The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many sectors in its wake, including education. In Malaysia, students, especially from the underserved communities, faced challenges in adapting to online classes due to lack of connectivity and digital devices.

The Laptop Bank project is therefore a crucial one as we work to gather and donate workable laptops that are not more than 4 years old to students in need. As such we are delighted to receive the support of Etika Sdn Bhd for this initiative.

Under Etika Cares, an initiative that focused on community wellbeing, we have received 9 laptops that will soon be donated to the recipients to ensure learning continuity. A heartfelt thank you to our patrons and well wishers for their support on this project!

Company Representative: Shalina Gopalan Group Chief HR Officer
Purple Youth CSR Founder: Whisperer Robren

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Jointly Sponsored by: Purple Youth CSR, Robren eWorld Group, The Robren Show, Robren Center, and ChangeU
Collaborators: Key Universities

We are targeting MORE laptop donations from supporting organizations and individuals, please help us in this worthy cause for student education during Covid-19 pandemic.

To donate a laptop (not more than 4 years old), fill the google form, click here:

Written: Whisperer Robren
Published: 3rd January 2022.


Etika Sdn Bhd donates 9 Laptops for “Laptops for B40”, a Purple Youth CSR Initiative. MORE Laptops NEEDED