Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all, you realise that there are people who risk it all for fame and fortune even using the pulpit to manipulate and scam the public. He calls himself Doctor Miz Mzwake Tancredi and he is the leader of New Life Church in the Vaal in South Africa. A seemingly successful young preacher but as it turns out it was all part of a grand scam. Frank Ndlayana is his real name a former student at Vaal University of Technology (VUT) where he was kicked out for exam fraud. As irony would have it Ndlayana was studying for a National Diploma in Safety Management.

The young charismatic preacher was allegedly expelled from (VUT) after he hired someone to go and sit an exam on his behalf. Ndlayana is said to have forged a student ID and sent in someone else in his place to sit an exam for him. However, things did not go as planned for him as his plan failed which resulted in him being expelled. Being ever the scammer he did not leave the campus of the University entirely he continued to interact and further his scamming shenanigans, manipulating and stealing from the students albeit through a church that he set up on campus. His network grew and he soon teamed up with other well known charlatans and he rebranded and renamed his church ‘New Life’ His life of scamming had taken a new twist. Ndlayana continued with his life as a pulpit con artist, faking miracles. One of his former associates recently disclosed to this publication ( Report Focus News) that Ndlayana had put a lot of lives in danger and had perhaps caused unnecessary deaths of people in the Vaal and perhaps beyond the Vaal.

Ndlayana, it is alleged faked HIV results by tempering with tests kits which he would corrupt by placing them in a microwave. It is said that a batch of rapid HIV kits would be acquired by the church for these so-called healing session ( Ndlayana would have people at the back of the church posing as medical health professionals nurses and doctors) and from that batch genuine test kits would be used to record the HIV results and those who would have tested positive would then be given a fake prayer and some oil. Then immediately taken back for yet another rapid test in the church, ( by those same hired actors playing nurses and doctors) but this time the batch that was previously tempered with (microwaved) would be used and an HIV negative reading would be recorded.

A very cruel and evil scam that gave false hope to people who would have been on ARV’s what’s worse is he would then ask them to surrender all their ARV’s and instruct them to stop taking any medication because they were healed as he claimed. This sort of manipulation and abuse of the vulnerable is not only immoral but criminal.

The same Ndlayana continued to scam and extend his tentacles of manipulation and fraud focusing on establishing himself as a household name in the Vaal. As cover up for his nefarious activities he set up a foundation/charity the Tancredi Foundation which has basically tried to run PR stunts as a distraction from his scamming shenanigans. Most recently the Tancredi Foundation claimed to have bought/donated 300 Rand worth of fuel to a hundred drivers at a fuel station in the Vaal.

This came after Ndlayana was exposed for a number of scams by those who were previously in his church. As a way of damage control and a PR stunt to clean up his name his foundation also went out to donate a few food parcels which included maize meal a type of flour used to prepare (Pap) a local staple food in South Africa. Ndlayana’s latest move has been to have some of his followers to rally around him and campaign for him to get an honorary degree at VUT the college from which he was expelled for fraud. Indeed there is no honour or shame in this fraudster Frank Ndlayana who already has given himself the title ‘Doctor’ He goes by the name Dr Miz Mzwake Tancredi now.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by a staff reporter in reportfocusnews.com on 29 September, 2020

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The Law of Repulsion: Repulsing religious scammers!


Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  ~ I John 4 

3 Ways to Identify False Prophets:
1. False prophets love money
2. False prophets love power, its about miracles
3. False prophets focus on themselves

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