARS epicenter. Once again with Covid-19, Robren Group is at the forefront to implement The 9 New Norms to Covid-19 Recovery and Leadership Transformation.

50% Off (Covid-19 Recovery) Pilot Offer - to help organizations transform & recover from Covid-19

50% Off (Covid-19 Recovery) Pilot Offer – to help organizations transform & recover from Covid-19

In support of Covid-19 Recovery, we are offering you 50% OFF for your FIRST Pilot Workshop or Assignment in:
1. L&D masterclass/ 1-2 hour PowerTalk
2. Talent search
3. Digital Transformation training
4. HR masterclass.
You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Note: The 50% Pilot Rate does not apply for long-term projects or retainer consultancy.

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Movsha Speakers Bureau

Movsha Speakers Bureau


Movsha is coined word, by combining “MOVers” and “SHAkers” (i.e. people who initiate events and influence people).
Movsha Speaker Bureau is a division of ChangeU and Robren eWorld.

Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +6013 7659 228

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Published: 2 March 2022.

Plan your L&D Plan and Recruitment Plan for 2022. Fire up your team in your Annual Conference with Movsha Speaker Bureau!