After the earlier ‘seeing myself in the mirror’ incident, I felt I was watching a video of myself in slow motion – in a ‘parallel universe’.

“Past Angelic Projection” (BAP):
Past Angelic Projection is a process when you use telepathy to project yourself as your own Guardian Angel back to a specific time in your past, and reframe the situation.

As we human beings have not yet learn how to change or alter our past (we are not sure it this is even possible as our future will totally change if we can change our past), we need to obey The Law of Karma.

The best we can do is to ‘create a temporary parallel universe’ to send a message to our past self to be more aware or more calm of our surroundings and the messages we may be receiving from our angels.

Chris Nolan’s Interstellar – the iconic library scene

In Chris Nolan’s Interstellar, astronaut Joseph Cooper send ‘guardian angel’ messages to her daughter Murphy from the future.From hypnosis, patients had experienced seeing themselves as a guardian angel in the future visiting their past, some realized the ‘unknown guardian angel’ was actually their future self.

immotion — 'This can't be…' / 'Be what? Be real?' The Matrix...

‘Seeing Myself in The Mirror’ Scenario:

I ‘sensed’ a second entity beside me when I saw my terrified face in the bathroom mirror, but it happened super fast.
This second entity I now discovered was my future guardian angel self visiting and guiding me later in my Near-Death Experience.

I did a “Past Angelic Projection” the next day on 6th January, to help myself to stay calm after the initial panic, and rest my body on my chest on the kitchen counter and breathe.

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Future Angelic Projection (FAP)
Future Angelic Projection is a process when you use telepathy to project yourself as your own Guardian Angel back to a specific time in your future, and reframe the situation.

As this future has not happened, you can give yourself some options and prepare yourself in mindfulness in a future event, a few seconds or a few years in the future.

For example I will FAP my guardian angel self to a client meeting and visualize that I would mindfully doing some specific action, gesture, words to seal the deal, or to handle a hostile client.

Ways you can use Future Angelic Projection:
[1] Future Meeting (e.g. with a client, future in-laws, negotiating with an enemy)
[2] Potential Danger (e.g. what to do when I am in a rip, seeing an accident going to happen
[3] Near-Death Experience Anchors (e.g. to consciously look at an available mirror or reflection)
[4] Manifesting my Soulmate/ Twinflame (e.g. visualizing what you will do or say when you meet him/her)
[5] Finding your Reincarnated Grandparents/ BFF/ Mentor/ Spouse/ Twinflame (e.g. I have used this to find my Twinsoul Brenda in every lifetime, just how they find the reincarnated Dalai Lama)

Written by: Robren
Published on: 25th January 2022