The 4 Relationship Archetypes by Robren

1. “Weak-knee Houston” Person (aka
Have not drawn boundaries, still accept others’ advances and kisses, which may lead to lust, secrets, lies, cheating or promiscuity, but may still choose to stay in a relationship.

“Weak-knee Houston” is an original word coined by Robren, which incorporates the concept of someone weak in the knees, and it plays with the pronunciation of the iconic Whitney Houston name.

Sub-Archetypes in this category: Promiscuous Person, Playboy, Cougars, Casanova, Don Juan, Daji 狐狸精 (9-tailed Fox Seducer)
If he is a Playboy then he lives a life devoted chiefly to the pursuit of pleasure.

2. Loyal Person
Have lustful thoughts, still get attracted to others, appreciates beauty, flirt & hit on others. But in the end, a loyal person knows where her/his heart belongs.

3. Faithful Person
Don’t have time to get attracted to others. Her/his attention and pleasure are exclusively for the only one she/he loves, is monogamous.

4. Polyamorous Person
Practice polyamory and an open relationship, chooses to have multiple romantic relationships, with the consent of all the people involved.

7 Principles of The Law of Repulsion®
Reprogramming lust into compassion, intimacy, love & truth!

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Lust is one of The 9 Deadly Vices.

Written by: Robren
Published: 23 January 2022.
Updated: 11 February 2022.


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