You probably had some idea that reality TV shows are, to a certain extent, staged and scripted. This is usually done to increase the drama and boost the ratings. It might be called a reality TV show, but you should not let this fool you! There are even times when they are totally fake from the very beginning!

The Apprentice

People credit this reality TV show for putting the current POTUS in the limelight. The premise involves several businessmen and celebrities as they interview for a job at a company owned by Donald Trump. Like the other shows on the list, the producers drew up a script for the firing segments. On top of that, the contestants were informed that would be “fired” even before the scene took place. The worst thing, in our opinion, is that the winner did not get anything more than bragging rights.

America’s Got Talent

One Redditor has claimed that this talent show is as fake as its British equivalent. According to the user, the musical acts that seem too good are cut out. In fact, the clips might not even appear on TV at all! They do this because they fear that the contestant will discover the said contestant and whisk them away on a record deal before the end of the show.

Dancing With The Stars

Each season of this show rakes in approximately 8.5 million viewers. But is anything true on the show aside from the dancing? There are celebrities who boast a huge advantage with their backgrounds in the art form. A different person talked about how the show has more to do with personality than skills. On top of that, Wendy Williams was taken out of the second show of the season. This happened since she did not want to follow the script given to her by the producers. There are rumors of fake voting too!

The X Factor

After leaving American Idol, Simon Cowell decided to create his very own talent show. Known as The X Factor, it is also said that the show preselected the people who make it to the stage! Aside from making things more interesting, this is a good way to avoid picking people with the same talents in a single episode. To be fair, this does make it more interesting to watch.

America’s Next Top Model

It makes sense that this show will have its fair share of secrets. After all, it has been on the air for a very long time now. Even though it really does teach new skills to budding models, it is quite rare for anyone declared the victor to enjoy a truly successful modeling career. A lot of the decisions on the show have been rigged. On top of that, a lot of the situations are scripted and forced.


Here is yet another popular reality TV show about cooking competitions! It allegedly gives home chefs the opportunity to audition and fight for the MasterChef title, which comes with $250,000 in prize money. Even though this sounds like a great deal, a former contestant reported that the competition is very fake. According to this person, the participants are made to agree to possibly humiliating and fictionalized portrayals of themselves. Aside from that, they claimed that the editors liked to combine lines of dialogue to make up things that did not happen.

Conversely, MasterChef Australia is reportedly much less “produced,” focusing more on the cooking itself than the interpersonal melodrama.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

How can you possibly be alive in 2020 if you do not know this show? It first came out in 2007 and follows the Kardashian-Jenner family. People watched as the family members reach certain milestones in life. Knowing this, it is not shocking to know that they needed to edit and reshoot various scenes to make things more coherent and cohesive. According to the divorce documents of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Russell Jay claimed that two or more scenes involving Humphries had been reshot or scripted. It turns out that the show relies a lot on the editors to add more drama to the show.

The Biggest Loser

Even though viewers wait to hear how much weight the contestants lost, the fancy technology used in the show is totally fake. As a matter of fact, the contestants have been weighed and measured two days before that happens. On top of that, people have also doubted the qualifications of the medical crew on the show! It is thought that they are not qualified to give out drugs to the contestants. On top of that, it is edited to make it seem like the contestants are more lethargic and lazier than they actually are.

The Voice

A potential competitor has said that the talent show is rigged. A rock singer called Adam Wiener took to Facebook to talk about how the show courted him. He ended up turning the offer down since it is pre-cast. On top of that, the producers chose the songs and music style that the contestants have to perform. Fans were shocked to hear this and began to question how real The Voice is. Reportedly, contestants have to sign “de-humanizing” 32-page contracts that allow the network to eliminate them for any reason, and even “portray (the contestant) in a false light.” Contestants are also prohibited from sharing any behind-the-scenes details about the show.


The premise of this show sounds like the real-life equivalent of The Hunger Games. The contestants are split into teams, abandoned in the wilderness, and participate in various challenges. It is sad to hear that most of the challenges and competitions that take place in the show are fake. Producers have admitted to hiring body doubles for some of these. Aside from that, the participants are asked to reenact various scenes. A former contest on the show claimed that her eviction was rigged as well. Off camera, producers would give contestants food and even help them start a fire. In addition, body doubles are sometimes used to get good aerial shots of the competitions, and producers coach contestants on survival tactics and decide what they should wear.

The Amazing Race

The show follows teams of two who are somehow related to each other as they compete in races and challenges across the globe. A lot of people believe that it is fake since people do not think that it is possible to travel so much for competitions like that. However, they have also noted how the teams have been chosen in a strategic manner. This was probably done to ensure that they have couples of various sexual orientations, ethnicities, and ages.

Hell’s Kitchen

We doubt that this show would be the same if it was not hosted by the foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsay. When it comes to reality TV shows, this has to be one of the most entertaining ones out there. However, you should bear in mind that the show has a script. The customers that eat the meals are paid actors. According to former contestants, producers would deliberately trick the cooks into messing up dishes by switching ingredients and playing pranks on them. If you’ve ever wondered why no one’s thrown a punch at Ramsay for his vicious insults yet, it’s likely because the set is teeming with bodyguards, just outside the camera’s eye.

Project Runway

Just so you know, a show might be very popular but still very fake. A lot of contestants, including Jack Mackenroth and Daniel Esquivel, said that the judging portion on the show is not genuine at all. To be specific, the latter has claimed that the producers had a tendency to tailor the show in such a way that would sensationalize the contests to the highest possible level.

American Pickers

Haggling is the name of the game here! Unfortunately, there is nothing real since the prices have been predetermined beforehand. We usually see rundown locations that have all kinds of amazing deals. It turns out that the producers had representatives check out the places around a month before the actual filming. On top of that, Jack Sophir or “Hobo Jack” is not a hobo at all. He happens to be a successful collector with several buildings to his name. The only time he is called by this moniker is on the show.

Ice Road Truckers

The first season opening theme showed a truck falling through the ice and into freezing water. The whole scene was actually made with the use of miniature models! Even though this is bad enough on its own, cast members have talked about how scripted the show is. It is also edited to make normal people seem like either heroes or villains. Aside from the typical reality TV fakeness, there is also the matter of the producers go extra lengths to make things look even riskier than they are in real life.

Pawn Stars

Who would have thought that this popular History Channel show is almost totally scripted? While the store exists and is owned by the Harrisons, it has since become more of a tourist spot than anything else. The stars do not work regular hours there anymore, thanks to Nevada privacy laws. Aside from this, the cast members have already agreed with the sellers about the price point before the episode is shot.

Deadliest Catch

It is already bad enough that the show is fake, but it also creates more problems for fishermen! You are probably wondering how. The producers pay the TV fishing crews, so they do not need to meet the quotas for fishing. This is the reason they can edge out their fellow fishermen when it comes to the price. The existence of the show has made things hard in the industry! On top of that, the show is heavily reliant on editing to make the storylines seem even more dramatic.

American Idol

In 2001, American Idol made its debut on the small screen and proved to be a hit. It starts with singing auditions in different parts of the country until the judges find someone deserving of the title. The vast majority of the hopefuls do not have a chance, but not for the reason that you think. It is said that scouts have already been deployed to search for great singers even before the auditions start.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

This must be one of the most popular reality TV shows out there right now. The drag queens in the show always wow us with their lip-synching skills and celebrity impersonations. Even though we love how fierce they are, the waistlines and counters are not the only things that make illusions. One participant revealed that the producers add soundbites out of context to whip up storylines.

Kitchen Nightmares

Reality TV simply would not be the same if it were not for Gordon Ramsey. However, he has been called out for the way this show operates. Apparently, it made a Manhattan restaurant seem worse than it truly was. He even got sued for it! In the end, however, the plaintiff decided to drop the lawsuit.

Last Comic Standing

While it was still running, this show had been on the lookout for undiscovered talent. It handed these folks cash prizes or exposure for the act of competing. In reality, the producers contributed to the vote more than the contestants and judges did. When the winner was declared, this made everyone furious. Aside from that, the show also uses many edits to make good performances look worse than they were.

I Am Cait

Caitlyn Jenner made headlines with her gender transition. This show documents what it was like for her to stay true to herself after all the difficulties that she went through. Before we go on, we want you to know that the first season was real. But this cannot be said for the one that came after it. Since fans already learned about the transition by then, the producers came up with fake scenarios for season two.

The Osbournes

The Osbourne family walked so that the Kardashian-Jenner clan could run. The show seemed to go all out and even came with a lot of swearing from Kelly, Jack, Sharon, and Ozzy. Fans loved this weird yet loving family. It also showed a lot of antics that elicited laughter from the viewers. Sadly, everything that happened on the show was fake because it was mostly scripted. Producers would tell them what to do in every single episode of the reality show.

Jon And Kate Plus 8

We want you to know that you are lucky if you have managed to escape learning about the drama on this show. If not, join the club. Anyway, the show has never really talked about how hard it is to raise eight kids. We really doubt that it is possible to do such a thing without running into problems. The children were real, of course, but the personalities and the premise of the show were fake.

Beauty and the Geek

As the title suggests, this reality TV show paired off gorgeous ladies and nerdy guys to participate in challenges. On the show, the geeks were portrayed to be awkward men who can’t hold a conversation with women. This was not true at all. Apparently, one of them even had a girlfriend at the time. On top of that, the producers allegedly hired actors to portray several contestants on the show.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

We can’t deny that it is very amusing to watch both of these shows. Sadly, it is a lot less natural than the producers want you to think. Rumors claim that the stars are fed the lines beforehand. Aside from that, they coax the dramatic contestants into certain situations for the sake of drama. The rose ceremony has also been planned. The cast is chosen so carefully that they already know who will make it to the finals!


It is pretty amazing to watch Jo Frost turn rowdy children into angels in only a span of a week. However, we doubt that anyone really thinks that this is realistic. We had been right to think that it takes place a little too fast. The producers allegedly give the kids instructions about when to throw tantrums and when to cry. If this is true, then it pretty much discredits everything about the show.


Marriage is no laughing matter. Even though it is an important new chapter in life, the ladies on the show like to take it too far. Usually, the bride comes across as a demanding and spoiled princess. It feels like they turn into bridezillas at the smallest inconveniences. Not all the brides have been thrilled with the way they were treated on the show. One of the participants claims that she had been tricked into believing that she was joining a documentary called Manhattan Brides. On the other hand, a different bride confirmed that this also happened to her and sued the show for the misdirection.

Britain’s Got Talent

The British equivalent of the popular American talent show features diverse contestants showcasing their talents. It has dancers, acrobats, magicians, and every other thing that you can possibly imagine. At one point, a dog even blew the viewers away. In 2005, the victor was declared to be the “Jules and Matisse” dog act. In reality, the results had been rigged. The producers took out a dog that resembled Matisse because the real one had been too scared to perform such an extreme stunt.

Restaurant Stakeout

Restaurateur Willie Degel put up cameras in an eatery that had not been faring very well. This was done in an attempt to find out what was going wrong. The setup was supposed to catch employees who were not working properly. After that, he would confront them and possibly even fire them as dramatically as possible. For your information, this is almost completely fake. The owner of the restaurant in the first season said that the Food Network contacted them and ran a screen-test on the employees before they started filming. Aside from that, the customers were asked to behave as obnoxiously as possible.

Long Island Medium

As a medium, Theresa Caputo claimed that she can connect clients with their late loved ones. While the premise of the show is undoubtedly interesting, we can see why there are people who found it dubious from the very start. She has been involved in a controversy because she allegedly has information about audiences and clients that appear on the show. Producers get to know these people from background checks, questionnaires, and social media. They then feed Caputo what they have found out. While Caputo has never admitted to being no more than a performer, she’s been the subject of exposés by Inside EditionWired Magazine, and several other publications.

Undercover Boss

If you have ever worked with a horrible coworker, you probably love the idea of watching someone like them be punished. On the show, bosses want to find out what happens when they are not around and infiltrates the crew. This is a good way to figure out what needs to be done within the business, after all. In reality, it is scripted. Worse, the bosses do not follow through on the promises they made to workers.

The Jerry Springer Show

Is this really all that surprising? After all, this must be among the most outlandish things that TV history has ever seen. You do not even have to be the most observant person out there to realize that it is not as authentic as it wants to seem. Just to be clear, the storylines and guests are not truthful at all.


This Food Network is a hit among fans! Chefs have to compete against each other in a cook-off. They are handed a set of ingredients that they need to use to whip up dinner courses for the judges. One by one, they are eliminated until only one remain. While the timed challenges are real, the show is not quite as genuine as it seems to be. At first, the producers would intentionally short common ingredients on the show to increase the tension among the participants. Even though they no longer do this, they continue to cut corners. Chefs are given a lot of time to go through the pantry in order to think of the dishes that they can make. The best dish is not always declared the winners and nor is the worst dish always eliminated either. Sometimes, they declare the person with the best story the victor instead.


This fascinating program highlights terrible surgeries that medical professionals swoop in to fix. Many things that happen on the show are fabricated or false. The same rings true for the patients who appear on the show. The premise of the show might be true, but the crew on the show likes to add more medical gore and drama to keep the viewers hooked. We know that it is fake, but we can’t look away!


The show follows the daily happenings in the Busby house. It is fascinating to see how the couple raises five young kids. Sadly, the show is very scripted and flawed. “We may have two big scenes in the show, but the producers may ask us to talk about a particular subject in one scene,” Adam Busby once said.

Wife Swap

This show was another hit among the viewers. It was popular during its run of nine years. On the show, drama and conflict ensued as wives walked into new households and swapped old rules out for new ones. It later came to light that the producers asked the contestants to behave in a certain manner. On top of that, the producers created the manuals as well! We are not shocked to hear that the clips were edited to fit the narrative that they wanted to use for the families. One contestant was not even with the partner that he was paired with on the show.

American Ninja Warrior

All right, there is no way that you can fake those athletic skills and strength. We are blown away by what they do on the show! On the other hand, however, it is annoying to hear that the show is not all that truthful. It turns out that a lot of things on the show are shot again and again until the cast gets it right.


This has to be one of the most popular pranking shows ever! Was the show real or was it all staged? The answer is that it is only real some of the time. There are times in which the pranks and the reactions were real, but the show used fakery too. Some celebs were already aware and just went along with it.

Ghost Hunters

Not only has this show enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years, but it has also paved the way for more spinoffs. However, it has been accused of being a fake reality TV show in the past as well. According to a former case manager called Donna Lacroix, the viewers had been correct to think like that.

Cash In The Attic

This British show thrilled the viewers like nothing else. After all, it is fun to watch them help people look for treasures in the attic and sell the items in an auction. While there is no competition here, there is still money involved in the sale of the items. But the whole show was nothing more than a scam. One of them said that there was nothing of value in the house, so they planted a vase and paintings instead!


The show follows a hopeless teenager with goals and helps them hone the talents that they need to make their dreams come true. Some of the people on the show wanted to be a star athlete or a surfer. In reality, the featured teenagers are already skilled in the area. The inexperience is all for show!

My Strange Addiction

Anyone who has seen an episode of the show knows that it can get very dramatic and over-the-top. The topics come in many forms. The list includes an addiction to eating paint, bee stings, being an adult baby, and the like. With that in mind, we are sure that the team dramatizes them more often than not.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Sorry, but it turns out that this show is just as fake as all the other real estate shows out there. Have you noticed how picky the couples are about the houses? It turns out that there is a reason behind this. Even before they are filmed, they have already bought a home. This is why they have to walk through the fake houses and give out ridiculous reasons to shoot them down. All of these things are done to follow the format of the show. A realtor on the show even said that it was required for the clients to either be new homeowners or have a contract for a home already.

Millionaire Matchmaker

The Patti Stranger show is made up of things that do not normally make it to regular reality TV shows. Sadly, the show is actually full of lies. Her team is comprised of actors, and they hardly check the folks who appear on the show. It does not help that Patti herself does not practice what she preaches either. A lot of the people you see on the show join the team look for good entertainment and not true love.

My Super Sweet 16

It is quite surprising to think that so many people thought that this show was true. The show follows rich teens throwing awesome sweet 16 parties. It felt like the more extreme it was, the better. There were a lot of tears and meltdowns on the show, but many of them had been nothing more than acts for the cameras. Considering what we know about the industry by now, it should not be all that shocking.

Cake Boss

This cooking show, led by a business owner by the name of Buddy Valastro, proved to be a hit among viewers in no time at all. The team made the most intricate and gorgeous cake designs we have ever seen. While it was a dramatic show, things were not as they seemed. You see, Valastro is only ever at the shop when they are taping. Aside from that, the producers also stage certain weddings and events.

Teen Mom

To be fair, MTV does not have a reputation for authentic reality TV shows. This show was a lot like the ones that we have discussed early in the article. It came out after 16 and Pregnant, which shows what it was like for young moms after giving birth. A lot of arrests, breakups, and drama that took place were real. Sadly, the producers also liked to edit conversations so that they sound more dramatic.

Divorce Court

It is clear that reality TV needs drama to survive. We can think of nothing more dramatic than marital problems and divorces. This show is all about the problems and drama that come up in marriage. It listens to the two parties and hopes to reach a resolution between them. It has been revealed that it is all fake, however. A tipster said that their daughter and her boyfriend had been recruited to appear on the show even though they were not married. On top of that, they were given a fake backstory as well. So well, in fact, that it is one of the longest-running syndicated television shows in history.


Here was another hit MTV show! It featured celebrities giving the viewers a tour of their house. Fans were blown away by the luxurious details of their homes. It was on the air for 13 years and featured many famous celebrities. However, the truth has since come out. A woman went on to sue MTV because it portrayed her leased house as the crib of Ja Rules. Oops. It seems that even celebrities can be insecure about their wealth. Why else would they rent houses just to show them off on TV?

The Real World

There is nothing all that unusual about the premise of this show. It follows the same thing done by other reality shows on the list, after all. This is all about rich people creating drama and backstabbing each other! We are not surprised at all to hear that they simply put on a show to spice things up.

Naked And Afraid

On the show, participants are taken to exotic places, stripped naked, and filmed as they attempt to survive on their own. Some contestants have revealed that things are not what they seem on the show. For one, it relies heavily on the editors. Aside from that, the production team hands the participants amenities not readily available in the wild. We are talking about items like supplements, prescription medication, and tampons. Oh well, it was hard to believe the premise from the very beginning anyway. According to former participants, the remote locations the nude survivalists are sent to aren’t as remote as the show makes it seem — it’s common for the participants to interact with locals, though this is never shown on TV. 

Made in Chelsea

We have another British show on the list! Made in Chelsea is all about the people who live in this posh part of London. There is always some kind of drama going on among the youth in the show. However, most of these instances are actually fake! Some stars have revealed that the producers made scripts and staged various scenarios. A former star explained that they would receive a call early in the morning. It often came with instructions about what to do, where to go, and how to act!


The hit MTV show is hosted by Max and Nev. They try to solve the identity of “who is really behind these profiles.” We know that it is a pretty unusual premise, but it is interesting because so many people catfish these days. Even so, the show is not exactly as truthful as it claims to be. The producers are said to do the entire thing in reverse! Apparently, the people who catfish are the ones who apply to be on it.

Breaking Amish

Allow us to tell you the truth about this fascinating TV show. Jezebel has reported that based on official documents, the stars of the show had actually left the community a long time ago. This does not align with the claims of the show. After all, they allegedly ventured into the outside world for the “first time.”

Famously Single

The reality show from E! Network shows coaches as they try to set up single celebrities who people. The stars live together, undergo therapy sessions, and talk about their quest to look for love. Fans have been suspicious since they are not exactly the best actors. It is easy to spot that many things that happen on the show are staged. People from their past and other celebrities are thrown into the mix as well!

Love It or List It

You should not trust the outcome when it comes to the listings. The truth is that the team films two outcomes for every episode. One is a “list it” outcome, and the other is a “love it” result. A couple on the show recorded the two endings like every other participant. They lived in the house and loved it, but fans who watched the show will think that they listed it! The real outcome does not matter to the show.

House Hunters

This is one of the most successful TV shows on HGTV. It is unfortunate to hear that it is just another fake show. The participants have already chosen the house that they will buy even before they appear in front of the cameras! There are also times when they have already bought the house. What makes it all so much worse is the fact that the show sometimes hires young actors to play the role of homeowners.

Let’s Make a Deal

The contestants of Let’s Make A Deal are not chosen at random. The producers choose the weirdest folks they can find in the audience! They tell the viewers to be crazy, exciting, and wild. After that, the producers ask them a number of ‘interview’ questions before they make it inside the set. In reality, this is how they determine who is going to be picked for every deal.

The Hills

It feels like this show did every single thing on the reality TV show checkbook. Teen angst, backstabbing, and lovers’ quarrel were common on the show. Apparently, it is very, very scripted. According to Spencer Pratt, he and Heidi Montag once had to shoot the same scene 15 times. This was when she thought that she was “pregnant,” after which he reacted with outrage. The producers also admitted that they cast several people on the show. This includes Lauren’s best friend at work.

Family Game Night

Did you know that the answers on the show are planned in advance? “I was on Family Game Night after being on the right street at the right time in California. There are certain cards you aren’t supposed to pick because they have nothing behind them. And when it’s your time to pick a game, they give you like six choices. In reality, they tell you there’s only two they have set up and ready to go. All of the answers and games are preplanned. Most of the time, the family has already been on the vacation they won so they can show a picture the following week of them in their destination,” a previous contestant said.


When the show was on the air, it was one of the most popular E! shows out there. It followed the lives of sports stars’ wives. The show relied on fabricated scenarios that the producers arranged among the women to make things more interesting for the audience. The marriage breakdowns might have been genuine, but the competitiveness and conversations among the ladies were not true at all. Apart from that, the producers liked to bring in women who were not dating athletes simply to spice things up.

90 Day Fiance

There are a lot of things wrong about this show from the very beginning. It pretty much exploits foreigners who marry Americans for a K-1 visa more than anything else. What makes it even harder is that the couple has to marry within 90 days. If that does not happen, their tourist visa is going to expire. This means that they have to go home or get deported. It is only natural for a show with this premise to be full of tension, but the producers like to add fuel to the flame to add more drama to the scenes.

Cupcake Wars

This show starts out with four contestants from different bakeries across the United States. They compete against each other in three cupcake baking rounds in the hopes of bagging to chance to appear in an event that showcases a thousand cupcakes. More often than not, the first round has a challenge that involves the use of unconventional cupcake ingredients. However, the rumors claim that they are already aware of the ingredients even before they are revealed on the show.

What Not To Wear

We love the premise of this show, but it is not as fun as you might have in mind. The participants on the show receive $5,000 to get a total makeover and redo their wardrobe. It turns out that it comes with several drawbacks, however. The producers throw out their original clothes and donate them to charity! The participants also have to shoulder tax on the items that they buy. On top of all of that, the clothes are tailored to fit them to perfection. However, they have to shoulder the cost of the alternation as well.

Alaskan Bush People

Do you think you have what it takes to live off the land in the Alaskan wilderness? This show from the Discovery Channel is about “a newly discovered family who was born and raised wild.” However, the story falls apart as soon as the show came out. It starts with the neighbors saying that they did not live in the wild. Instead, they lived at the Icy Strait Lodge in Hoonah, Alaska. Aside from that, people living in the area said that they only use the “bush home” when the cameras are rolling.

Mountain Men

If we have to pick a word to describe this History Channel show, it has to be “exaggerated.” The stars on the show have admitted that they only put on the rough personas for the cameras. On top of that, they actually have more money than they pretend they do. On top of all that, many of the dangerous things that happen on the show are nothing more than staged recreations.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

One of the volunteers who worked on the show talked about his experience in the past. According to him, the producers filmed “camera-ready” volunteers a bit during the day. However, the truth is that they are only there for show. You see, a proper crew later comes in to do real work on the house.

Storage Wars

When David Hester was fired from the show, he let the entire world know that the show has a script it follows. The same goes for the interviews they do. He said that the producers set up the storage locker by planting interesting items in them as well. Aside from that, he also said that the auctions are fake.

Paranormal Survivor

Paranormal Survivor’s first season included elements that made it appear amateurish. The majority of it was due to the use of re-enactors and some low-budget ghost effects. We’re guessing it’s because of financial constraints. Season two, on the other hand, has improved the situation. They’ve improved the special effects and re-enactments by hiring experienced actors. We’re awestruck by the acting talent, but it was the acting that brought the paranormal Survivor to life.

What On Earth

We were really looking forward to seeing the show because we thought they’d have some great top-secret information that we didn’t know about. They just show ridiculous objects with more stupid explanations for why they’re there. Not only that, but they have a staff of phony scientists, and to make matters worse, they reuse old information in new episodes. It’s horrible that they can call these new episodes and get away with it. You’ll get to the point faster and get better answers if you do some wiki searching and look at strange Google map pictures.

The Simple Life

Viewers simply could not get enough of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie doing menial work in small towns all over the country. We will be the first ones to say that it was a hilarious show. However, Paris later admitted that the producers asked them to act more like a troublemaker and a ditzy blonde than they really are. She also said that it was fun to play the airhead and use a baby voice. As a matter of fact, she still has a habit of using this persona! The show was on the air for five years, so it makes sense.

The Real Housewives

To be honest with you, there is nothing new about speculation that it is scripted. However, it was only confirmed when Theresa Guidice swore under oath and revealed that this is the case. The producers have already planned the meetings between the woman in advance. Aside from that, the same is also true for the big fights that they have among the group. Yikes.

Basketball Wives

The stars of the show are women who are married to some of the biggest NBA stars. However, it turns out that they are not all happy about the way things are run. A former cast member called Matt Barnes has spoken about how staged and scripted everything is on the show. This claim was backed by Tanya Young. She shared that the producers would pit the ladies against each other for the drama.

Paris Hilton’s My New BFF

How obvious is it that this one was fake? Despite this, the show is still marketed as a reality TV show. Anyway, it follows Paris Hilton as she looks for a new best friend. Of course, this took place after she and Nicole had a falling out. There was a lot of drama, but none of them were as real as they claim to be.

Jersey Shore

The world first met the cast of the show in 2009. While the stars are friends in real life, it does not show the truth about their lives. According to extras and locals, many of the things that happen on the show were planned in advance. There was a lawyer who lived across the street and claimed that he had seen them practice the walkabouts. Not only that, but it is also said that they reshoot the scenes from various angles. Essentially, they have rehearsed all the facial expressions and dialogue that we see and hear.

Pimp My Ride

If you were alive during the early 2000s, you must have heard of this show! Back then, it was one of the biggest things in the world of reality TV. A rapper called Xzibit showed up at the front door of various people and give their car a makeover. Apparently, it is all for show since the makeover was purely cosmetic. A person on the show even said that the car could hardly run when it was returned to them. There were also times when it would take as long as six months before the cars were taken care of.

Duck Dynasty

This show follows the Robertsons from Louisiana. The family runs its very own duck-hunting business, which is the focus of the show. Everyone on the cast is related either by blood or through marriage. This is all true, but the producers tend to add ‘dramatic’ elements to keep things interesting. Not only that but it is also said that the production team adds ‘bleeps’ even when none of them have been cursing.

Ghost Brothers

Ghosts have never appeared on demand, and they never will. Does it matter whether Ghost Brothers is a fake if the program gives thrills and chills? The original Ghost Brothers starred Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey, the first African-American paranormal research team on television.

Auction Hunters

You read the following introduction at the start of each episode: “Each year Allen Haff and Ton Jones dig through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasures. These are the stories of their most rare and valued discoveries.” Each episode appears to be a replay of authentic true-life events, according to the program. No, it’s not real; Auction Hunters is a staged production. The show’s stars are Allen and Clinton Jones, both of whom are actors. All of the storage units are set up, with items that are miraculously priceless.

The Dead Files

The physical medium Amy Allan and an ex-NYPD homicide detective named Steve star in The Dead Files TV show, and they always perform separate investigations of the different sites before meeting up at the conclusion of each episode to compare notes. Otherwise, it’s similar to other paranormal TV shows, which means there’s little reason to believe it’s real.

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Published: 23 February 2022.

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