I kept hitting the back of my neck many times but nothing was working – as there was actually no food object stuck to dislodge! I thought I need to try different things as within a few minutes I knew I will black out from lack of oxygen and turn purple. And I was all alone in my home.

I went to kitchen counter by the window. I told myself to calm down. I instinctively remembered the night before it felt calming to lie on my chest. I laid flat on my chest on the kitchen counter by the window. I noticed I could actually manage to get some very tiny gasps of air. That was the first time after a few terrifying minutes I managed to breathe, first starting very little, all the time with heavy convulsing actions.

I had flashbacks that I had used this ‘play dead’ position lying face down, to cheat death or to escape a killing, in my past lives.

I surrendered.
I stopped fighting, I let go, with the flow.

I surrender all my problems to my Angels and God.”
“I have spiritual solutions to every problem”
These 2 sentences arepart of my Daily Affirmations.

Suddenly I felt deep calm – equanimity. Through my Seventh Psychic Sense (Claircognizance), I knew my Angels were there for me, and I still have some work and role to play as The Angel Whisperer. I felt I’ll be OK. This is not my time yet. It was not meant to be.

Spirituality and Higher Consciousness should be real easy.
There is no need to fight, to defend, to prove, to attack, to feel insulted, be overly sensitive, hurt or ashamed.

There is compassion for the self and all others.

Had I continued panicking I would have died!
Keeping calm, relaxed all super-tensed up muscles fighting to live, enough for me to slowly start breathing. I also thought that postponing my third vaccination also saved my life as I would have been weaker, with more complications to cloud my mind and spirit.

I cheated death for the sixth time.

I have cheated death 5 times previously. The first two were in Australia, a brake failure and sleeping on the wheel while driving from Melbourne to Sydney, right after this I established Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in May 1981 in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, with my eldest brother Tom.

The third was from an undetected heat stroke on Redang island. I didn’t realize I was totally dehydrated from a bad diarrhea and I was snorkeling during noon day sun in the deceptive coolness of the South China Sea. I had vertigo and could not lift my head. Brenda literally pulled me out of bed, put me under a cold shower until I was fully conscious. I believe her mindful action might saved my life. I learned to trust Brenda’s advice, instincts and intuition even more, and of course, now as an Angel.

The fourth was right after Christmas 2007 a nasty Bicycle Accident Test when the front wheel of my bike were stuck in a gap of a road drain railing near One Utama shopping mall, I was knocked unconscious for over 20 minutes, and lost my 2 front teeth. It was my wake-call for me to return to Brenda after our first separation in 2007. She moved out for the first time in our marriage. Four or five months later she moved back to stay with me and SunDance.

Reconstructed scene of The Bicycle Cheating Death Test

The fifth was a very close call from Covid-19. I had spent the whole day working and coaching a Covid-19 carrier, even giving her a her a welcome hug, my doctor brother Andrew warned me that I would most likely catch Covid-19. When Geh Thuan Hooi died on the first day of Chinese New Year 2021 from post-Covid complications, I realized that if I had caught Covid-19 then (I had vaccination a good 7 months later) I knew I would be dead too. I felt I was given a second chance in life – again! This fifth time lead me to change my name from Robert to Robren on 21 February 2021.

Robren is the combined names of Robert and Brenda, as well as the combined form of Robren Twinsouls.

It seems like these six Cheating Death incidents and one Near-Death Experience were a prelude to huge important changes, paradigm shifts, and big new chapters in my life.

What is the Difference between Cheating-Death Experience (CDE) and Near-Death Experience (NDE):

Cheating-Death Experience is an experience that avoided being killed, even when death seems very likely or inescapable in the current situation. One may escape death by a fraction of a second such as narrowly escaping the path of an oncoming car, or may have missed a flight that crashed later. Some call it angelic or divine intervention. Some say they felt protected by their Guardian Angel.

The difference between CDE and NDE is in CDE, one may not be dying . You can say that a NDE is also a CDE, but not the other way round.

Near-Death Experience is an unusual experience taking place on the brink of death and recounted by a person on recovery, typically an out-of-body experience or a vision of a tunnel of light. The person may be dying (e.g. from drowning, choking, injuries from an accident), or nearly died. Being struck my lightning and lived is a NDE, but being nearly struck by lightning by a few feet can also be a NDE such as Brenda’s Lightning NDE Test.

Written: Whisperer Robren
Published: 28 January 2022.

SIDE STORY: Brenda’s Cheating-Death Experience Lightning Test.
Just before she met me in 1994, Brenda shared with me how she suddenly woke up in the middle of the night in her bedroom in her parent’s home in North Point, Hong Kong. She felt a super strong urge to go to the kitchen or bathroom, even though she is not hungry or had no habit of urinating in the middle of the night. But she got up anyway. As soon as she left her bedroom, the bulky, heavy, old-style TV that was perched on a shelf at the end of the single bed (her bedroom was 8 feet by 8 feet), FELL onto her bed. That would had crushed her upper legs or stomach area, and rolled onto her head. She was relatively small, very skinny (from Crohn’s Disease, which also the cause of her death) and short at 5 feet tall. It was one of her most terrifying moments of her life, she was shaken by her CDE.

My 5 Cheating-Death Experiences (CDE) plus 1 Near-Death Experience (My NDE Part 4)