Today 5th January 2022, I had the most terrifying experience of my life. I thought I was going to die from choking to death.

This is the account of my cheating death for the sixth time.

Two days earlier and two hours before my third vaccination, I cancelled my appointment at the last minute. At around 3am earlier that day I suddenly had a running nose. I took two Fedac pills to stop the running nose, it made me drowsy so I could sleep well. By morning I had a lumpy sore throat.

Stop Angel Card warning

Then my Angel Card of the day was “Stop”. Whenever I get this Angel Card it usually is a warning to stop and reassess things, or I’m forgot to do something very important. With this warning I call my doctor brother Andrew and another classmate doctor whether I should postpone the third vaccination. Both of them strongly advised to postpone, and the fact in the vaccination process a doctor who will ask you if you are sick or have fever, and if you are, he or she will ask you to postpone.

After cancelling the vaccination appointment, I started to have a very bad lumpy sore throat. I thought I better get an Antigen Rapid Test (Oral Fluid) for RM5.50 or US$1.30.

The next day I took the simple self-test ART. The results within minutes was negative. Phew! I thought to myself.

Antigen Rapid Test – tested negative

That night was an extremely horrible night. I took two Fedac pills but it did not stop the running nose. I really had difficulty breathing from the running nose, and apparently for the last 20 years I had a very bad reaction to phlegm and mucous from running nose. One doctor diagnosed and said it could I am allergic to phlegm or mucous. I thank this doctor for prescribing me Fedac, for the first time this pill stops running nose fast, it is also make you very drowsy which is what I wanted, i.e. to sleep peacefully. The second phase of a common flu for me is a very horrible, reflex, convulsing coughing.

It is almost like my stomach can’t tolerate any phlegm or mucous from running nose that it makes me vomit it out but I can’t as it will take normally at least one more day before the phlegm to form and thicken. The coughing is so bad I can feel trembling on my chest as I gasp for air and try to cough it out. Seriously, if you see in that state, you would think I’m dying and gasping for air. So far it was never life or death, but very bad coughing.

Normally the side effect of Fedac was difficulty in urinating. But for the first time, I couldn’t pee at all. It was so horrible. I could feel urine going down the tract but nothing was coming out.

At the start of a cough, it usually means a sleepless night ahead. I need to lie sitting slanted with 3 pillows as support. I find if I lie down, the breathing becomes worse, with convulsing cough to vomit. Last night for the first time during a cough, I tried sleeping with my chest down. It was surprisingly quite soothing, without convulsing cough – the next day this simple action may have saved my life! My eldest brother Tom prefers sleeping chest down, but this is not my natural sleeping position, which is on my back.

A heavy meal with fizzy drinks and alcohol can sometimes give me a heartburn, a bloated stomach, and the same convulsing vomiting action. I usually hide myself in a toilet, hopefully alone, then I put my whole head in the sink, stick a finger into my throat to try to induce vomiting or loud burping. It feels a lot better after I can burp. That’s why close friends and clients notice I’m not keen on alcohol. One glass can get me tipsy, with red, flushed checks. A quick solution is chewing on an antacid tablet. I try to keep an emergency antacid tablet in a tiny plastic bag whenever I go for a banquet but sometimes I forget.

After a sleepless night, around 6am I could sleep a little bit.

Then suddenly around 9:30 am after a few coughs, I woke up, I found myself sitting upright desperately gasping for air, but I felt my throat was BLOCKED. I was in total panic for the first time in my life. I went to toilet to try to vomit, I saw a totally terrified face in the mirror, eyes fully bulging out. I thought wow this is how I look like in the face of death! It was a terrifying haunting image.

I was trying to grab anything to help me. I can imagine the panic say when you have no air in your tank when scuba diving. Diving instructors had died from panic grabbing of students’ panic grabbing. I started hitting my chest very hard with no results. I was choking to death. I had difficulty breathing, it was like my lungs were filled with water, or the trachea, also known as the windpipe kept closing. I could imagine what drowning maybe like. It felt similar to the panic gagging when my dentist pressed to get a dental imprint of my teeth.

I believe I had died from drowning and failing a height in my past lives, from déjà vu experiences. That’s why I terrified of scuba diving and rock climbing, I prefer snorkeling.

My Bulldog Chupa-Chups and my Golden Retriever SunDance – in doggie nirvana

Everything became surreal. I remember flash-thinking about my Bulldog Chupa-Chups panicking and dying from phlegm stuck in her narrow trachea.

I tried self Heimlich maneuver, or abdominal thrusts. Abdominal thrusts lift your diaphragm and expel air from your lungs. This causes the foreign object to be expelled from your airway. I had seen Youtube videos how to survive from choking if you are alone. I repeatedly hit my chest on back of my dining table chair, but nothing was working.

Written by: Whisperer Robren
Published on: 5th January 2022.
Updated: 7th January 2022.

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